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7th > June > 2016 Archive

EMC-Dell merge vote date

Three Four top Cisco execs leave after being made 'advisors'

UpdatedSenior veeps responsible for 'spin-in' acquisitions exit

New VirtualBox Beta

DNS security can be improved with cookies, suggest IETF boffins

For message authentication, not for tracking. Promise!

Ransomware dodges EMET

Picture this: Live 'net congestion maps for sysadmins

So you can know, before Twitter does

BeeGFS stayin' alive with Intel OPA tie-up

Because what the world needs now is another HPC filesystem

Australian pre-election leaders' debates take to Facebook, not telly

Update: Opposition says no, now what?Because even democracy is an opportunity for Facebook to learn more about its users

OVF 3.0 due by Christmas

Citrix to unleash containerised NetScaler this month

Microservices make a lot of traffic that needs taming, which can get expensive and in-locky

Mars One puts 100 Red Planet corpses colonists through fresh tests

Out-of-this-world bonkers reality show starts the cameras rolling

US Supremes won't halt class-action legal battle against Google Adwords

America's highest court isn't coming to ad giant's rescue

Lenovo embiggens storage offerings with Cloudian and Nexenta

Turnkey appliances in OEM-style deals give Lenovo tier 2 and 3 storage products.

Hadoop rigs are really supercomputers waiting for the right discipline

So says IBM, as it re-tunes its Spectrum HPC-wranglers for clustered workloads

England just not windy enough for wind farms, admits renewables boss

Never mind, we've got loads of sunshine. Right?

HPE subject to SUSE objects

Don't go chasing waterfalls, please stick... Hang on. They're back

Culture wars, generation shift... hipsters

IBM bags $300m Emirates gig

Astroboffins create music from SPAAAAAAAAAAACE

Milky Way muso might just unlock secrets to galaxy's youthful years

Verizon! to! bid! $3bn! for! Yahoo!'s assets!

Biz will submit a second-round offer – reports

HDS freezes high-end storage hardware investment

But challengers to its high-end dominance should BRING IT, says Hitachi bloke

O2 chief techie: Light up dark fibre and unleash the small cell army

Mobe tech is proven but it's the backhaul that's becoming Blighty's bottleneck

Rogue Somerset vulture lands at Royal Navy airbase

UPDATED'Massive great big' bird does indeed prove hard to miss

From iWarp to Knight's Landing: James Reinders leaves Intel

Well-known evangelist for software parallelism is retiring early

Q: Is it wrong to dress as a crusader for an England match?

BBC proves Betteridge's law, riles Daily Mail

Comeback mobe comes back

Distributed database defence: Datos IO delivers its distinctives

Outage stopper helps stop you having an Australian-style disaster, firm says

Our CompSci exam was full of 'typos', admits Scottish exam board

Sample: Apparently fondleslabs weigh 65kg

Cisco: 'No truth' to rumour of Nutanix software on UCS servers

Yet another hyper-converged offering from Netzilla?

So. Why don't people talk to invisible robots in public?

Some questions just answer themselves

Flashy startup Apeiron wipes Splunk floor with XtremIO... says Apeiron

IO-bound Big Data apps love NVMe over fabrics

Scots denied Saltire emoji

Unicode Consortium ignores cries for flag emancipation

HPE bolts hi-capacity SSD support onto StoreServ

Whitman Wonder Machine says it's the densest and most scalable AFA in the industry

Torus: Because the world needs another distributed storage software solution

The Storage Architect(No it doesn't)

Dragons' Den-run cloud biz Outsourcery close to sale – sources

Contacts tell El Reg pre-pack with Vodafone channel biz lined up

European Patent Office blocks staff reading critical articles at work

Read this while you can, EPO bods

Twitter ousts top exec. Again

'We accidentally hit wrong button on Dell buyout – here's $194m for the cockup'

T Rowe Price voted 'yes' when it meant to vote 'no'

FTC top techie's mobe fraud

Salesforce $50m upstart fund

MPs pass new UK spy law

Digital ad biz is fraudulent by design, complain big brands

How do I defraud thee? Let me count the ways

Welcome to the jumbo: Axl Rose tries to take a bite out of 'Fat Axl' internet meme

Take you down to the bakery city, where the pies have cream and the cakes are tasty

Why does an Android keyboard need to see your camera and log files – and why does it phone home to China?

UpdatedBetter yet, why have 50m people downloaded it?

US military tests massive GPS jamming weapon over California

Aircraft warned to stay out of area

Post-Safe Harbor: Adobe fined for shipping personal info to the US 'without any legal basis'

Germany cracks the whip

Behold the zettabyte internet

FBI tries again to get warrantless access to your browser history

Two more attempts coming down the line

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