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4th > May > 2016 Archive

Google ready van hailing

Apple hits crit git gits

White House to bring us up to speed on artificial intelligence hype latest

Will AI kill or cure?

CII badge program live

Blogspot HTTPS extended

Dev using Libarchive? Patch and push

Input validation bug opens code execution vuln

Kogan's Dick on the Web

Defence bankrolls Oz Govt's infosec threat sharing strategy

Budget 2016$10 MELLLION thrown in bid to stop XP users clicking phishing links

Ex-HP boss Carly Fiorina sacked one week into new job

Lays everyone off again after presidential running mate Cruz ends bid for White House

FAA rules out fast-tracking drone regulations

No Jeff, Amazon won't get its own drone airspace just yet

Locky locks down

Microsoft sets Feb 2017 date to kill last SHA-1 zombies

But you've already removed it from your servers, haven't you?

Commercial software chokkas with ancient brutal open source vulns

Closed source, open holes

NIST readies 'post-quantum' crypto competition

Are you Shor you want to try this?

Virty upstart PernixData spills beans after going cap in hand to investors

Latest quarter above target with customer count north of 800, we're told

Dell CTO for Enterprise legs it to pastures new

Paul Perez peregrinates outta da picture

IBM's quantum 'puter news proves Big Blue still doesn't get 'cloud'

Leave the spin to the quibits, please

Lost: One Scality CMO

Syed Hoda ejects less than four months in post

Revealed: How NASA saved the Kepler space telescope from suicide

And you think you’ve had tough remote support jobs

A Brit cloud biz and an angry customer wanting a refund: A Love Story

Outfit tells Reg reader his email was 'full of attitude', adds 'price increase was only 340%'

Server-jacking exploits for ImageMagick are so trivial, you'll scream

Code diveAll the more reason to deploy mitigations and patches

The 4 stages of All-Flash storage: Denial, anger, bargaining... and integration

Customers aren't as focused on performance as they were

How 'flexible' can the UK actually be on EU data protection law?

It's certainly going to try to be a little bendy

The Lonely Pirate MEP's Holocaust copyright stunt backfires

CommentYou can read Anne Frank, Julia. You just don't want to pay for it

Old fashioned engineering: HPC cluster kids would like to thank their fans. No really

HPC BlogGutsy overclockers set new record

Skygazers: Brace yourselves for a kick in the Aquarids

Meteor shower peak ahoy, cloud and rain a cert

We will end misleading broadband adverts, thunders ASA...

... in November. Until then, OK to say '10kMb/year for £30 per month, not inc. £12e3 line rent'

Mercury to transit Sun: Viewer discretion advised

To avoid blindness, watch live with NASA

EU rejects vaping

Speaking in Tech: The Gartner and OpenStack smack-talk episode

PodcastGreg wades in on Twitter after blowout from last week's show wasted £20m telling you to 'be safe online, mmkay'

Survey finds public information campaign was 'ill-informed and utterly ineffective'

EU set to bin €500 note

High-denomination paper wedge too handy for crims

Gozi trojan mastermind sentenced by US court to time served

Miscreant turned FBI informant gets out after 37 months

Long term sick-note abuser Misco not losing nearly as much money

Sales still slid in calendar Q1 but patient is out of intensive care

Apple loses iPhone™

Flinging Slack at them won't get team talking – senior Etsy engineer

Continuous Lifecycle'Don't do DevOps because it is trendy'

Did your UK biz just pay £1,500 to stop a DDoS? You've been had

Empty threats from faux hackers doing the rounds again

Free Workload Central


ICO fines NHS trust £185K for publicly airing personnel files

Sooo... looks like more public money will be coughed by NHS

'Toxic' WIPO catches flak as US congressmen call for Gurry's head

Director general in the sights as legislators urge publication of controversial report

How to evade the NSA: OpSec guide for journalists also used by terrorists

No iPhones apparently a rule. Imagine that

Mega mail breach fears

X-IO and Pivot3 talks stall

Staff futures still up in the air as X-IO tries to avoid lay-offs

Space boffins win $3m prize for discovering gravitational waves

Special Breakthrough Prize for all scientists and engineers working on LIGO

Uncle Lenovo turns up to the startup party with a $500m punch bowl

AI, cloud, analytics firms wanted by old-world PC maker scared of irrelevance

US telly stations fling malware-tipped web ads at unsuspecting surfers

Ack! I've been poisoned

FCC gives the nod to $17.7bn US cable mega-merger (no, not that one)

Businesses gobbling businesses, it's like a buffet in here

UK govt admits it pulled 10-year file-sharing jail sentence out of its arse

Exclusive'Unpublished research' the punishment was based on? Yeah, we made it up

SpaceX blast-off delay

Arrow ECS top dog parades $200m (run rate) cloudy biz

Ha! Thought disties have no role in new world tech? Born-in-cloud what?

Cops deploy StingRay anti-terror tech against $50 chicken-wing thief

Whaddaya mean abuse of privacy?!

Third-level dotcoms gone

Cisco: Whoops, hackers can commandeer your TelePresence boxes with a devilish HTTP poke

Critical flaw among trio of bugs blatted this week

VMware hikes NSX price, adds cheaper versions

Software-defined networking suite gets entry level version

Tesla production executives depart as 'leccy car maker reports narrowing loss

Elon Musk sticks with 80,000 unit production target for 2016

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