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18th > May > 2016 Archive

Cabcharge trip logs exposed by security-free database probe

Taxi payment company knows where you live ... and so can anyone who runs Shodan

YouTube Red comes to Australia

Twelve bucks a month to make the ads go away and allow offline viewing

US power grid still fragile in the face of EMP threat: GAO

Solar storms and sky-high nukes could black out America

Gmail buries crypto zombies

Xen patches theoretical bug

New solar cell breaks efficiency records, turns 34% of light into 'leccy

Australian team uses Sir Isaac Newton's parlor trick to suck more photons from sunlight

Storage array firmware bug caused Salesforce data loss

Circuit breakers broke bad, workload moved but array flipped out under heavy load

Cisco patches security appliance bugs

ASA can be DoSsed by XML, VPN attacks

Kids these days can't even write a decent virus

Researchers find crusty Stuxnet, Conficker, are still the web's top threats

Chaps make working 6502 CPU by hand. Because why not?

Hand-carved, hipster, artisanal micro macroprocessor

OpenStack's no science project, but does 'need to be glued together'

InterviewNational Computing Infrastructure's Andrew Howard shares his experience running OpenStack at scale

Cryptxxx shipwrecked: Laughing white hats shred latest ransomware

Darwin award up for grabs as crims and Kaspersky push each other to survive or die

Discounts boost wearables

Google stretches Scratch

Magento attacks uncanny hacks-men with shopper-popper patch

Flaw was rated 9.8/10 as it allowed complete re-write of online stores

123-Reg has another PITSTOP

Email brownout turns customers' faces red

Pandora investor: Sell this company sooner rather than later

Don't be the one left standing when the music stops

Remember when said it would give big biz contracts to SMEs?

'It cannot be certain' spending has increased at ALL – NAO

Want a Brexit? Promise you'll sort out UK universities' £1bn research cash loss

Report authors call on gov.UK, business to up their spend

Hey you – minion. Yes, IT dudes and dudettes, they're talking to you

Sysadmin BlogBeyond the scope of the button-pusher

Vostochny cosmodrome caught on Soyuz rocketcam

Impressive vid of inaugural launch

Android Pay debuts in UK

ARM buys IoT's camera crew, Eyes of Things biz Apical

Pays £242m to branch out as smartphone sector dwindles

Nokia back in phone biz

Patch now: Google and JetBrains warn developers of buggy IDE

Cross-site scripting flaw gives evil websites access to local files

SHOCK: GM crops are good for you and the planet, reckon boffins

A continent chokes on its kale

Landmark computer hacking archive deposited at TNMOC

Prince Philip Prestel hack preserved for posterity

Catz: Google's Android hurt Oracle's Java business

Giant on back foot against free smartphone, says co-CEO

Queen's Speech: Ministers, release the spaceplanes!*

Meanwhile, the Investigatory Powers Bill is 'delivering'

Smartmobes in spaaace: NASA deploys Android nanosats

Orbital testing for future networking swarms

Hmmm, where should I dump those unencrypted password files? I know - OneDrive

Encryption, corporates have heard of it

Speaking in Tech: Tech layoffs in San Francisco - will cuts go 'global'?

Podcast'The way work works has changed'. Winter is coming

How Nokia is (and isn't) back in the phone business today

AnalysisWho owns what and how it'll all work

AWS chucks 2TB X1 instances at SAP memory hogs

Throws elastic challenge back at Microsoft

US giant Ingram Micro snaps up little Brit Comms-care

Regulator mulls Ingram's acquisition by China's HNA

Hold the DRAM phone: IBM claims phase-change breakthrough

Smaller, faster, denser - the future of commercial memory?

The PC is dead. Gartner wishes you luck, vendors

Specifically, get in on that ultramobile premium market. You know, for gamers...

Phishing scam targets ... actual fishermen in eastern Ukraine

Hook, line and stinker

Dark net LinkedIn sale looks like the real deal

Low price point invites sales

Charter-TWC merger official

Europe adopts new cybersecurity rules for key players

New obligations on providers of essential services

Boffins achieve 'breakthrough' in random number generation

New method could make it harder for hackers in the future

Google slaps Siri with Assistant and Amazon with Home device

Google I/O 2016The future is voice, says Chocolate Factory

SEC warns cybersecurity is biggest threat to financial system

Comes as regulator introduces new crowdfunding rules

FTC's Jerk ruling against ex-Napster boss upheld by court

In case you were wondering what John Fanning was up to these days

Now Suzuki admits cheating

Google asks the public to name the forthcoming Android N operating system

Google I/O 2016Not 'Namey McNameface' pleads Burke

Suckfly: The hacking group targeting India but taking weekends off

State-sponsored hackers without overtime?

When are flat revenues not so bad? When your name is Cisco

Switchzilla manages to squeak past analyst estimates in Q3

Magnetic memory boffins unveil six-state storage design

Better-than-binary multi-level memory

CIA says it 'accidentally' nuked torture report hard drive

Spy agency just happened to delete document. And its backup. Whoopsie!

CONFIRMED: Google bakes custom data centre chips

Not CPUs, but a custom ASIC for machine learning applications

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