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3rd > May > 2016 Archive

Chrome edges out IE for desktop browser crown

Microsoft slips to second in market share

ExoMars delay until 2020

Dell to change name to 'Dell Technologies'

Except for PCs, which will still be called 'Dell', and enterprise, which will be 'Dell EMC'

Vixie on net security woes

Michigan electricity utility downed by ransomware attack

Don't click on the links, don't click on the links, don't …

Web site admins: Brace for weekend traffic surges from iOS devices

Analysis of US government traffic trends suggests Androids sleep on weekends

Qualcomm goes for the grey matter with neural net SDK

Braaaaaiiiins. Fat, rich, digital braaaaaaiiiins

Wi-Fi network named 'mobile detonation device' grounds plane

Fears spark two-hour delay as nervous passengers disembark

Auto erotic: Self-driving cars will let occupants bonk on the go

Canadian expert probes whether prongs equal prangs

Azure, la nube segura

WAKE UP, candy ass

Greenpeace leaks TTIP texts, reveals strained negotiations

Dispute settlement, environmental regulation still sticking points

Twitter loses FISA fight

Microsoft wants devs to take notes on their families

All in a good cause: FamilyNotes is for learning the Face API

Pwner pwns Pwnedlist pwnage property, pours pwned passwords

Site offering checks of your email among mega-breach hauls to close

Snake oil ads land China's top search engine in trouble

Chinese regulators want Baidu to stop advertising quacks' one weird trick

Bali banking bandits foiled by probing penetration tester

Tells waiter 'I'll have the Nasi Goreng, Bing Tang, and a Faraday cage'.

I am Craig Wright, inventor of Craig Wright

I can prove I am the man who can prove he is the man who invented Bitcoin

Miniature car maker drops massive malware

Unpatched Joomla possible entry point for Angler, Cryptxxx combo

What's Zuck planning with his Facebook bots? Maximum $ilo revenue

AnalysisWelcome to Hotel Zuckererga: You can log out, but you can never leave

Old, complex code could cause another UK banking TITSUP – study

Blighty has 900k lines of code per mission critical app, one-third above world average

Panzura gets new CEO

Do you know where your trade secrets are?

Don't be too proud to ask for help

Hold on a sec. When did HDDs get SSD-style workload rate limits?

Storage ArchitectDisk capacity rises are working against endurance

HPC kids find bite-sized clusters are just as chewy

HPC blogStudent teams think smaller is better in cluster battle Bank Holiday outage leaves firms unable to process payments

System now said to be 'recovering' says bank

Opower, my power: Oracle spends $532m to get some utilities cloud, er, power

Nom-nom. Another day, another purchase

Ultra-cool dwarf throws planetary party

Three Earth-sized bodies spied circling diminutive star

MongoDB on breaches: Software is secure, but some users are idiots

When will you lazy louts learn to configure your instances?

Paying a PoS*, USA? Your chip-and-PIN means your money's safer...

... except not online. Sorry America

Argos defection to Tech Data whips Ingram Micro's bottom... line

Loss of retail contract just one dent of many in Q1

Student cluster warriors build out 'roomy sedan' clusters

HPC BlogTianhe-2: Where's the manual - we wish we could RTFM

Brocade feeling down

Venezuela tops world lightning conductor league

Lake Maracaibo is planet's strikes per year hotspot

Apple: Don't 'overreact'

EMC re-engineers its VNX flashy boxen, puts Unity on the label

Takes better advantage of flash and has sub-$10k starting price

UK's Universal Credit IT may go downhill soon, warns think tank report

'Serious design flaws and veering off track' claims Resolution Foundation

Roll up, roll up: Dot Net Solutions has a 'war chest'

Now for that fragmented Microsoft cloud and managed services sector...

Midwich IPO will value its AV and print distie biz at £165m

Want to buy a piece of channel real estate? Friday, 6 May, 8am

Intel has driven a dagger through Microsoft's mobile strategy

AnalysisPossibly not fatal to Continuum – but it doesn’t help refuses to give surveillance commish enforcement powers

Tony Porter is 'confused'. Why? He didn't ask for any...

Commvault profits up

Some HPC kids just can't help piling on the weight

HPC BlogDoes huge cluster equal huge reward?

Devs claim charger uses 'photosynthesis' power battery charger

Electricity-producing bacteria + secret sauce = hmmm

Revealed: HMS Endeavour's ignominious fate

Captain Cook's famous ship scuttled off Rhode Island

EMC makes a LEAP forward with Virtustream and more

EMC WorldAnnouncement overload? Oh, you'll love it just as much as Big Mickey Dell

Iranian cyberspy phishing rod pulled from the waters and exposed

Infy becomes infamous

Extreme photo-bombing: Bad ImageMagick bug puts countless websites at risk of hijacking

Apply mitigations now – poisoned selfies are in the wild

IBM's FlashSystem looks flashy enough, but peek under the hood...

Storage ArchitectOld tech, new tricks. Hey, if it works, why not?

Sat TV biz Dish: I'm not an authorized iPhone repairer ... but $20 is $20

Budget telly outlet finds a second job to feed the kids

Sprint bombs another year

Yay! It's International Patch Your Scary OpenSSL Bugs Day!

Two innocent programming blunders breed high-risk flaw

Adobe gobbles LiveFyre

Facebook bungs 10-year-old kid $10k to not 'eliminate' Justin Bieber

Finnish lad earns serious pocket money from Instagram flaw discovery

Brazil lifts WhatsApp ban

Verizon worker strike now in its third week

Disgruntled staff still holding out as stoppage drags on

Sweaty students push hot HPC clusters through benchmark tests

HPC BlogVideo check on LINPACK, HPCG hijinks

Government tips last dollars into NBN

Shortfall: at least $16.5 billion. Cancellation price: $9.4 billion. Place your bets

Adblock+ has cake, eats it

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