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13th > April > 2016 Archive

Would you let cops give your phone a textalyzer scan after a road crash?

PollNew York state mulls 'Evan's Law' to snare distracted drivers

Half of Facebook's Free Basics users ditch the freebie web-lite service for the paid-for real deal

Zuck clings to 24 million BBC News, ESPN readers

VID: Flying monkey-bot

Security researcher to IBM: 'Fix that 2013 Java bug'

And this time, do it right

FBI 'zero-day iPhone hack'

Retirement funds breached as crims target brokers' un-patched Windows machines

ACSC 2016Why breach a bank when you can target a laptop running torrents and games?

Samsung's dimmer Galaxies can make calls when locked, cabled

Talk AT commands at the phone over USB and see wait for the fun to start

What would you do with 200 extra change windows a year?

PROMOInfrastructure matters when you prepare to do DevOps

'Cat-flap' pendulum offers 7x improvement for grav-wave detectors

It's all about making mirrors less noisy, natch

Arista scores vs. Cisco

Airbus boarded by 12 nation-state, crimeware 'breaches' every year

ACSC 2016State-sponsored hackers will do 'everything' to get in, says CISO

USB-C adds authentication protocol

When one wire carries data and power, you need to protect against dodgy devices

Astroboffin discovers exoplanet by accident ... in 1917

No space telescopes required, archive discovery reveals

VMware and SoftLayer teleport workloads across oceans

Why not follow the moon and send VMs to where the electricity and compute is cheap

'Bring back xHamster', North Carolina smut watchers grumble

Lawmakers take one in the eye in fap-based fight-back

Linux-fight! Dev's plan to bundle kernel patches sparks debate

Sasha Levin kicks off 'security tree' side project

Universal Credit at high risk of cyber-attack, fraud from the outset

So was agile making it up as they went along?

Micron, VMware, Supermicro, Nexenta doodle array designs

Cosy club comes up with flashy little reference architecture

IT suppliers: Amazon is starting to pay its debts. Some of them, anyway

'I have no idea how many pence in the pound Amazon has offered to others'

What exactly is it that infosec miscreants get up to? A quick overview

Mostly it's financial crime. Here's what all the cool kids' terms mean in English

NASA prepares to unpack pump-up space podule

Bigelow expandable habitat set for two-year ISS trial

PowerShell attacks up

Ruckus: A strong buy for Brocade, but leaves Juniper isolated again


Speaking in Tech: Live from Kennedy Space Center Dragon launch

PodcastRecorded from launchpad to SPAAAAAAACE

NV...Me too, says Micron. Fancy a faster-than-SAS flash drive?

Enters the NVMe SSD space

Breaking down more IT technobabble: 'Unified' comms... say what now?

It's far simpler than salesmen would have you believe

Confirmed: Cisco did invest in SpringPath

Board-level relationships and lots of influence

High performance object storage: Not just about reskinning Amazon's S3

CommentRead and it weep, you young'uns

Arrow's Pure-as-you-go

French thrash Brits, Germans and Portuguese in IT innovation

Do conservative Brit bosses face a DevOps Waterloo?

Web wobbles at Misco: Might be back up today, or tomorrow

Firm apologises for 20th century service after 'server outage' portal limps back online after day-long TITSUP

Yup, it's another Total Inability To Support Usual Performance moment

Grab your Hammer pants – it's the '90s again: Facebook brings Virtual Reality back

But why exactly does it want to be a hardware company?

Microsoft: We have a bullet ready for 12 competencies

You want the cloud? You are going to get it anyway, like it or not

Cyber-security pro? Forget GCHQ, BT wants to hire 900 of you

Click your fingers and qualified folk appear from nowhere ... that's how it works, right?

Filer upstart Qumulo rubs out mirroring, slots in erasure coding

Scale-out NAS-er gets usable capacity gain. Neat

Apple design guru exits

Clouds get OpenStackier

Cutting edge security: Expensive kit won't save you

Stop wading through alerts and get serious

Zadara alters storage destiny: Object storage is written in our STaaS

Virtual private array supplier now does Swift access

Tweak privacy plan – EU

Fujitsu Tech Products overhauls direct sales team's pay

'We want you to love the channel, and here's the financial encouragement'

Lauri Love backdoor forced-decryption case goes to court in UK

Why use the 'gimme password or else' law when you can evade even that?

Can you hear me now – over the picket line? Verizon workers strike

Telco says service will continue as wireline techs walk off job

Microsoft goes titsup

Redmond has gone dark. This is not a drill.

HGST has an entry-level 14PB archive box... is that enough for your, er, home collection?

When you need 15 nines

'Apple owes me $2bn'

Android N dev preview 2

Euro watchdogs give America's data-sharing Privacy Shield an 'F'

Must try harder (to prevent personal info being used by US spies)

Obama broadband veto

Bay Area man forced out of his $400 box home

San Francisco officials deem micro-apartment a fire hazard

Apple is rolling WebRTC video-chat into Safari iOS, OS X browsers

WebKit could soon get support for open conferencing standard

Sprint in racist ad storm

Line by line, how the US anti-encryption bill will kill our privacy, security

AnalysisEl Reg takes latest Burr-Feinstein legislation apart

Hack hack jailed 2 years

Bumbling execs leave tenders on hotel business centre PCs

ACSC2016And then cabbies hand over in-car recordings of their chatter

How to make Cisco UCS servers roll over and obey: Send a HTTP poke

You will probably want to install this fix

I bless the reins down on .africa ... Dot-word injunction hits ICANN

Court orders DNS overseer to halt delegation of new gTLD for a second time

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