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1st > June > 2016 Archive

Milky Weigh: Galaxy in kg is...

Marvell's fave vendors sniff latest pair of SoCs

Armada 7000/8000 now sampling

IBM warns of 'bug poachers' who exploit holes, steal info, demand big bucks

And what to do if you get hit

Water divining project abandoned after blowing AU$60k

No, we're not kidding

AMD emits gen-7 laptop chips

Facebook's newest JBOF can be yours for Christmas

Wiwynn to sling 60-drive PCIe-packing monster

Cumulus Linux 3.0 NOS now in the wild

White box fans, rejoice

Windows 10 zero day selling for $90,000

Priv esc exploit makes hackers admin from Windows 2000 and up

Jaxa's litany of errors spun Hitomi to pieces

Agency releases analysis of why the satellite broke up

You don't need no STEEENKING GPU, says Intel

Xeon E3-1500 v5 plans to 4k-up video and VDI, even more so with 3D Xpoint

BBC's micro:bit retail shipments near

Pre-orders open for Blighty deliveries in July

Microsoft warns of worm ransomware, finds fix in Windows 10 upgrade

Malware an opportunity to Edge out Redmond rivals

Leak: Euro Patent Office 'court of appeals' rails against King Battistelli

Independent voices speak out against continued powergrab hacked, may have lost crypto keys and some user data

Don't go dissing DevOps: a supplier has 'fessed up to a website vuln

Oracle eBusiness Suite has 'huge, massive, ginormous' pwn surface

AuscertWhen all the features are bugs

Brits don't want their homes to be 'tech-tastic'

New survey: Just want a nice corner couch, me

ARM Cortex-A73: How a top-end mobe CPU was designed from scratch

AnalysisRISC-taking bods branch out with new low-power, high-performance ideas

Life after Safe Harbour: Avoiding Uncle Sam's data rules gotchas

Do business, not time, across the Pond

SanDisk smartphone USB

Tintri is great. But is VM-aware storage still what customers want?

CommentIf not, you're a long time falling

New tape library out

Nutanix goes cap in hand to Goldman Sachs for $75m loan

Vampire Squid coughs up dosh IPO delay grows

Speaking in Tech: Old wrestlers, billionaires, open source and cloud

PodcastPlus: Are people losing patience with Yahoo!?

Kraftwerk versus a cheesy copycat: How did the copycat win?

AnalysisThe Metal on Metal sampling case explained

Planet 9 a captured alien, astroboffins suggest

Exoplanet theory for mysterious trans-Neptunian object

Swiss effectively disappear Alps: World's largest tunnel opens

Gotthard got harder: Blasting and digging through mountains

Server makers love Intel Xeons (true) - but not the price tag

Enough to make room for AMD and ARM rivals in 2016?

IDC rolls out all-flash crystal ball again and it's all gone a bit weird

Where are Dell, HDS and Violin Memory?

Salesforce slurps up Demandware for $2.8bn

Just when you thought it was about to turn a profit...

Microsoft sells 1,500 patents to Chinese mega-phone biz Xiaomi

Biggest smartphone vendor in China eyes global domination

Three's company: Micron intros first 3D and triple-level cell SSDs

Not that massive a capacity – they top out at 2TB

This storage upstart knows its technical onions: Symbolic IO

AnalysisAdvanced computational algorithmic compute engine. Got it?

Orbital ATK fires up revamped Antares rocket

New non-exploding RD-181 engines a success

Corporates can learn from criminals and spies. No, no, we're talking about OPSEC

The jokes write themselves

Caringo updates Swarm

PAYG Druva Phoenix pricing

TFTP abused by DDoSsers

That sinking feeling: Itanic spat's back as HPE Oracle trial resumes

Ex-friends in Intel's old Itanium alliance reboot hostilities

FAA to test Brit drone-busting kit

Jamming tech will 'detect, track, disrupt and defeat' flying menaces

Your WordPress and Drupal installs are probably obsolete

Research reckons Mossack Fonseca hack may have been thanks to CMS vulns

Microsoft mops up after drowns in tsunami of penis pills, Russian brides etc

Worst of the internet smashes through failed filters

Theranos CEO: $4.5bn to $0

Standard Life axes IT bods

Yahoo!'s secret! FBI! orders!

Controversial opinion time: Comcast sucks a tiny bit less this year

Up 15 per cent, but ISPs are still bottom of list for consumer satisfaction

TeamViewer denies hack after PCs hijacked, PayPal accounts drained

UpdatedRemote-control tool wobbles offline, blames bad passwords for compromises

Tech titans demand free speech law to head off President Trump

And Republicans in Congress backing it for the same reason

Amazon says no to Apple TV

Take that, Mom! Turns out Super Mario Bros was all about solving complex math problems

Things only 80s kids will remember: Doing NP equations with a D-pad

Miscreants demand Bitcoins to stay silent on 'dirty secrets' of Tumblr, LinkedIn hack victims

Worse – extortionists will reveal you had a MySpace page, too

Mellanox's SoCs take a night on the Tiles

EzChip digested, Tilera tech targets network offload

SELECT features FROM bumf... What's new in MS SQL Server 2016

Tasty new stuff from Microsoft – but you need Enterprise Edition for full use

Windows 7, Server 2008 'Convenience' update is anything but – it breaks VMware networking

Virtualized VMXNet3 NICs borked by Microsoft install

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