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28th > April > 2016 Archive

ASUS router vulns patched

America edges closer to get-a-proper-warrant-to-read-my-email law

House passes Email Privacy Act by unanimous vote, now to see if the Senate follows

Microsoft's Windows 10 nagware storms live TV weather forecast

Well, this blows

'Feature-complete' Windows Server 2016 preview 5 lands

Contain yourself: Nano install now possible as System Centre's new look also arrives

Time for a patch: six vulns fixed in NTP daemon

What's the time? It's time to get ill. Unless you fix these beastly flaws

EFF revises IM safety ratings after pen testers pop 'secure' tools

BSides CanberraPen tests find holes galore in common messaging apps

IBM bungs deduplication in FlashSystem arrays

DS8888 high-end flash array for mainframers and the like

Ford Googles self-drivers

Dyson hair dryer

Smartphone growth? Not in Q1, says IDC

Phone-fondlers fondle fave phones for longer, spoiling upgrade cycle

Marvell leans to Starboard

Xen hypervisor to gain non-disruptive patching in June

Release candidates for version 4.7 should emerge any day now

PCI DSS 3.2 lands, urges you to make haste slowly

Standard suggests death for old TLS … by the generous deadline of July 2018

One black hole, three galaxies, four BEELION solar masses – found by accident

When galaxies collide

Nanoparticle boffinry could boost battery life

Stanford University engineers hope to create next-gen power sources

Mozilla slings Firefox patches at flaw found by GCHQ's infosec arm

Browser bods emit ten patches in total, some for critical or high severity holes

Unisys releases its ClearPath MCP OS for VMs or x86

End of a long era as mainframe-sourced OSes will no longer require companion hardware

Adware from French runs away and hides on 12M machines

Webscum copy skilled VXers to duck antivirus, sandboxes.

UK's 'superfast' broadband is still complete dog toffee, even in London

Oh, and Hull is the worst city in the UK for take-up

There's more to life than Windows

But you still have to bring your other-OS kit into the fold

Neo4j CEO: We're at 'a huge inflection point for graph databases'

InterviewSwede also speeks his branes on Saint Richard of Stallman

First rocket finally departs Russia's Vostochny cosmodrome

Putin witnesses inaugural Soyuz launch

Rubrik encrypts box

Alphabetti spaghetti: SanDisk adds SLC cache to TLC SSD

Z400 PC SSD gets capacity raise and faster cache

Getty on Google: It’s all about traffic, duh

Competition, not copyright this time

Pro-ISIS hacking groups are still hooking up

Twitter-defacing twits are still teaming up, may hit marginally bigger targets

Seagate releases helium

Watch it Apple: time has come for cheaper rivals' strap-ons

Cupertino losing streaks continues

VMware cloud gros fromage packs his bags and takes a hike

Exec departure flight gains yet another passenger

Mobile antivirus sales offset declining search revenues for AVG

Zen and the art of computer security

Sales up for UK infoseccer

Galileo in spaaace: France's 'equivalence principle' satellite

Do all bodies in a vacuum really fall at the same speed?

E-cigarettes help save lives, says Royal College of Physicians

Sometimes Nanny doesn’t know best

D-Link gets new chair

X-IO and Pivot3 enter mutual back-scratch deal

Loosely-coupled alliance with IP, product, staff, and engineering services aspects

Samsung chuckles, swerves around Apple's Q1 phone sales crash

S7 propels chaebol

Kony nabs IBM mobile guy

Heathrow Airbus collision 'not a drone incident'

No evidence of UAV impact, investigators say

ICO scolds Scots council

Quick, download your stuff! SurDoc shutters consumer-grade secure cloudy storage

Get it off before the end of May

Reskilling to become a devops dude could net you $105k+

Here's the lowdown on making your package bulge like theirs

SanDisk's enterprise flash sales are embiggening nicely

3D NAND expansion coming along with second generation product

Batten down the hatches! OpenSSL preps fix for high impact vuln

Disappointingly, there's no snazzy name or logo with this one. Which is actually good

Denham new UK Info Com

Chomp! Barracuda gets its bite back after turning a profit again

After five profit-free quarters they're back in the black

Zuck's $16m security bill

Slack login leak shame

Q. What's the difference between smartphones and that fad diet you all got bored of? A. Nothing

Global sales see first-ever decline, analysts say it's not just Apple losing ground

UC Davis chancellor suspended after headlines like this one undo $175,000 online name-scrubbing efforts

Linda Katehi slammed

Comcast eats Dreamworks

SpaceX is go for US military GPS sat launch, smashes ULA monopoly

Nothing like some healthy competition

Nearly two billion in the bank and yet this VC is slowly losing his beach-blocking battle

Vinod Khosla may be forced to provide public access

Amazon's AWS cash machine embiggens, breezes past $2bn-a-quarter mark

Bezos' biz bolstered by billowing clouds

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