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16th > June > 2016 Archive

Microsoft releases open source bug-bomb in the rambling house of C

Checked C lands on Github

Cavium and QLogic sitting in a tree, S I G N I N G

Chip designer plonks US$1.3 billion on table for data centre push

SOHOpeless Cisco wireless kit needs critical patch

Stop us if you've heard this one: bad HTTP sanitisation in smallbiz boxen

Prenda Law's copyright-trolling shakedown scam slammed AGAIN

Ninth Circuit fails to quote Star Trek in upholding fines

FBI expands code theft charges against Chinese national

Jailhouse Big Blues

Password reset: 45 million creds leak from popular .com forums

Complex codes top most used password lists

Samsung to acquire Joyent

Mobile division the new container for Silicon Valley container biz

Microsoft planning blockchain-as-a-service for Azure apps

Project Bletchley takes shape

Hackathons aren't just for hipsters

Done right, they can be a training tool that engages and produces rapid results

Dodgy creds found in Siemens ICS gear

Don't run our stuff on soft networks, Siemens chimes

Voter registration site collapse proves genius of GDS, says minister

SketchMove slowly. Break things. Then break a few more

Just a quarter of Brits trust businesses with our personal data

But a third of us – a whole third! – would give it to

When DIY is not enough: Web-snack firm Graze has an offline awakening

From hacking PHP to embibing ERP, gets strategic

Pivot3 stuffs NexGen all-flash tier into hyper-converged sandwich

Hybrid HCIA, all-flash tier, separate capacity upgrade

Biz networks' DNS troubles

Forget your stupid campus party. I'm going to Frankfurt to do some HPC

HPC BlogStudents race to build biggest, baddest cluster from off-the-shelf kit

Friends with benefits: A taxing problem for Ireland in a post-Brexit world

So near (shore), so far

Crims set up fake companies to hoard and sell IPv4 addresses

Dot-com pirates play dirty while trading elderly digits

Lester Haines: RIP

Register Special Projects Bureau chief dies aged 55

UberEats into food delivery with new app launch in London

Life's about to get a whole lot more dangerous for Deliveroo drivers

Smut shaming: Anonymous fights Islamic State... with porn

Also exposing bare naked IP addresses

Laser probers sniff more gravitational waves from mega black hole smash

And it has sent ripples through spacetime

Google Research opens machine intelligence base in Zurich

'Mountain Views of a different kind' quips gros fromage

GitHub presses big red password reset button after third-party breach

Mystery hackers look to harness password reuse and take control of accounts

Persistent containers from Portworx's PX-Enterprise package

Turns commodity hardware into converged storage, firm says

Energy companies aren't going to slurp your personal data. Honest

Labour MP brands issue confusing after foggy answers from minister

Twitter European boss exits

Kill Flash now. Or patch these 36 vulnerabilities. Your choice

One bug being exploited right now in the wild

E-books the same as printed ones, says top Euro court egghead

So libraries can lend them without author permission

Ex-SAP exec and pals accused of $500,000 insider trading scam

Successful scheme derailed after folks got greedy, it is claimed

Lone hacker claims to have broken into US Democrat servers

Guccifer 2 posts files as 'proof' – says rest sent to Wikileaks

TAFE's troubled tech terminated

SAP parrot didn't 'voom' when they put half a billion dollars through it

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