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4th > April > 2016 Archive

Hawaiki cable to go ahead with US$300 million Au/NZ/US build

CallPlus founder's signature makes third route a reality

Top Firefox extensions can hide silent malware using easy pre-fab tool

Black Hat AsiaThe fix? No patch, just destroy all extensions.

Optus patches crap credential cock-up in cable modems

Quick fix pushed in less than a three weeks.

Full Linux-on-PS4 hits Github

Last piece of the jigsaw, bootable from USB

FreeBSD 10.3 lands

Devs highlight better Linux compatibility, UEFI boot enhancements

FAA doubles Section 333-exemption drone ceiling to 400 feet

Commercial operators also get shiny new registration Website

Spies rejoice! Gmail, Facebook Messenger BREACHed once again

Black Hat AsiaThrice-upgraded attack framework now 500 times faster with badass modular Rupture framework

Champagne weekend for Blue Origin with third launch

Bezos' booster drops, doesn't break, again

'Devastating' bug pops secure doors at airports, hospitals

Hackers don't need authentication to easily open every door using popular HID controllers.

Bloaty banking app? There's a good chance it was written in Britain

No wonder they're constantly going TITSUP

Chinese red bull (Huawei) attracted to Big Data and big network streams

CommentEnterprise IT and networking are closely linked

Your pointy-haired boss 'bought a cloud' with his credit card. Now what?

Sysadmin blogShadow IT: Pray he didn't link the... oh for @£$%^&

Hue, not Three, could be Hutchison’s crown jewel as MNO model morphs

Will the EC stand in Chinese conglomerate's way?

EMC's virtue is its VCE, but Cisco and NetApp's Flexpods slightly floppy

It's all about converged and hyper-converged now, says IDC

Flying Finns arm octocopter with chainsaw

Killerdrone: Deadly against undefended snowmen

Carving up the IT contract behind £500bn of annual tax collection is a very risky move

AnalysisWhy is HMRC breaking up Aspire watchdog growls at firms that pass off advertorials as real opinions

You should be able to believe what you read online, right?

Sanctions-slapped Chinese telecoms vendor ZTE swaps execs

Preps to file delayed results after US lifts restrictions on alleged Iran trade rule shirk

French mobe repair shop chaps trash customer's phone

Broadcast live vid of outrage, proceed directly to dole queue

WhatsApp at BlackBerry? For one thing, BBM's now free

More chat than Alan Partridge

Commentard April Fool decries Blighty's dodecaquid

'Why is this article still on the site?' asks 12-sided muppet

Did hacktivists really just expose half of Turkey's entire population to ID theft?

UpdatedEntire citizen database? Probably not

The kid is not VSAN: EMC buffs up ScaleIO for high-end types

Storage software gets containers, OpenStack integration

Brocade stirs up a Ruckus, swallows wireless kit maker for $1.5bn

Storage and Ethernet networker rides on enterprise horse

Just how close are Obama and Google? You won’t believe the answer

Watchdog seeks probe into Federal Trade Commission

Automic lets big firms play with DevOps in private sandbox

Learning to love your legacy

Memory-based storage? Yes, please

CommentJust a few compromises first

Eat your greens, FCC tells ISPs with new broadband "nutrition label"

But consumer knowledge comes with a price

Waiting for your Oculus to arrive? Yeah, it's going to be some time

Oh, and don't read the terms and conditions

Strike! EPO staff to walk out this Thursday

Patent office employees not happy with dictatorial president

Memory and storage boundary changes

AnalysisTwo transitions starting that will radically speed up storage

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