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6th > June > 2016 Archive

Microsoft thinks it's fixed Windows Server mess its last fix 'fixed'

Redmond to users: download and then 'Please let us know if the issues are indeed solved'

Latin-quoting Linus Torvalds plays God by not abusing mortals

Makes 4.7rc2 change after merge window because he's Linus, and by Jupiter he can

100 million credentials from 'Russia's Facebook' go on sale member details cracked some time in 2012

Cisco drags down the Ethernet switch market, routers grow a little

Switch to higher speeds also depresses 10 Gbps Ethernet

Arista cuddles storage giants with leaf switch

Big buffers, 100 Gbps support

CryptXXX ransomware improves security, GUI, slurps Cisco creds

Net scum have figured out that crims like meaty upgrades on a short release cycle

Tivo's new owner ponders binning its own boxes

Rovi floats deals with third-party box-slingers to get out of nasty hardware business

Redmond adds malware, phish warnings to Bing

Catching dodgy content

New Android tricks for modern malware licks

Copy+paste crew rip off white hat proof-of-concepts and make them dangerously real

Facebook: 'We don't listen'

Norway might insist on zero-emission vehicles by 2025

Elon Musk's just a little bit too happy about this one, but his optimism is well-placed

Intel reveals Xeon E7 v4: Is that 24TB in your pocket or are... oh, it is

New chips longing for a home in next refresh's scale-up servers

Dell finds liquid cooling tech on eBay, now wants you to buy it

Power usage effectiveness score of 1.03 with custom Xeons and cold pipes on chips

GNU cryptocurrency aims at 'the mainstream economy not the black market'

'Taler' is anonymous-but-taxable and tied to actual money

Wi-Fi hack disables Mitsubishi Outlander's theft alarm – white hats

Pre-shared key in owner's manual. Hmmm

Brexit: UK gov would probably lay out tax plans in post-'leave' vote emergency budget

A tax expert explains

Midlands tech dynasty SCC bypasses Europe, opens service centre in Vietnam

Tech skills in Europe? Dev ops? Yes we aware of them

HPE 'rewrites' ALM to target agile and open source folks

Wrangles Jenkins, GIT, TeamCity and Gherkin for code jockeys

WDC CEO buys $1m shares

'Massive great big' vulture goes AWOL in Somerset

Public assistance requested in locating 'hard to miss' bird

NASA 'naut to boldly enter pump-up space podule

'Expanding the frontiers' of space habitats

Storage vendors that don’t look like storage vendors any more

CommentSolidfire is cool. I reckon NetApp's got a hidden gem here

Letters prove GCHQ bends laws to spy at will. So what's the point of privacy safeguards?

IPBSomething to bear in mind as Snoopers' Charter looms

Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest password was 'dadada'

'Idiotic' doesn't even come close to describing this

Google's tentacles stretch into the EU as well as the US

It's a smaller revolving door but it still spins

Belgian brewery lays 3.2km beer pipeline

Pumping vital supplies under historic Bruges

Microsoft's biggest UK reseller flashes fuller figures for '15

Trustmarque says there are £191m worth of reasons private equity should buy it

Sparkling new Spark distribution spurs MapR to reduce MapReduce

Big data bods release new thing, snuggle up to Apache

Microsoft's Scott Guthrie wrote code live on stage for Azure devs

Too much 'like a C# tribal gathering'?

Di Data fills vacant UK boss chair

Barney Taylor told to improve profits, grow services 'in a way we've not done before'

Apache not a loser

Will you get reimbursed if you're a bank fraud victim? Brits think not

Study into financial small print reveals Americans often get a nice surprise

Brit upstart Arkivum gets new CEO

Cook cooked and becomes Chief Customer Officer

SCC blows up tech sevices balloon, fiscal '16 profits swell

House of Rigby not dumping kit sales, a 'hybrid IT world needs hybrid IT suppliers

Anons sock stock exchange

African IP address body exec half-apologizes for 'Whites are taking over' race-row email

Sorry you read my private message

TeamViewer: So sorry we blamed you after your PC was hacked

'Significant' number of people affected yet 'incredibly small' portion of users

T-Mobile US gives out shares

NetSuite hacker thrown in the cooler for a year, fined $124,000

Run SQLmap, get sent to the big house

You've got a patch, you've got a patch ... almost every Android device has a patch

Driver bugs leave kit open to hijacking

Bloke flogs $40 B&W printer on Craigslist, gets $12,000 legal bill

Serial litigator was asking for $600,000 damages and still fighting over online sale

MtGox collapse victims now picked off by phishing vultures

Lost your Bitcoins to Karpeles? Here's some salt for the wound

Model's horrific rape case may limit crucial online free speech law

AnalysisNetworking website owners may be liable for not warning users of predators

The rise and rise of Australia's community hacking conferences

Special reportForget filter coffee, jerks in suits, and awful hors d'oeuvre. Expect metal, craft beer and zero-days galore

ALP won't confirm Digital Transformation Office funding

We keep asking, but all the Shorten Squad will say is they liked online services first

The Fog of Cyberwar: Now theft and sabotage instead of just spying

Infosec 2016A conversation with Mikko Hyppönen

That didn't take long: Shareholders sue Oracle in 'fake cloud sales' row

Complaint accuses Big Red of mishandling finances

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