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27th > May > 2016 Archive

SQL licences go Azure

Victims stranded as ID thieves raid Aussie driver licences

AusCERTStates won't issue new licence numbers, leaving victims vulnerable for years

Microsoft and Facebook, swimming in the sea,

Strange bedfellows decide to build 160 terabit-per-second trans-Atlantic submarine cable

HP Ink joins DMTF board

ARIN under DDoS attack

Queen guitarist Brian May releases virtual reality viewer

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality

Quiet cryptologist Bill Duane's war with Beijing's best

AusCERTThe co-developer of RSA's SecureID explains how he fought against Chinese crack

Samsung reveals Batphone!

China gets big data fever, backed by security push

Government promises more data-sharing and analytics of everything

China confirms moonshot

Mars' poles shrink during ice ages, boffins say

Yes we do mean shrink: Martian cold snaps shift ice closer to the equator

Telstra's confession to DNS-messin' explains broadband borkage

Outage extends beyond a week so carrier ships free modems to the afflicted

Are EU having a laugh? Europe passes hopeless cyber-commerce rules

AnalysisWhen compromise becomes why bother at all

We see what you're up to, Intel, with your eye-o-tee vision

Chipzilla slurps computer vision company Itseez to target autonomous cars

HR botches redundancy so chap scores year-long paid holiday

On-CallAnd then they gave him a new job on pay he set himself

Labour asks for more concessions on the UK's Snoopers' Charter

IPBAndy Burnham writes open letter to Terrible Theresa

Ansible adds .1 to Ansible 2.0, de-betas networking

Also covers MS and Docker bases

In-flight movies via BYOD? Just what I always wan... argh no we’re all going to die!

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Hoping that the Wi-Fi is better than the app

NASA firms up Space Launch System nanosat manifest

Warning: Contains improbable Japanese CubeSat acronyms

It's a Hull of a thing: Kcom takes a break from 8-year sales slide

Sidles up to the enterprise: Psst, want some IP?

NetApp shrinky-dinks ONTAP 9: Will support 4:1 data reduction

Never mind our latest results, gaze at our petabyte-gobbling flash racks

200TB proof cracks puzzler

Three UK cloudy firms promise CMA they'll be 'fairer' to customers

Market probe by regulator results in publicly slapped wrists

Database admin banned from Oxford Street for upskirt filming

Cops found eight minutes of voyeuristic footage

Should space be a biz-free zone? Join us on June 22 to find out

What do you call a bunch of venture capitalists in orbit? A start…

Dedupe, dedupe, dedupe dedupe dedupe... Who snuck in to attack Microsoft Edge?

DRAM, dude! Rowhammer brings down secure browser

FOURTH bank hit by SWIFT hackers

Has Sony Pics' Lazarus crew come back from the dead?

Saudis under trojan attack

Foxconn to slurp loss-making Smart Technologies for $200m

Interactive display firm latest to go Chinese

The screeching of Violin Memory's parting strings is horrible

Revenues walk the falling walk again as CEO talks the turnaround talk – again

Flash. Arrrgh. Nimble sales down

Revenues decline Q-on-Q as late flash array entry takes toll

Tech spending in Europe is slowing, a fatter Tech Data belches

Don't disturb piggy at the trough, he's busy

The Windows Phone story: From hope to dusty abandonware

Special ReportWe stroll down Memory Lane and weep for what might have been

The B-side of storage containerisation

BlogContainerisation could be coming to storage and that could be beneficial

Big Tech's quest to keep enterprises on board

StorageBodCommodity kit means catalogue pricing

Snapchat valued at $18bn

Google up on Oracle win

As US court bans smart meter blueprints from public, sysadmin tells of fight for security info

He wanted records – and got sued instead amid terror fears

Verizon, union make peace after 35,000 strike techies put telco on hold

Four-year contract to be drawn up after six weeks of protests

Feinstein-Burr's bonkers backdoor crypto law is dead in the water

US senators' bill won't make it to the floor of Congress

Surface Book nightmare: Microsoft won't fix 'Sleep of Death' bug

Hands-onHow a weird system crash has plagued expensive lap-slabs for months

Comcast slapped with eight-figure tax bill after package fails to impress

Cable giant loses bid for tax break on gigabit broadband

Don't panic, says Blue Coat, we're not using CA cert to snoop on you

Symantec and partner say HTTPS certificate-issuing powers used only for testing

FCC swivels to online privacy, gets bitten in the ass by net neutrality

AnalysisHas America's telecom regulator finally pushed its luck too far?

NASA: We'll try again in the morning after friction ruins engorgement

Happens to us all, space-station inflatable podule boffins

MySpace 'passwords dump'

Boring SpaceX lobs another sat into orbit without anything blowing up ... zzzzz

Are you not entertained? No

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