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8th > April > 2016 Archive

Uber $10m checks lawsuit

This year's H-1B visa lottery jammed full in just six days

AnalysisAmerican IT workers bend over and prepare to get screwed

Galaxy S7 sales slay S6

Atlassian plans 'mobile companions' for key apps

Mobile dev team expected to double over the next year

Google adds Cloud Test Lab integration to new Android Studio 2.0


India starts to pull its weight as an enterprise IT buyer

Share of global server sales closes on on GDP share

Large Hadron Collider gets 4,500 more data-crunching GPUs

Swiss super Piz Daint levels up with new Nvidia and Haswell kit

Man pleads guilty for serving white hat with DoS, swearbot, sex toys

Electronic Tribulation Army has anger management problems

Google to admins: We'll tell you when your network is pwned

Safe Browsing Alerts expands.

That naked picture on my PC? Not mine. The IT guy put it there

ON-CALLSo the IT guy took revenge by revealing the users's ugly browser history

Outlook, meet Facebook

Wikibon goes big on Big Data

CommentFour reports show Wikiboners have Big Data hard-on

OpenStack 'Mitaka' materialises

Lucky 13th version of open cloud now offers one client for all OpenStack projects

SANS man lists five security things you're not doing but should

Not a lot of work can bring much better security, says Internet Storm Center boss

Breach at childbirth trust

London to Dover 'smart' road could help make driverless cars mainstream – expert

Go on, let's put the internet in everything...

Fujitsu Services hacks bonuses to pay for minimum wage hike

ExclusiveBreak fix division given nod of changes on the eve of April Fools' Day

Troubled Azzurri Comms offloaded to AIM-listed Maintel

Enterprise value of £48.5m don't ya know

Field technicians want to grab my tool and probe my things

Something for the Weekend, Sir?The TV repair man returns for the IoT age

Vendor: Do we need Quality of Service with shared storage arrays?

The Storage ArchitectAwesome network or not, we need to look at the bigger picture

Dropping 1,000 cats from 32km: How practical is that?

And would they all land on their feet?

SuperMicro, IBM hook up

Adding POWER servers yo its Xeon Ultra line

GDS has no real strategy for £450m budget pot, internal plan reveals

ExclusiveSources say current version is a very wordy doc that says nothing

Signal Desktop beta opens

BOFH: Sure, I could make your cheapo printer perform miracles

Episode 4Just as sure as a cattle prod goes BZZZZZT!!!

Academics claim Google Android two-factor authentication is breakable

Play store issues impact SMS verification, they allege

Tesla 3 orders hit $14bn

GCHQ is having problems meeting Osborne's 2020 recruitment target

Spooks feel bite of general lack of cyber talent in UK – sources

What did the one Toshiba desktop SSD say to the other? Our cell size has shrunk

One's capacity doubles, the other's stays virtually the same

How Remix's Android will eat the world

InterviewApple, Microsoft, are you listening?

Soho baroness at Twitter

Costa Rica launches investigation after reports hackers ‘rigged’ 2014 election

Campaign wasn't full of badness like the others, claims hacker

IBM closes Truven deal

Quick as a flash: A quick look at IBM FlashSystem

The Storage ArchitectTexas Memory memories...

Vivaldi Jon: Mobile – yes. Feeds and an ad blocker… probably not

InterviewYou really can stop calling me Opera Jon now

ISS to host space truck rally

Cygnus, Dragon and Progress resupply vans vie for parking space

Shall we? Shan't we? Nutanix inches towards IPO

Background + CommentHyper-converged hotty close to public share offering, it is said

IBM's tops sales staff face long Hawaii

Missed the ax? Then don’t miss the flight

Cyber-underworld price list revealed: $500 for company email inbox, $1,200 passports, etc

$5/hr DDoS floods, $123 Gmail accounts, and so on

Microsoft drives an Edge between Adobe and the web: Flash ads blocked

Annoying stuff paused by default in upcoming version

ICANN shoots down incoming Cruz missiles

White House wannabe's letter not coterminous with honesty from under-fire DNS overseer

If only hackers could stop slurping test and dev databases. Wait, our phone is ringing ...

Delphix thinks it has a solution

Read America's insane draft crypto-borking law that no one's willing to admit they wrote

Understandable – it's more stupid than expected

Look who's here to solve the Internet of Things' security nightmare – hey, it's Uncle Sam

Commerce department asking for input on its role

Dear Windows, OS X folks: Update Flash now. Or kill it. Killing it works

Adobe plugs latest hole in hacker punch bag

Watch: SpaceX finally lands Falcon rocket on robo-barge in one piece

VideoOh, and the supply mission is also a success so far

FBI, Apple continue cat-and-mouse game over iPhones in New York

A new day, a new iThing, a new quest for precedent

Lotto 'jackpot fix' code

Want a job in security? Lock down US military's supermarkets

American officials fear commissaries will fall to hackers

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