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10th > May > 2016 Archive

TWC celebrates $79bn Charter merger by blacking out in New York

Start spreading the news. Or not.

Chipzilla veteran joins IBM's OpenPOWER

Rani Borkar borged by Big Blue

SS7 spookery on the cheap allows hackers to impersonate mobile chat subscribers

WhatsApp, Telegram secure - but the transport isn't

Google warns of breach

Sino the times: MSN to pull Chinese portal

Products, not content, king

SWIFT 'blamed' in bank heist

NBN satellite rollout suspended in Tasmania for election

Locals lobby for fixed-line broadband

Ubuntu kernel patches land

GoDaddy plugs account hijack XSS vulnerability

Forgotten payload borks support call

Tabby's Star's twinkle probably the boring business of calibration

Sorry, people, there is NO Dyson sphere out there

Prince of pop trash PerezHilton pwned, visitors hit with cryptxxx

Some of Hollywood hack's 500k visitors smashed with Angler, ransomware combo

NVMdurance extends flash life tenfold

Irish startup claims NAND longevity edge

Privacy warriors take legal action over UK gov's right to hack

Privacy International challenges the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (again)

PLA sysadmin gets six months house arrest for yanking US Army docs

'Have you ever worked for a foreign army?' 'Uhhh no', clicks eager admin

Ireland's hefty data industry demands equally big industry cop

Republic in three-way EU, US, tech-mega-giant sqeeze

Firms that make 'questionable use' of your data will pay... with their reputations

SIlly us - thought Euro banking authority meant with fines

Cisco should get serious about storage and Chuck some cash about

CommentDo something and stop faffing about in the bush league

NCA decryption refused

Spaniard live streams 195km/h burn-up

Periscope speed merchant drives straight into cuffing

Lenovo's European prez quits over 'serious strategic disagreements'

New boss drops in, firm shifts some manufacturing to Hungary from China

Virgin's 500k FTTP lines

Groupon fires patent suit at IBM

Investigatory Powers Bill: As supported by world's most controlling men

IPBDon't Spy on Us coalition launches provocative campaign

Lauri Love: 'Britain's FBI' loses court attempt to evade decryption laws

Cops slapped down after trying to dodge suspect's legal protections with civil backdoor

Infinidat's big iron not flat

Pivotal's $653m funding

French duck-crushing device sells for €40k

Fancy canard à la presse? It'll cost you

Server upstart Datrium scoops one-time HP marketing veep

Above 3PAR for the course, you might say

Transfer techies at SWIFT tell Bangladesh Bank: Don't shift blame for $81m cyberheist

Calls it out over 'basic password protection'

At the BBC, Agile means 'making it up as we go along'

Watchdog slams Auntie’s open-ended data slurp

China says yes to SanDisk

Docker lets security bug sniffer dogs off the leash at container images

Libraries and other code scanned for known programming blunders

Hitachi sniffs around the Internet of Things market with HIG

Sets up new business unit to mine the deep money seams

Russia poised to unleash 'Son of Satan' ICBM

Hello RS-28 Sarmat, goodbye Texas

It should be a crime to install spyware on phones, thunders Plaid Cymru MP

But anti-harassment plans will worry photogs and parodies

Siri's maker finally unveils dev-tastic universal AI interface Viv

Hops over Apple's garden wall to do it

Hackers' paradise: Outdated Internet Explorer, Flash installs in enterprises

Two in five Flash users DO update. Surprised?

Gartner waves for everyone to join its hyperconverged bandwagon

CommentMicro-services are now the latest hype topic

UAE InvestBank 'hack' looks like stale, recycled data from last year

Not that that makes mass exposure of folks' financial info any better, natch

Valley VC Peter Thiel becomes an official Trump delegate

Bombastic orange billionaire has at least one vote in California

HP starts startup funder

IE and Graphics head Microsoft's Patch Tuesday critical list

Get updating before the crims catch on

Congress calls for change to NSA spying law

Hearing digs into controversial Section 702

Lending Club CEO booted out for dodgy deals

Another unicorn loses its horn

Kepler space telescope spots 1,284 new planets

And nine of them are similar to Earth, says NASA

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