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10th > June > 2016 Archive

It takes two to Tango: Lenovo bets on phabs, snap-on smartphones

Don't expect products to converge any time soon, though

RIP ROP: Intel's cunning plot to kill stack-hopping exploits at CPU level

How Chipzilla and Microsoft hope to get one step ahead of hackers

China pledges tighter privacy as it centralises personal health data

Beijing wants to 'improve the government’s management of major public health issues'

Azure F's up instance sizes

PC market sinking even faster than first thought, thanks to Windows 10

IDC knocks another two per cent off its sales predictions

EMC and VMware both suffer malicious user access messes

The wrong people can access data on Data Domain, NSX and vRealize

Facebook video and nausea

Mars' dust storms follow seasonal patterns say NASA boffins

Polar storms spin out in predictable directions as seasons change

TeslaCrypt tamed

Microsoft offers Surface-as-a-Service from its own stores

Typoslab gains pay-by-the-month option, with bundled support and training

Developer waits two years for management to define project

On-CallHe got bored and changed jobs to a project where he waited another year

Don’t let the Barmy Brexiteers wreck #digital #europe

¡Bong!You call it a gravy train. We call it #disruptive #innovation

Eds off their meds: Does this headline REALLY need to be so astronomically long it can be measured in parsecs?

Click here right now for the VERY revealing answer

WANdisco needs £ + CFO

Grim-faced 'naut Malenchenko prepares to return home

A smile from Yuri at the end of 186-day ISS stint?

Qumulo accumulates $32.5m

No 10's online EU vote signup crash 'inevitable' – GDS overseer

Tech's fail sparks emergency law, inquiry call

Brexit threatens Cornish pasty's racial purity

Our culinary heritage must be protected

Crysis creeps: Our ransomware locks network drives and PCs. Bargain

Gap in 'market' exploited by miscreants

Let's play: 'IT values or hipster folk band?'

Here's a load of management babble from Insight Enterprises

Chinese Ant buy reported

It's not us, it's you: Boffins ditch supercomputers in lust for new materials

Tianhe-2, sit down. We've... we've built a simulator

Did you know there's a mega cybercrime backlog in Ireland? Now you do

Garda need 5 years to tackle it... and the help of the FBI

DiData CEO Brett Dawson calls it quits after 12 years

Just think how many airline meals that is...

Cork data centre will offer super-speedy US to Europe data times

Meanwhile, in Galway, Apple bit barn planning row goes nuclear

Here's what six storage suppliers will be doing for the next year or two

Seagate, QLogic and pals speak out

Study of asexually reproducing honeybee ponders: But why the mass murder?

Researchers unzip genes to find out

NHS e-prescription service goes TITSUP: Problems since Monday

Problems with French firm Cegedim's systems, it appears

EMC Emerging Tech CTO exits

Government regulation will clip coders' wings, says Bruce Schneier

Infosec 2016Systems 'too critical to allow programmers to do as they want'

NVMe over Ethernet is the future. And that's how we roll – Tegile

CommentHyperconvergence? Pfft, whatever, sniffs CMO

Twitter resets passwords

Berners-Lee: WWW is spy net


Java API judge tells Oracle to suck it up, quit whining about the jury

Alsup is so done with this copyright battle

Now Google backs everyone's favorite trade pact: The TPP

While Obama slow-jams his arguments in favor of international agreement

New $1.5bn VC fund for tech

Dell slips into a slimmer red dress after sales diet

Hopes Intel Skylake CPUs, Windows 10 will draw in punters

Silicon Valley granddad and HP boss-killer Tom Perkins dies aged 84

ObitBrilliant investor, lousy social commentator

You. Comcast, TWC, Charter, DirecTV, Dish. Get in here and explain yourselves – Congress

Telcos to be grilled over 'deceptive' internet services

Chinese space station 'out of control', will do best firework impression

No need to panic, says British astroboffin

FFS, Twitter. It's not that hard

HowtoA clear and simple guide to get from implosion to success

Thief dresses as Apple Store drone, walks off with $16,000 in iGear

'Genius Bar' didn't quite live up to its name this time

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