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11th > April > 2016 Archive

Popular cable modem vulnerable to remote reboot/reset flaw

UpdatedISPs told to brace for help desk melt-down as mass disconnections feared

Picture this: An exabyte of cat pix in the space of a sugar cube of DNA

DNA storage: very slow, but very, very dense and long-lived

'Fart detector' wins Chinese Physics prize

Whoever smelled it used an algorithmic odour plume-tracing strategy

Tor bakes links into apps

India continues subsidising elite IT schools

Prices held low at schools that see 1.3m bid for 10,000 places - and prosperity - every year

Europe's biggest radiotelescope in fast-burst-finding upgrade

Square Kilometre Array tech from Oz will increase sensitivity of Bonn's Effelsberg dish

WordPress pushes free default SSL for hosted sites

World's favourite one-stop pop-shop now harder to hack.

Mindless Flash masses saved as exploit kit devs go astray with 0day

Since-patched flaw was imperfectly targeted by incompetent crimeware

Citrix asks you, yes you, to write its certification exams and courseware

POLLThey call it 'crowdsourcing'. What do you call it?

Dell/EMC will rule the cloud, for a while

We've grabbed hold of IDC's abacus and looked into the future

Former Microsoft HoloLens man: It's NOT about gaming

BUILD 2016So good I formed a company, says engineer

When to trust a startup: Does size count?

Sysadmin blogOr balance sheet...

UK competition watchdog gripes to Brussels about Three-O2 merger

If we can't have four operators, they can't have their deal

XMC builds 3D NAND fab

BT hires cyber-security

Anonymised search engine page found on 'kid-friendly' search site

Beta-testing oddness was never intended to be kept – dev

Capita not sitting on Hands: IT Enterprise Services boss splits

Company PR tell us wider biz re-org is unrelated to exec exit or talk of pipeline shrinkage

Daily! Mail! eyes! up! Yahoo!'s news! arm!

Sources say publisher wants to buy 15-year-old news biz

British booter bandit walks free after pleading guilty to malware sales

Judge hands down slap on wrist and a spot of unpaid cleaning

Met cops shop for £150m IT system. Must have: Data centre ops

Nice to have: Homicide, kidnap, surveillance processing

Spinning rust fans reckon we'll have 18TB disk drives in two years

Extra shingled platters spinning inside the helium tank

Saturn spacecraft immune to mysterious Planet 9's charms

Cassini orbit normal, NASA insists

SQL injection vuln found at Panama Papers firm Mossack Fonseca

Grey hat hacker continues probing scandal-hit lawyers

SAP warns: Americas slowed our 2016 start

Europe's software giant behind year goal

Big data in action: How CompSci theory helps medics fight cancer

UCL professor to lecture at next Real Time Club dinner

Virgin slams CMA

Aluminum-wrapped robbers fail to foil bank

Brazilian blaggers unsuccessfully deploy metallic Hand of Glory

Dell infosec unit SecureWorks given $1.42bn price tag in IPO

EMC won't pay for itself

InfiniFlash speed doubled

You keep using that word – NVMe. Does it mean what I think it means?

Tech explainerThe lowdown on how this lightning fast network connection works

Baddies' brilliant plan to get mobile malware whitelisted: Bribery

App developers like money too

Microsoft Privacy Shield

Canonical steps up to the NexentaEdge, jumps aboard OpenStack

Ubuntu weaves edgy spells with Juju to charm Ubuntu folk

Seagate's Kinetic drives: They're moving... but in what direction?

CommentObject storage nerds – it's time to have your say

Cracks show in VMware exec ranks

CommentSuits ship-jumping could presage change right at the top

Bibliotheca Alexandrina buys a Huawei superdupercomputer

Flagship Egyptian library to get machine that's great for weather forecasts. Um, why?

Privacy Shield in doubt

GCHQ dabbles in dark arts

We're not in Kansas City anymore, Toto ... Google axes free fiber internet

Ad giant touts new $50 100Mbps, $70 1Gbps plans instead

NASA gives blacked-out Kepler space 'scope the kiss of life

Facing a week of checks before science mission resumes

Google ads probe blow

America's Intelligence Transparency Council to meet for the first time … behind closed doors

The proud legacy of James 'Big Fat Liar' Clapper

Texas Attorney General charged in 32-bit 'eco-friendly server scam'

Servergy CEO also hauled over coals after system claims

Half of people plug in USB drives they find in the parking lot

Why do we even bother with security software?

The future of Firefox is … Chrome

Start your shouting engines

Websites take control of USB devices: Googlers propose WebUSB API

What could possibly go wrong? Wait, what could possibly go right

Prof Hawking space riddle

Microsoft gender pay gap

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