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14th > June > 2016 Archive

Microsoft splashes Virtual Reality-slinging 'Scorpio' Xbox

Console set to land in time for Christmas ... next year

Walgreens drops Theranos

Imagination: Come back to MIPS, Wi-Fi router makers, we have an FCC ban workaround

VM isolation for OpenWRT

Cisco slides out Python lib

Liberal MPs paid AU$2,500 a YEAR to donor for electoral software licences

For that price you could run a decent cloud instance all day, every day

Emacs gets Haskell IDE

North Korea hacks 140k computers in planned mass attacks on Seoul

Defence docs raided.

Telegram crammed: Hackers find way to send massive messages

Mobile data annihilated

I spy with my little fibre, ten million or so galaxies

Astronomers welcome their new robot overlords

12 years of US Air Force complaints lost in database crash

Backups never fail until you really need them

Hack the Pentagon shutters 100 bugs

1,400 white hats jostle for vulns

Man-in-the-middle biz Blue Coat bought by Symantec: Infosec bods are worried

AnalysisHTTPS-buster and root cert bods joining up? Hmm

JFrog's marriage made in ... well: Internet of Things, meet DevOps

What to do with $50m in VC funding?

The Microsoft-LinkedIn hookup will be the END of DAYS, I tell you

Sysadmin blogRunning away with worst-case scenarios

Uber helicopter taxis

Not just the proles getting the heave-ho as British Airways races to save millions

Project managers and biz analysts in app delivery at risk too

Fujitsu UK calls time on Entatech distie deal

Gives Arrow and Ingram stay of execution to brush up on vital stats

Explicit Intel 'Beach' pics 'leaked': All eyeballs on Optane SSD roadmap

Report claims Chipzilla producing 4 SSD product familes

This is how the EU's supreme court is stripping EU citizens of copyright protections

Special ReportPirates, rejoice! The rest of us... er...

Ericsson set to lay off thousands of workers over summer – report

Thousands more to follow as company attempts to make up £850m shortage

Cisco is to spend $10m on infosec scholarships to 'widen talent pool'

10,000 places for front-line folk of the future

Wales gives anti-vaping Blockleiters a Big Red Panic Button

Then the Midwich Cuckoos show up

Judge slams BT for blaming engineer after 7 metre ceiling plunge

Half a million fine, stung for £98k in costs

iOS10 bloatware deletion

Half of Brit small biz hit by cyber crime. 10% spend zilch on infosec

See no evil, hear no evil, suffer evil

Punchy SimpliVity wins a Global 50 financial services customer

Firm boasts that it's now a threat to established players

Clueless s’kiddies using exploit kits are behind ransomware surge

Ease of exploit kit use may be behind growth of nasties

Raspberry Pi distributor Premier Farnell in £792m Swiss buyout deal

Deal sees Brit firm's shareholders offered 50 per cent premium

Apple nominated for Internet Hero of the Year, Donald Trump for Villain

IPBillAnd anonymous trolls threaten free speech, we're told. Hurrah!

Users fear yet another hack as TalkTalk services go down

Vague hint about the weather in bland company statement

I know for certain what software-defined storage is. It's the new black

Traditional storage sales are shrinking, so move on

Buggy vote-counting software borks Australian election

Randomness done wrong reduced likelihood of winning

Net neutrality victory: DC court backs full rules

AnalysisBig Telco loses critical legal battle

Apple quietly launches next-gen encrypted file system

It's not ready for primetime, but it may prove revolutionary

It's [insert month] of 2016, and your Windows PC can still be owned by [insert document type]

Another month, another patching cycle...

Linux devs open up universal Ubuntu Snap packages to other distros

AnalysisSnappier security updates on the way

Xerox lays out BPO breakup plan

New company will be a copy, like ...oh...what's the word?

Apple struggles with the idea of intelligent life outside Cupertino

Siri opened up and AI expanded – but only to a point

Mozilla's guide to fun parties

Russian government hackers spent a year in our servers, admits DNC

Double Donkey punch from bear duo

Digital adaption, you're doing it wrong. STEM education needs rethink

Government market think-tank also floats universal basic income. Lions lie down with lambs

A new Habitat for applications? Chef launches open source app automation project

DevOps in easy mode?

NSW cops seek cyber-crooks over bank fraud

You wouldn't rather be a mule

Who shot JR (that great Dallas broadband)?

All my ex (ISPs) live in Texas

VMware aims high with a little help from its friends

Taps little-known hooks in iOS and Android to make BYOD more secure

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