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7th > April > 2016 Archive

Power9: Google gives Intel a chip-flip migraine, IBM tries to lures big biz

OpenPower SummitThe CPU arch that refuses to die

ZTE profit plunge attributed to US sanctions

China drinks Uber, IoT and e-health Kool Aid

Middle Kingdom calls for 'cloud platform' at heart of new modernisation push, plans to stop cranking out crud

Boffins boost IETF crypto efforts

Nice elliptic curves, now show us your hardware so we can do this to TLS

Court drops IBM's costs on Queensland government

The failboat of a decade sunk at last

Panama Paper trail sniffed

Devs, skill up and help teach Alexa new tricks

If you could talk to the thermostat, think about how lazy you could be

Google Euro-cloud glitch

Ubuntu plugs code exec, DoS Linux kernel holes

This is kind of a big deal because the mess is in 14.04 LTS, expiry date 2019

Remote code execution found and fixed in Apache OpenMeetings

Password token snatch might explain that unexpected weirdo in your next online meeting

There's oil in that thar … Chinese space probe?

What could possibly go wrong when sending oil into space at 500 times sea level pressure?

Hacking Team's export authorisation hacked by Italian government

The ministry giveth, and the ministry taketh away

Microsoft hopes to shine light on shadow IT

You didn't know sales uses SalesForce? Redmond can tell you all about it

Samsung in S7 boost brag

Taking an artsy selfie in Stockholm? You might need to pay royalities

Supreme Court rules Wikimedia needs to pay artists for images in street art directory

Google, Facebook's CAPTCHAs vanquished by security researchers

Black Hat AsiaAnother middle-class job gone as CAPTCHA-crackers beaten

Britain is sending a huge nuclear waste shipment to America. Why?

Clue: It's nothing to do with terrorism, even though that's what wants you to think

Lexmark in sales chats

Illegal drugs and dodgy pics? Nah. Half the dark web is perfectly legal

Thrill-seekers look elsewhere: Most of the criminal bits are about financial crimes

Linux is so grown up, it's ready for marriage with containers

Beats dating virtualisation, but – oh – the rules

1,000 cats await stadium-sized sandwich bag launch

NASA's super pressure balloon mission on hold

EMC said to be ditching Documentum business

EMC-Dell dealContent may be king but content management is deffo not

Exertis slurps wireless distie Siracom

Just another notch on the bed post

Windows 10 with Ubuntu now in public preview

'Insider' update includes Linux along with new Skype, dark theme and more

Megabreach: 55 MILLION voters' details leaked in Philippines

Election officials shrug: Yeah, we were hacked - but not of sensitive info...

ESET blocks news sites

Three to chop off £3bn of its network in bid to woo EU over O2 merger

Please, miss, is that competitive enough?

Continuous Lifecycle: Just ten conference tickets left

Still space to dive deep in workshops

Puppet snags COO, ties up partners, and renames itself

Pledges to bring edgy tech to the mainstream

Managing infrastructure, a newbie's guide: Simple stuff you need to know

Even if you do know it all already, it never hurts to refresh the basics

Neighbour sick of you parking in his driveway? You'd better hack-proof your car

Do it before l33t hacker next door fills with rage, begins typing

Bavarian town rescinds Hitler's honorary citizenship

Tegernsee finally gets with the programme

Microsoft rethinks the Windows application platform one more time

Build 2016Plan to bring most Windows apps to the Store, never mind security

Ultra-rare WWII Lorenz cipher machine goes on display at Bletchley Park

Nazi German high command crypto kit loaned to TNMOC

Infinidat adds predictive analytics to Infinibox OS. But what's it mean?

CommentEnhanced QoS for service providers in Moshe's big iron storage box

IBM wins BBC finance gig

Docs need to do remote consultations – report

Let's hope we all get better broadband connections soon

Global IT spend sags

Euro patent office strike

Verizon peeps gobbled by Frontier enter week two of crap internet

Services won't return until mid-month, ISP warns

Gartner: Why we had to dash tech cash splash

The almighty dollar, the cloud, customers cutting costs...

Mumblehard spam-spewing botnet floored

Single point of failure key in takedown

China's Great Firewall inventor forced to use VPN live on stage to dodge his own creation

Fang bitten

Google launches .google

Cash-strapped Sprint to raise $2.2bn by flogging off its network hardware

Carrier inks sell-lease deal for hardware

FBI Director defends iPhone 5C unlock tool that's obviously going to leak into wrong hands

Expert warns crack could be coming to a phone near you

Panama Papers hack: Unpatched WordPress, Drupal bugs to blame?

Another good reason to update

Fake CEOs pilfer $2.3bn from US biz pockets in three years – Feds

Is your boss who s/he says s/he is?

Oculus, why do you need to record our every move? Al Franken asks

US Senator wants details on data harvesting by VR spex

ExaGrid backdoor flaw

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