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15th > April > 2016 Archive

Xen fixes kernel crash

Open Container Initiative plans open container format

Let's hope it's more successful than the open virtualisation format

Oracle finds $TEM200m

Russia sends exploit kit author to the GULAG for seven years

♫ Mothers, don't let your babies grow up to be hackers ♫

What's this about Canada reading your BlackBerry texts?

Reg Water CoolerWhat we knew in 2010, 2012 and 2014 we still know in 2016

Oz hackers safe to drop 0day at hacker cons, Wassenaar wonk says

ACSC2016Dropping exploits in Chrome? Sure. Private homebrew CMS? Not so much

South Korea to upgrade national stereo defence system for US$16m

Military to purchase speakers capable of being heard 10km away, in NORKS

FOUR Avatar sequels

ExoMars works! 2 Mbit/s link established and camera snapping

All payloads alive and kicking as craft sends new photo of cosmic nothingness to ponder

Bug bounty blitzers open-source sick subdomain-spotter

BSides CanberraAutomated, faster hacking for fun and profit ... or evil?

Apple assumes you'll toss the Watch after three years

And bin kit running 'MacOS', whatever that is, after four

Microsoft explains which cloud security problems are your problem

And reveals that for really bad problems, Microsoft will break Azure to fix it

Web backup biz Monster Cloud monstered after monster price hike

Fuming punters hit El Reg's inbox

Facebook's big trouble in its little world domination plan: China

AnalysisZuck ducks difficult questions on internet expansion

Admin fishes dirty office chat from mistyped-email bin and then ...?

ON-CALL+POLLWould you expose it? Delete it? The choice is yours, dear readers

Why we should learn to stop worrying and love legacy – Fujitsu's UK head

InterviewYou say old IT system, I say finely tuned technology

I am sending pouting selfies to a robot. Its AI is well buff

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Unfortunately, it can count my laughter lines

Defence in depth: Don't let your firm's security become a boondoggle

Or, how to do it right first time and avoid confrontational siloes

Microsoft licensing giant yanked off market after sales bid fails

Comparex on shelf with boxed software, other dusty things

Seagate revenue numbers rain on cloud after market misses

+Comment$100m revenue miss alert – could signal loss

BOFH: If you liked it then you should've put the internet in it

Episode 5Boss puts the ID in IoT

Chilling evidence emerges of Kilocat weapon

Exclusive pictures of feline WMD programme

URL shorteners reveal your trip to strip club, dash to disease clinic – research

Google, Microsoft push fixes but others likely exposed

Czech Republic to rebrand

Czechia - coming soon to a map near you

You Leica? P9 certainly is a Great Leap Forward in imaging... for Huawei

ReviewBut is it a Cultural Revolution?

Mitel nabs Polycom in $1.96bn deal

Activist investor Elliott Management strikes again...

Snowden sings again

FreeStor turns admins to precogs with predictive analytics

FalconStor’s storage software gets a bunch of predictive smarts


Big jobs targeted

Halfbreed trojan targets US banks

Hybrid strains combine to form biz hacker

Malware in email surges

Vinyl LPs to top 3 million sales in Blighty this year

But can you get Bouncing Babies by the Teardrop Explodes?

NZ hotel bans cyclists' Lycra-clad loins

Move to tackle 'unsightly' tackle

Brit AI daddy Sir David MacKay dies

ObitPolymath rebooted debate on climate change, co-founded software biz

Lizard Squad back to blast Blizzard’s gaming hub

Wants props for World of Warcraft attack too

Windows 10 Mobile races to summer with useful facelift

Feeling lucky?

Embrace, extend – and kill. Microsoft discontinues RoboVM

Java to mobile compiler acquired with Xamarin is no more

Yahoo! sale woes

Mac hinge may change

AMC sobers up, apologizes for silly cinema texting plan

Company accepts that terribly bad idea shouldn't be implemented

Swedish air controllers debunk cyber attack disruption theory

Solar storms blamed for outage

Daft Punk: Snowden goes electronica

Jean Michelle Jarre taps whistleblower for latest EDM outing

House passes broadband bill despite promise of White House veto

Congress continues to do America proud

Flaw-finding Ruby on Rails bot steams past humans

MIT project adds to developer job insecurity

Apple pulled 2,204lbs of gold out of old tech gear

Even the trash is expensive in Cupertino

Scality is the bomb, says Los Alamos

RING software helps keep US nukes safe

Big telco proxies go full crazy over cable box plan

It's Obama and Google! We're losing money!

Verizon bribes customers

Intel's XPoint emperor has no clothes, only soiled diapers

OpinionMicron's deafening silence on space-age memory chip tech

Canny Canadian PM schools snarky hack on quantum computing

VideoIf only US legislators had the same skills

Drive for Lyft or Uber in SF? Your wallet is about to get lighter

Frisco flings further fees for freelance ferriers

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