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5th > April > 2016 Archive

Android gets larger-than-usual patch bundle as researchers get to work

Monthly update goes out to Nexus owners, a few others

George Bush naked selfie hacker Guccifer gets his day in US court

Romanian taxi driver embarrasses the rich and famous

Trump carded again: Hotel security aced

Another bad hair day for Donald, says Krebs

Intel executive shake-up coming, with three big-name departures

Chipzilla's head-hunters hunt heads for IoT, mobile

Telstra hauls in Cisco, Ericsson, Juniper to explain TITSUPs

Australia's dominant carrier wants suppliers to explain why its network keeps going down

SoftLayer reveals per-CPU VMware pricing

Hybrid hyper-convergence, anyone?

Nest bricks Revolv home automation hubs, because evolution

Kit turned to paper weights, devs sucked into Googleplex and customers furious

Microsoft account-hijacking hole closed 48 hours after bug report

Token-harvesting attack meant one login could open doors to multiple Microsoft services

Juniper finishes its BTI Systems data centre interconnect feast

Wants one-stop-shop from Ethernet to packet optical

Nutanix cracks its first $100m quarter

Revised SEC filings suggest IPO ambitions are un-dimmed, as losses mount

'Panama papers' came from email server hack at Mossack Fonseca

Money-shuttling firm lost 2.6 TB of data and didn't even notice

Three million satellite snaps now free for all

NASA and Japan loose images captured by ASTER cam on Terra earth observation sat

Windows 7's grip on the enterprise desktop is loosening

And so is Microsoft's as PC sales fall, making strong growth for Windows 10 unlikely

Samsung kind of cracks the 10nm barrier with new 8GB DDR4 slabs

Re-write your RAM cram plan, server scalers, there's 128GB modules on the way

Hackers demo persistent, quiet attacks through Windows DSC

AUDIO from Black Hat AsiaDesired State Configuration tool can create state of chaos

Brexit: Leaving the EU could trigger UK science patent law rejig

OpinionAnd this would support UK life sciences, claims expert

Hybrid cloud is a neat concept – but we need to be able to move data

Open the cloud taps and make it rain, brother

AI, VR, bots and YOU? A survivor's guide to The Future™

Keeping your head while those in Silicon Valley lose theirs

UK Home Office seeks secret settlements over unlawful DNA retention

ExclusiveDelete all the docs you want, Theresa, the internet never forgets…

Salesforce acquires AI startup MetaMind

Machine fancier founder comes in as Chief Scientist

Surprise! Magic Kinder app could let hackers send vids to your kids

Infosec bods look at app, discover huge vulnerabilities

Broadband bods Gigaclear bag £24m for rural hi-speed internet

Minnow gears up to take on BT out in the sticks

Truly crap exhibition dumped on Isle of Wight

National Poo Museum promises faecal enlightenment

Mobe and Wi-Fi firms flog your location data to commercial firms, claim reports

That's why you're seeing loads of massage parlour ads

Brits rattle tin for 'revolutionary' hydrogen-powered car

Fancy a piece of the Riversimple Rasa?

MariaDB enters analytics market while prepping for massive Series C

+ Logo change on the way for the Bernie Sanders of big data

Hyper-converged prospects? Thanks to firm-gobbling habit and OEM deal, Dell has 3

EMC-Dell dealVSAN, ScaleIO and Nutanix join horse race

The BBC flashes £560m ICT deal at hungry tech suppliers

Auntie dishes out latest slice of £2bn Atos pie

3D printers set for lift off? Yes, yes, yes... at some point in the future

If only hardware makers could print more customers

Seagate joins hands with Intel, adds tasty IEEL to its pie and mash

Unifying two Linux-based distros to grow overall market

3,000 kids' sketches to fly with exoplanet hunter

CHEOPS benefits from some quality artwork

What's all this? Welcome to The Register's News Bytes

Alert: Nvidia GPU Tech Conference kicks off today

Not Bitcoin, but close: Red Hat and Microsoft bite into blockchain tech

Come to OpenShift, poke and prod it, see if it's useful

WhatsApp straps on full end-to-end crypto for 1bn peeps

Nvidia's Tesla P100 has 15 billion transistors, 21TFLOPS

Icelandic Prime minister resigns over Panama Papers email leak

Nvidia's supercomputer-in-a-box needs 3.2kW of juice

Iceland prime minister falls on sword over Panama Papers email leak

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown – and a tax shelter

Euro Patent Office board to hold emergency meeting

X-IO whacks up its ISE disk capacity by 50 per cent

EU pushes probe up Google's ad alley

Commissioner looking into advertising dominance

Humans get 'aroused' fondling robots in their private areas – study

VideoPlastic parts induce sweaty response

UN 'net governance body faces criticism from within

Twitter spends $10m on rights to cover Thursday-night NFL games

Strategy or a desperate maneuver?

FBI declines to comment on WhatsApp encryption

John Grunsfeld retiring from NASA, again

Ted Cruz slams DNS overseer ICANN a second time

How about actually answering the questions, presidential candidate asks

Marvell dumps founding spouses

PayPal freezes 400-job expansion in North Carolina over bonkers religious freedom law

When even PayPal thinks you're bad, you know you've really jumped the tracks

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