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22nd > April > 2016 Archive

Verizon is big on IoT 'cos its wireline biz is dying on the vine

Telco keeps revenues up with strong hardware sales

Adobe scrambles to untangle itself from QuickTime after Apple throws it over a cliff

Cupertino's calamitous conduct drops users down security hole

Azure Australia turns on physical data import/export service

For when 'uploading over the network is expensive or not feasible' - cough - NBN - cough

Cisco patches DoS holes

Virtual reality, actual $$

Hands up, who prayed for AMD? Well, it worked

Mini-Chipzilla licenses CPU tech to Chinese manufacturer – and the crowd goes wild

Indian Capital Delhi bans Uber's surge pricing

'Daylight robbery' cannot be allowed says chief minister

Bypass the Windows AppLocker bouncer with a tweet-size command

VideoHow to go off script on office, school desktops

Google cloud wobbles

Ceph previews next long-term stable release with v 10.2.0 Jewel

File system declared stable, but users warned upgrade is 'non-trivial'

RSA ransomware

ESX 4 support ends soon

Pro who killed Apple's Power Mac found... masquerading as a coffee table

You thought McAfee was a master of disguise?

iiNet founder Michael Malone takes nbn chair

Fibre-to-the-node backer replaces fibre-to-the-premises enthusiast Simon Hackett

Edward Snowden sues Norway to prevent extradition

Leading leaker wants to visit Oslo trip to pick up freedom prize without being picked up

Carders cash out hundreds of millions before USA adopts EMV

Stolen card values on the way down ahead of chip card debut

Sysadmin given Licence To Perve shows why you always get it in writing

On-callShouty boss humiliated once smut filter upgrade order produced

Anonymous whales on Denmark, Iceland with OpKillingBay DDoS

Anti-dolphin-munching mission DDoSed car-maker Nissan

'I hacked Facebook – and found someone had beaten me to it'

Bug bounty hunter stumbles across backdoor leaking FB staff usernames, passwords

Whitehall waste: Cash splashed on consultants and temps up 90% in half decade

UpdateWho will hold these mandarins to account? More mandarins

How does a business make decisions? How should a business make decisions?

We'll give you a clue: it rhymes with shmevidence

How IT are you? Find out now in our HILARIOUS quiz!

Something for the Weekend, Sir?12 questions later, your life is a little shorter

RIP Prince: You were the soundtrack of my youth

Another one gone. When will it end?

Uber settles class actions

MoD contractor hacked, 831 members of defence community exposed

ExclusiveMoD: We've been hacked, just don't talk to The Register about it

Revised trojan hits HK

Irish researchers sweep smartphones clear of super bugs

Biological cleansing agent bursts forth in home of Westlife goes down

BOFH: Thermo-electric funeral

Episode 6Just because it's half-dead doesn't mean you shouldn't keep flogging it

Win XP, Flash, Java... healthcare makes easy pickings for hackers

Study shows some medical folk are still running an OS not supported since 2014

SecureWorks' sorry IPO falls $48m short of aim

This won't help Dell pay for EMC either

Woz says 'Jobs started Apple for money' – then says it must pay 50% tax like he does

Dead Steve Jobs would be spinning in his grave

Is Microsoft's Office dev platform ready to go mainstream?

Office 365 is now a developer platform, says SatNad, but what's actually new here?

VR sales to 'skyrocket'

Dell looking at higher debt mountain to buy EMC

Product overlap reduction cost-cutting possibility could be top-of-mind post-acquisition

Microsoft's Azure and Office 365 growth slows

AnalysisNadella sticks to FY (fictional year) $20bn cloud target

Tesco data thief in court

Stiffer piracy spankings

Dutch students serve up world's first 'drone café'

A UAV serving booze. What's not to like?

Stop using USB sticks to move kids' data, auditor tells Education Dept told to sharpen up over handling of database with 20 million children's info

Romania suffers Eurovision premature ejection

Unceremoniously booted from contest

What the world needs now is... not disk drives

AnalysisWhat will industry do now we want too little of...

Guess what's 'easily hacked'? Yes, that's right: Smart city transport infrastructure

Traffic jams and altered intelligence

Facebook: 1m Tor users

Sentinel launch on hold

The web is DOOM'd: Average page now as big as id's DOS classic

BFG? More like BFHTTP, amiright?

Ten years in the clink, file-sharing monsters! (If UK govt gets its way)

AnalysisBut minister, our own survey… Shut up! Ten years!

Jaron Lanier: Big Tech is worse than Big Oil

What's going to save you from the technology oligarchs? Yes. Copyright

Microsoft, Google bury hatchet – surprisingly, not in each other

Both vow to stop running to mommy and daddy to tittle-tattle on each other

Amazon attempts rule fudge to take exclusive control of new dot-words

Who .moi? You must be mistaken

Facebook clickbait cull

FBI spies on how many?

China leaves Apple books, movies on the cutting room floor

If only there was some metaphor for the Chinese walling things off…

NASA saves Kepler space 'scope by turning it off and on again

Exoplanet mission back on after forcing an unexpected reboot

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