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12th > April > 2016 Archive

Dell names services head

Swedish military unwittingly helped hose US banks in 2012/2013

Plenty of machines still unpatched, says Daily News

Infected with Petya ransomware? This tool will rescue your data

New, sneakier forms of the malware appearing every day

PC market shambling towards an unquiet grave

Gartner, IDC Q1 numbers have landed, and they're not pretty

Windows 10 debuts Blue QR Code of Death – and why malware will love it

Interesting idea but we can imagine the downside

Buggy power supply can brick buggy Nexus switches

Ouch: PSUs can restart switches that brick on restart

Datera offers Amazon EBS-alike for private and public clouds

Startup decloaks with DevOps API-driven flash-first elastic storage

Google cloud TITSUP

Reusable autonomous swimming microbots soak up 95% of spilt lead

New bots 10 times more efficient than old bots.

Russian boffins want to nuke asteroids

101 things to do with a nuclear stockpile

Ames boffins mix metals to boost electron velocity

c those charges move

Total cloud: Huawei's plan for planet's telcos and its own bottom line

China's emerging enterprise giant eyes major vendors' lunches, fetches cutlery

UK Government Digital Service links with Australia's Digital Transformation Office

ExclusiveMoU kicks off five-year effort to share people, projects, ShinyHappy jargon

Bundling ZFS and Linux is impossible says Richard Stallman

GNU man doesn't mention Oracle or Ubuntu, but that's who he's lashing

Graphene solar panels harvest energy from rain

Overnight drizzle a trickle feed of power

Cloudian's classier object storage management

Doesn't quite manage itself but does much more and gets Gartner stroke

Cash, fear and uncertainty: The Holy Trinity of Bitcoin and blockchain

FeatureThe Snowden factor unnerving your bank

Server vendors? Pah, they're mere resellers

CommentWhat's good for customers isn't so good for the industry

Hey, tech industry, have you noticed Amazon in the rearview?

Sysadmin BlogIt's time to bring your sales into the 21st century

UK cops trial £250k drone squadron

Shiny new Canadian UAVs for Surrey and Sussex police

IBM to offer Box Zones

Spear phishers target gullible Brits more than anyone else – survey

Ransomware, 0days, malware, scams... all are up, says Symantec

New strain of data thieving malware Qbot unleashed

Defence firm BAE Systems' team spotted it

Shareholder rage freezes Salesforce boss Marc Benioff's package

Don't sweat, Marc: $33m/yr is still enough for a Pot Noodle and a cuppa

EC cooking up rules change for aggressive tax avoiders

US multinationals in firing line

HTC 10: Flagship goes full Google – but the hardware's top notch

Hands OnHTC desperately needs this flagship to be a hit. Does it deliver?

Vulture conservationists hatch cunning 3-D printed egg plan

Breeding programme benefits from Microduino-packed sensor podule

Ofcom wants you to thank it for resurrecting the spectre of BT's 1980s monopoly

CommentTop Eurocrat could become Brexit poster girl after UK begging letter

Symantec cloud portal goes titsup after database crash

Outage outrage when it lasted more than 24 hours...

Ofcom promises to have details on duct and pole access by summer

Just waiting on European directive, assuming no Brexit

DevOps firms must play with all – despite web of alliances

Puppet boss talks about the ties that don’t always bind

US bus passenger cracks one off for three hours

Marathon five-knuckle shuffle ends in cuffing

Pair programming: The most extreme XP practice?

Get ready to expose yourself... intellectually

Box and Dropbox seek expansion via IBM, AWS – and Facebook

Integration and geo-specific file location at your fingertips

DevOps isn't just about the new: It's about cleaning up the old, too

Paying off your 'technical debts'

Prof Hawking to mail postage-stamp space craft to Alpha Centauri using frickin' lasers

Talk about pushing the envelope

Sweden 'secretly blames' hackers – not solar flares – for taking out air traffic control

Cosmic storm, my ass

El Reg forces NSA to act

Uber hands over info on 12m passengers, drivers to US officials, cops

Taxi-booking app is upset – abusing customer data is its job


Overstock CEO signs off

Zuck: You're still using non-Facebook websites ... I'll put an end to that

Ten-year global domination plan: Get everyone online and sell 'em stuff

Bug hype haters gonna hate hate hate: Badlock flaw more like Sadlock

Windows, Samba vulnerability needs patching – but don't panic

Plotting 'mass damage' in Australia? SMBs' crappy login hygiene really helps – hacker

BsidesAncient OSes, unauthenticated servers ... and much more

How to not get pwned on Windows: Don't run any virtual machines, open any web pages, Office docs, hyperlinks ...

Patch TuesdayKeep an eye on your wireless mouse, too

Anonymous apps doomed

IP address clerks RIPE: Feds, come back with a warrant, er, web browser

Internet registry tells g-men where to go … to find publicly accessible information

HPE backs Let's Encrypt

Telcos yet to receive metadata retention funding AFTER A YEAR!

Attorney General's department yet to convene meetings for consultation

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