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13th > June > 2016 Archive

Symantec swoops on Blue Coat in $4.65bn deal

Target abandons IPO

Google doesn’t care who makes Android phones. Or who it pisses off

AnalysisAndroid P: P is for Proprietary

British Airways slaps 'at risk' sticker on nearly half its app delivery dept

December leave date mooted as Tata outsourcing deal looms, say sources

Amazon music stream splash

Over Ireland? Bothered by Brexit? Find that new home for your cloud

Options for data centres when Belarus isn't an option

Ireland goes Big Brother as police upgrade IT snooping abilities

An deartháir mór is watching you

Infinidat 20TB disk drives

Forget about Brexit – let's talk Orbits, Digits, Robots

We can go it alone, in spaaace...

Violin Memory CTO and co-founder walks, starts up own outfit

Sets up DBM Cloud Systems with former Violin staff

Defined storage defies dip

Labor's broadband policy decides 39% fibre is healthy NBN diet

Decides not to throw bad money after good dismantling hybrid-fibre coax

Fresh hell for TalkTalk customers: TeamView trap unleashed

Top management's attention snagged

Let's Encrypt lets 7,600 users... see each other's email addresses

With privacy and security for all

Hackers targeting SWIFT banks also targeted US moneymen: Hedge funds at risk

Threat detection outfit hands research results to Feds

Queen's birthday honours shower knighthoods and gongs on tech's finest

Brother boss says spots, white socks and a BTEC no barrier to success

Infinidat says au revoir to France head as marketing veep walks

Vacancies open all over the Continent, new offices across rest of world

Microsoft to buy LinkedIn

Tell us, evil phisherfolk: What's wrong with Angler Exploit Kit?

It's just been upgraded and everything...

Bendy see-thru mobes? Materials scientists make nanofilm advance

The film will be used for rollable and expandable smartphone screens

MBE? Pah! Gartner gurus made us an MQ L

Commvault anointed king of data centre backup Magic Quadrant

In obesity fight, UK’s heavy-handed soda tax beats US' watered-down warning

Beat on the brat with a baseball bat

Microsoft buys LinkedIn for the price of 36 Instagrams

'Are you trying to sign in? Maybe you need help with Windows 10?'

VMware buys Arkin

Can NetApp's 4KB block writes really hold more data?

COmmentCompacting multiple small IOs into a single 4KB block in ONTAP 9

Hack attack: dark web swells

NASA's astroboffins spot the largest ever Tatooine planet

Kepler 1647-b bigger than Jupiter, circles two stars... just like Tatooine

Microsoft's paid $60 per LinkedIn user – and it's a bargain, because we're mugs

AnalysisUntil we price our personal data we'll keep on being fleeced

US plans intervention in EU vs Facebook case caused by NSA snooping

Ireland again the battleground between American surveillance and Europeans' Human Rights

Microsoft and LinkedIn: What the CEOs are planning

All about growth, culture and unique total addressable markets

Orlando shootings bring Facebook's safety check to US soil

Unlikely to be the last time

DataCore dominating SPC-1 benchmark on price–performance

Parallel server software supercharges commodity servers

Australian CompSci boffins score Queen's Birthday gongs

Arise, Professor Michael Ralph Fellows and Professor Brian Anderson, plus pals

Apple WWDC: OS X is dead, long live macOS

Apple WWDCCook 'modernizes' OS name by going back in time 20 years

Tasmania: back on the map, sometime today

Basslink: repairs complete, time to pull the big red switch

Supreme Court okays troll toll increase

Limits lifted on patent payouts

Apple launches HomeKit app – but where are the products?

The Apple internet of things arrives, in theory, with iOS 10

Forget Game of Thrones as Android ransomware infects TVs

FLocker malware shows regional preferences

NBN 'copper guru' ads pulled from

'Not us' says network builder

Yahoo! Messenger! Is! Dying!

Update your buggy Samsung PC bloatware to plug privilege bug

Malicious DLL can lead to pwnage

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