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19th > April > 2016 Archive

IBM shuffles units, axes staff, sees profit shrink

Big surprise. But the bright side? Analysts thought it was going to be worse

Intel readies jobs axe

Chipzilla inheriting the woes of the PC biz

SamSam ransomware shifts from hospitals to schools via JBoss hole

With 3.2 million unpatched servers, scum have a lot of targets

Chinese con-artists cop to US military counterfeit chip switch caper

Trio tried to buy stolen Navy Xilinx FPGAs for $37k each, replace them with duds

Netflix's $1.81 billion Q1 disappoints markets

Signups are growing, but cash is hard to come by

Censorship FTW! China bans Paris Hilton, minor Kardashians et al

Middle Kingdom won't allow any more reality shows featuring celebrity offspring

Quantum of solace: Mega cloud signing to end years of hurt?

Hires new chief bean counter and sees revenue decline reversing – maybe

VMware signals new open source and developer push with FOSS-meister gig

Also opens vSphere beta beyond the devoted faithful

Hacking Team hole still unpatched, exploit pop doc claims

'Phineas Fisher' says embedded device pwnage exposed spyware-for-states firm

They Came From Beyond Our Galaxy And Landed In The Ice!

Boffins' tale of Neutrino source beyond the Milky Way spotted by Ice Cube observatory

European Union set to release anti-competition hounds on Google

News Corp's Google News complaint has sprouted in Brussels

MH370 debris found

Windy Wanaka wallops NASA's Super Pressure Balloon launch

1,000 cats chill in NZ while NASA waits for a break in the weather

Google found 760,935 compromised web sites in a year

There's a lot of lazy and/or lousy webmasters out there who don't know they're p0wned

Top infosec students square off in inter-uni hackathon contest

UpdateLong-term aim is to bridge infosec skills gap

Gridstore sacked CEO

So you’d sod off to China to escape the EU, Google? Really?

AnalysisBaidu awaits, then

Sainsbury's hires devs

Intel preps for layoffs: Chipzilla sharpens axe for deep job cuts

And it is all the fault of the soggy PC market

Oh dear, IBM. Storage isn't looking like a cash cow any more, is it?

Quarterly results reveal a six per cent revenue slump

Video folk, you'll love the 96TB, 2.6GB/sec LaCie 12big HDD

Thunderbolt 3 compatible external drive? Ooh, nifty

Oof! Acer suffers 25 per cent hit to PC sales in turbulent Q1

Gartner numbers make hard reading for Lenovo and Dell too

All-Python malware nasty bites Windows victims in Poland

Slurps keystrokes, mines Bitcoin, even sets up web servers

WDC archive box cert

Are bearded blokes more sexist?

It depends on where they live, critical research reveals

The beginning of the rise of the Planet Of The LUN Monkeys

StoragebodBeancounters may not like us, but they need us

EU: We're splashing out €6.7bn on a giant scientific cloud

Small change from the $80bn Horizon 'innovation' fund

Exploit kit writers turn away from Java, go all-in on Adobe Flash

312% increase in Flash vulns over 2014, says study

Catastrophic 123-reg VPS cockup deletes Ross County FC website

Biz admits coding error 'affected' thousands of servers

Blighty gears up for first UK Robotics Week

Plenty lined up for 25 June to 1 July

Sail on SpectraLogic's BlackPearl, right up into the cloudy glory

Replication and cloud backends extend disk'n'tape combo for off-premises use

Pusher's purist: Five steps to reaching your DevOps zen

James Cunningham talks about how he makes it all work

Delphix appoints new CEO – but hasn't filled vacant CTO spot

Founding chief exec promoted upstairs to exec chair

Apple updates MacBooks

Obama London visit prompts drone no-fly zone

Aircraft grounded as Prez meets Queen

Assange lawyer dies

Viber rolls out e-2-e crypto

Mesosphere flings Data Center OS code at open sourcers to fill in gaps

Build your own Airbnb infrastrucutre, or complete ours

AWS bumps S3 speeds

Peak Cable looms: One in five US homes now mobile-only for internet

Cord-cutting has doubled since 2013

Snafu! BT funnels all customers' sent email into one poor sod's inbox

Telco blames testing mishap

Chinese crypto techie sentenced to death for leaking state secrets

31 others caught up in spying row

Europe's digi-boss tells YouTube to cough up proper music royalties

S'not fair, says Google

Intel literally decimates workforce: 12,000 will be axed, CFO shifts to sales

While banking a $2bn profit in first three months of the year

NYPD anti-crypto Twitter campaign goes about as well as you'd expect

Cops stole hashtag, chaos ensues

Law prof Lessig cuffed

Hand over our code to China? We're no commie patsies, Apple cries

And here's our transparency report to prove it?

Bio biz Theranos probed

Yahoo! shows! off! for! suitors! by! diving! into! red! ink!

Revenues down, losses mounting, how can Verizon say no to that?

Apple ends Siri patent suit

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