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13th > May > 2016 Archive crash caused DATA LOSS

Three-and-half-hours of data has evaporated. Maybe forever

China signs tax data pact

Opera claims 50 per cent power savings with browser update

Desktop users targeted with JavaScript-crimping, animation-slowing efforts

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger quashes departure rumours

Software-defined everything plan is leading to ever-deeper deals, says CEO

Tumblr IDs rumbled in 2013

Google crushes five bad bugs with patch run and $20k in bounties

Follows Flash, Microsoft fixes.

United Nations orders plan for tackling online terror propaganda

Calls for counter-narratives and collaboration plan with tech giants

Cracker hacker 'edits' biggest subreddits

Defacer teaches r/howtohack how to hack with mass defacement spree

Kazakhstan wins bid to get Mega IP address info on state secrets hackers

Legal Decision Of New Zealand Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

We're calling it: World hits peak Namey McNameface

Googly McSearchface releases natural language tool called Parsey McParseface

Microsoft phone support contractors told to hang up after 15 minutes

On-CallSo Microsoft fired them, then paid a bonus to play LAN games for three months

Curiosity find Mars' icecaps suck up its atmosphere

34 million observations from two Martian years prove Mars is cold, dry and nasty

Kobayashi Maru gets real: VR and AR in meatspace today

Outside the Silicon Valley hype cycle

The fork? Node.js: Code showdown re-opens Open Source wounds

Open Source InsiderLeft pad chaos highlighted madness behind scenes

Ooh missus, get a grip on my notifications

Something for the Weekend, Sir?My messaging apps are spouting lines from a Carry On script

US work visas for international tech talent? 'If Donald Trump is elected all bets are off'

Application costs up, lines longer... now this

NetApp hints at blue turn

Russia faces Ukraine and Georgia in Eurovision deathmatch

Epic battle for musical supremacy in prospect is about to fling your data at anyone who wants it. How? Why? Shut up, pleb

AnalysisEncryption? Baddies use that for terrorism, we hear

EU commish: We smacked down O2/Three but we didn't take it 'lightly'

Calls on consumers to submit evidence in crusade for greater competition

36 firms at risk from that unpatched 2010 SAP vuln? Try 500+

AnalysisFixing Java-related bug trickier than it sounds, claims ERP security firm

Symantec: I know we said things'd get better when we sold Veritas...

But we need $400m cost savings. Which means fewer people, less real estate

Big Pharma wrote EU anti-vaping diktat, claims Tory ex-MEP

M'Lords quiz the government on e-cig clampdown

Ofcom serves up an extra helping of airwaves for Wi-Fi

Extra sub-band opened for nation's Netflix-noodlers

Sloppy security in IoT putting 'life and limb' at risk, guru warns

Connecting the cars on the highway to Hell...

Supernova bubble clocked at 19,000,000 km/h

X-ray animation shows Tycho's inexorable expansion

Super-slow RAID rebuilds: Gone in a flash?

AnalysisRebuilding SSDs should be faster than spinning disk drives

Quadsys Five: Judge dismisses abuse of process application

September's trial date draws inexorably closer

Aussie wedges spam javelin in ring spanner

Cue - you guessed it - fire crew and angle grinder

Gov to pull plug on online ID verification portal Gateway in 2018

Good luck, tax self-assessment users

Yet another SE Asia bank hit by a SWIFT credentials hack

Bank network's quick to blame others, notes El Reg source

Kill Flash now? Chrome may be about to do just that

Google browser preparing to close the internet's screen door

Motion Picture Ass. of America to guard online henhouse

20th Century foxes sign up second internet registry co.

Americans cutting back on online activity over security and privacy fears

Data from US government makes for sober reading

Want to get $1bn from Apple? Step 1: Move to China. Step 2: Copy Uber

Rich uncle Cook makes it rain for Didi Chuxing

Bots half all web traffic

Guilty! Trump delivers orange justice to Amazon

Billionaire dons self-stitched black cap to proclaim antitrust sentence

Is uBeam the new Theranos?

Former engineer claims ultrasound charging tech doesn't work

Microsoft boots fake fix-it search ads

Bada-Bing, bada-boom, you support scam's doomed

Paul backs FBI hack law

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