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Audiophile torrent site What.CD fully pwnable thanks to wrecked RNG

WAHckonUse of mt_rand means there's free .flac for those who crack

Chap runs Windows 95 on Apple Watch

It takes an hour to boot and you need to tickle the Watch with a stick while it loads

PowerShell for Docker

Xiaomi takes aim at Apple, Qualcomm

Putting final polish on processor and smartwatch announcements

Are state-sponsored attackers poisoning the statistical well?

WAHckonGovernments relying on bad data will make bad decisions

SpaceX adds Mars haulage to its price list

Book now to send 13,600kgs to the red planet in 2018 for the reasonable price of US$90m

F-35s failed 'scramble test' because of buggy software

Try turning it off and …

AWS outgrows its own resource numbering scheme

Seventeen-character identifiers mean cloud can scale for 'new AWS regions launching in 2016'

US data suggests Windows 10 adoption in business is slowing

Can the Windows XP soufflé rise again and maintain its lead over Windows 8.1?

'Charred Weasel' Linux

Who you callin' stoopid? No excuses for biz intelligence's poor stats

Note to industry: Must try harder

Cavium snubs MIPS, picks 64-bit ARM for next-gen network SoCs

Designers of brains inside your networking gear wheel out the 24-core Octeon-TX

Restaurant booked, flowers ordered ... Microsoft has a hot date for SQL Server 2016

Mark June 1 in your calendar

Nvidia, Samsung pump brakes in car-crash GPU patent rip-off race

After swerving through the courts with lawsuits, tech giants call last-minute truce

Getting shafted the Silicon Valley way

RecapWe review season 3, episode 2 of HBO's tech satire

All US spy requests OK'd

3-in-4 Android phones, slabs, gizmos menaced by fresh hijack flaws

Another month, another round of critical vulnerabilities patched by Google

Sour krauts ban Airbnb

CEO! Mayer! to! get! $55m!

Engineer uses binary on voting bumpf to flag up Cali election flaws

01010110 01101111 01110100 01100101 00100000 01101101 01100101

Perth SmartRider public transport cards popped by student researchers

WAHckonHack the Planet uni club lands in court over 'white hat' MiFare probe

Legal fight against USA Today's news app info-flogging OK'd by court

Judges say mobile software can't sell info like websites do

Samsung tightens smart home kit security after curious bods prod apps

Software for simple gear given way too much control over locks and sensors

Brazil shuts WhatsApp

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