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25th > April > 2016 Archive

Flexi-Plexistor's software-defined memory roadmap

CommentStorage-class memory emerging in software

SAP HANA enterprise cloud might even turn a profit in 2017

Rolling, two-year expansion planned for HEC

Planning to throw capacity at an IT problem? Read this first

Commoditisation is changing the way we work

OneDrive shrinks

If Android’s wings are clipped, other Google platforms may gain

Drones, balloons, AI... you won't see the back of Alphabet

BlackBerry is pivoting from phones to enterprise software

InterviewHead salesman talks to el Reg about shift in strategy

Blade server beats racks

Leeds, Bradford eat fibre

Google Loon balloon crash lands in Chile

Police cordon off net-disseminating remains in farmer's field

EE grows network by one-third, promises to build 750 new sites

Also brings 600 call centre jobs back to UK

'No password' database error exposes info on 93 million Mexican voters

AWS-hosted MongoDB database configured incorrectly

Veeam releases results

A perfect marriage: YOU and Ubuntu 16.04

But Richard Stallman might object

El Reg Quid-A-Day Nosh Posse spared chickpea ordeal

The war on malaria continues, however

NexentaEdge gets persistent for Docker containers

Adds native block services and Cinder drivers for OpenStack

European Space Agency eyes fourth pop at Sentinel sat launch

Weather and dodgy Soyuz inertial unit to blame for delays

Cloud gear biz Outsourcery is running out of cash. Again

We've heard this one before. Get the begging bowls out

Secret UN report finds WIPO chief 'broke procurement rules'

Demands to view redacted document

SolidFire's OpenStack play

Amazon tips spinning rust into its Elastic Block Store offering

Disks still rule outside the IOPS-centric world in EBS-land

Remain in the EU and help me snoop on the world, says Theresa May

Home Sec suggests leaving the Tory-drafted ECHR instead

Windows 10 Anniversary Update draws nearer with Inky preview

Build 14328 has Ink Workspace, updated Start menu

US intercepts Bermuda Triangle bubble podule

Coast Guard scuppers adventurer's floating hamster wheel jaunt

What a difference a year makes: ICO tele-spam fines break £2m barrier

Law change last year put extra teeth in watchdog's mouth

175 teams, 4 continents, $36,000: It's the Amazing HPC Cluster Race

HPC BlogStudents join supercomputing battle in China

It's a good time to be in hyper-converged, eh, Pivot3?

Long-in-the-tooth startup climbs revenue growth rate peak

Time to quadruple our cloud gateway capacity, CTERA etc etc

Strips off hardware and goes naked into the virtual world as well

More questions than answers, literally, from America's privacy rules

AnalysisHas the FCC gone off the rails?

If you're appy and you know it, say five Hail Marys – cyber-Pope

iPontiff loses chill with phone-fondling millennials

Meet the malware that screwed a Bangladeshi bank out of $81m

Software nasty hid fraud by doctoring transfers

FBI ends second iPhone fight after someone, um, 'remembers' the PIN

Feds backing away from effort to set legal precedent

Charter can gobble TWC for $78.7bn ... if it bins monthly download caps

There's always a catch

Qualcomm in USB-C row

Qatar bank 'hacked'

Website extortionists rake in over $100,000 without lifting a finger

'Armada Collective' threatens to carry out DDoS attacks, never actually attacks

Sentinel-1B sat blasts off

NSW Dept of Education IT system still in slow-motion collapse

Sydney TAFE can't track enrolments, graduates, resources, or fees

Brace for Apple crash

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