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27th > April > 2016 Archive

30 years on, Chernobyl wildlife still feeling effects of nuke plant catastrophe

Shrinking brains, faltering fertility and cloudy sight

AT&T credits DirecTV gobble for $41bn quarter

2.3 million new mobile subscribers didn't hurt either

Honestly though, Twitter can't do anything right

CEO Dorsey faces investors after another loss-making quarter

Intel CEO Krzanich: PCs are things too!

Intel plans to put itself InsideTM the Panopticon that is cloudy analytics

US government tells Apple it has security problems that Apple fixed last year

FBI gets the 'don't hoard vulnerabilities' memo at last

Singapore's IoT data dump

Facebook 'login hole'

Game of P0wns: Malvertising menace strikes Pirate Bay season six downloads

There is no honour among content thieves

Dell weaves more nets

Kaspersky cracks CryptXXX, throws lifeline to ransomware victims

Nasty bug tries to confuse you by glowing slow on external storage encryption

Gibraltar kids win UK CyberCenturion blue team hacker comp

Gamers beat Blighty's best.

LibreOffice goes cloudy

Stross' new Laundry list

Qatari hack: Bank 'investigating' leak

Dossier-building third party probably dumped the data

Microsoft gifts free support to Azure big spenders

Enterprise agreement holders to receive free advisory services that will help Microsoft too

Boffins believe buggy Binder embiggens Android attack surface

Punching holes in problematic private APIs

Getty Images flings competition sueball at Google Image Search

If you can see it in search, you won't buy it, says image bank

China's Dalek-like robots fear only one terrifying nemesis: Stairs

PicsAnd the utterly unfit

Hubble spots ice moon orbiting dwarf planet Makemake

Pluto-like object possesses Pluto-like moon

Blighty's SMB tech ranks bitterly divided on Brexit

Single market vs. rest of the world

Why has Microsoft stopped being beastly to Google?

Analysis'Let's be meek to them - and turn the other cheek to them'

Is Dublin becoming as unaffordable as San Francisco?

CommentInflux of big tech firms has pushed up the cost of living massively

Speaking in Tech: Analysts suddenly realise OpenStack exists

PodcastYou can't ignore a trend forever. Right? Right?

Redback sinks fangs into Oz builder's todger

Portaloo spider attack ends in hobble to hospital

Continuous Lifecycle: Conference full, few seats left in workshops

So that's what it's like selling hot cakes?

Fast NVMe flash box

Panama Papers graph database cracked open for world+dog

InterviewGaze upon your masters' finances, sheeple

Outsourcery inks Vodafone finance deal as selloff rumours grow

Firm says it's preparing to restructure and dispose of non-core assets

Red Hat at Cambridge

Ding-dong, reality calling: iPhone slump is not Apple's doom

Pressure in a growth-obsessed climate

SwiftStack adds load balancing and goes further up the Amazon

Adding integrated file access and deepening S3 integration

DDoS just smokescreens

Linux infosec outfit does a Torvalds, rageblocks innocent vuln spotter

Handbags at dawn: Firm reacts badly to Twitter tip-off, minor catfight ensues

The case for ethical ad-blocking

Fans – take out the adtech middleman, and have a clear conscience?

Node.js releases version 6.0. Yes, yes, LTS

More module issue fixes still require()d

Microsoft fingered for Western Euro PC tragedy

The decision to kill off Windows with Bing heaps misery on OEMs

Apple will be grilled by Irish National Planning Board over €850m data centre plan

'It's a 500 acre forest: there's room for Apple and the badgers'

X-IO adds archive storage tier: ISE and iglu get cold storage

Eats nourishing E60 in Nexsan OEM deal

Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Wanna walk the plank voluntarily? You got it

ExclusiveEither way, biz wants to cut 1,092 UK staffers from the wage bill

Ex-Apple gurus' elusive Android phone coming to UK next month

Obi Worldphone aims for the budget buyer

Virgin rolls out fibre to 1m

Newest Microsoftie Xamarin releases cross-platform mobile SDK as open source

EVOLVE 2016Better tools shown off in Florida

You're only young but you're going to die: Farewell, all-flash startups

CommentX-IO, facing AFA market mayhem, calls it quits

Go to Topshop, make a Bluetooth gizmo, stick it on your dress

Fashion retailer plans Top Pitch competition for wearable tech

German prof scores €2.4m EU grant to crack software on your bicycle

State funding awarded to break into private firms' proprietary code

Is VMware the power it once was?

Sysadmin BlogWorld's changing. Is VMware adaptable enough to cope?

Cloud! IoT! APIs! Collect all the data! Samsung wins today's tech bingo

Open Artik platform for making sense of the internet of things launches

GCC 6.1 hits, uses C++14

Apple man found dead at Cupertino HQ, gun discovered nearby

Cops, coroner probe shock death on Infinite Loop campus

Samsung's little black box will hot-wire your car to the internet. Eek!

Insurance companies happy – but why should motor owners bother?

Kids racking up huge in-app bills on Kindles, Android is all your fault, Amazon – US court

And you're gonna pay

SpaceX: We'll land on Mars in 2018 (cough, with NASA's help)

Red Dragon mission is go

Vid: Snowden flick trailer

Another failed merger, Carly? Ted Cruz to bring in ex-HP boss Fiorina as running mate

Guy who'll never be president picks woman who'll never be vice president

German nuke plant viruses

Comcast trousers $4bn

Sure, let's build the NBN with technology that's not proven at scale

CommentWhat could possibly go wrong if we adopt fibre-to-the-distribution point? Plenty

Move over Amazon Alexa – Samsung's hot assistant bot Otto's trying to build an empire

Smart TVs are working well, let's make smart homes and smart lights and smart furniture

Back up the trucks for Zuck's bucks: Facebook revenues up 52 per cent

$5.4bn can buy a lot of laser drones

Oz gummint seeks public input on 'site block' guidelines

Agility in Canberra: ten months effort produces eight-page document

BugCrowd's $15m fund win shows Oz infosec can score Series B: CEO

Don't sit on your ideas, bug chief urges hackers

The Internet of Things edges toward a practical reality

Samsung pushes its vision: an open world with it in the middle

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