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31st > May > 2016 Archive

Broadcom, Apple sueballed

Goa grabs Google, whispers 'come here, you Loon'

Indian state wants in on balloon broadband trials

ASUS' domestic robot

KNOX knocked three times by Israeli infosec boffins

You've already patched the corporate Galaxy fleet, haven't you?

Oz infosec boffins call for mature threat debate

Oh, and please order the money-truck, we need more

North Korea clones Facebook, forgot to change default creds

Government that already spies on citizens decides it needs a social network

Norks' parade rocket fails to fly, again

Anyone seen our missing Musudan?

Infosec newbie looking for entry level training? So is SWIFT

Hacked transaction house wants US security trainee

P0rnHub revamps bug bounty, back pays cash, hires staff, after criticism

Hackers get 'exclusive' PornHub tees

'Australia tax' doesn't apply to Azure

Microsoft's exchange rates for discounted cloud kick in early in Aussie Dollars

Easy remote exploit drops for unpatchable power plant controller

The fix? Kill features or replace

Bitcoin to be hammered – in an auction, that is

E&Y to flog 24k BTC seized by Oz cops

Bletchley finds Hitler plain text war machine on Ebay, buys for £10

Rubbish-covered relic found in Essex shed.

WANdisco does cloudy dance

You've gotta fight... for your right... to IT

Sysadmin BlogDon't step out of this house if that's the code you're gonna wear

Brexit? Cutting the old-school ties would do more for Brit tech world

OpinionThere's more than one Boris in this debate

Citrix finds Atlantis's promise to pour cash into SMEs was just hot air

AnalysisProfessor lays spending blame at Crown Commercial Services' door

Coho Data goes blocky

Helium... No. Do you think this is some kind of game? Toshiba intros 8TB desktop drive

Upgrades previous 6TB drive tech

Compatibility before purity: Microsoft tweaks .NET Core again

Open source .NET will add legacy APIs to make porting easier

ISS pump-up space podule fully engorged

Bigelow Expandable Activity Module finally fattened

Disk death: Three-quarters of PCs will run SSDs by 2020

At least, that's what the analysts say...

Samsung: Don't install Windows 10. REALLY

UpdatedMicrosoft and Samsung celebrate Windows 10 year of driver FAIL

Intel's new plan: A circle that starts in your hand and ends in the cloud

Atom-powered home kit so ISPs can pipe VMs into your house

Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform? It's an uphill battle, warns key partner

'The reason to build a UWP app gets smaller and smaller'

High HTML5 for Tor browser?

Microsoft wants to fling money at startups. Don't all rush at once

Good news if you're in Silicon Valley or Tel Aviv

New ARM designs clocked

Juno yields to Jupiter's gravitational embrace

Spacecraft drawn to July rendezvous with gas giant

65 million millennial blog bores' Tumblr logins ... for! sale! on! darknet!

If we had, say, $15.38 for every user... oh wait

ISS 'nauts to face Mark Zuckerberg grilling

Facebook Live vid Q&A session tomorrow

Google is the EU Remain campaign's secret weapon

Ad-slinger quietly pushes pro-Brexit views down its results

DDN: We've smashed bandwidth bottleneck. The IOPS will blind you

Meet our bonkers burst buffer-driven system

EU bureaucrats claim credit for making 'illegal online hate speech' even more illegal

Brussels bods demand Microsoft, Google etc keep doing the same thing

Scale Computing is a tiny fish in a small pond. Fancy its chances?

CommentIt's a small hyper-converged world... and EMC swims nearby

Prospect of fertilisation really blows bees' hair back

Yes, literally

Top EU data cop slams Safe Harbor replacement as inadequate

The Transatlantic Limbo: Privacy Shield given a thumbs down by Giovanni Buttarelli

Qualcomm wheels out new set of Snapdragon Wear chips

Wearable-friendly silicon is aimed at lifestyle IoT items

MySpace confirms 427m hack

These big-name laptops are infested with security bugs – study

Bloatware creates easy pwnage

US computer-science classes churn out cut-n-paste slackers – and yes, that's a bad thing

while(1) { copy_from_stackexchange(); }

Union bags 10% Verizon raise

Longer wait for new iPhones?

Michael Dell bought his PC biz for a bargain, must get checkbook out for stiffed shareholders

Shares were worth 20%+ more than buyout value, says court

Dig out that SPC-1 .xls: DataCore Parallel IO speed tweak may rewrite benchmark

+CommentMore VVol goodness

Get outta here, officer, you don't need a warrant to track people by their phones – appeals court

Location info not covered by 4th Amendment

Shhhh! Facebook is listening

The great privacy farce continues

Not two, not four, but 10 cores in Intel's new PC powerhouse

Perfect for the gamer with money to burn

Cavium arms ARM bodies for fresh data centre compute charge

Does new 14nm ThunderX2 pack enough punch to take on Chipzilla?

Deloitte coughs up $11m to end claims it ripped off US govt with IT work

Consultancy giant opens wallet, pulls out some notes, tells Feds to go away

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