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30th > May > 2016 Archive

Systemd kills Deb processes

Rats revive phones-and-cancer scares

Study good for a headline, not much else

Linux 4.7rc-1 shipped

Vish Nandlall exits Telstra CTO role

No replacement in mind yet

Telegram in Iran crackdown

Payments security mob updates app guide

Pushed in line with latest PCI DSS

Earth's core is younger than its crust surface

Time is 'bigger on the inside'

Google pays $65k to shutter 23 Chrome bugs

Lone researcher cleans up $30k

CERT warns of hardcoded creds in medical app

Patch or miscreants could doctor records

EU wants open science publication by 2020

Axe hovers over journal publishers

Darkode Bitcoin bot bandit gets year and a day in US cooler

Cops find 5000 stolen active credit cards at carder's crib

You deleted the customer. What now? Human error - deal with it

BlogTo err is human, to double err is career limiting

HIBP adds Tumblr, Fling

P-TECH education program trial expanded (but not evaluated)

Big Blue's colleges boosted with another $4.2 million

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