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31st > March > 2016 Archive

Cisco, Snort scramble to plug malware hole

Firepower devices might let attackers through

New submarine cable to connect Australia to Singapore

APX-West finally green-lit as Telstra, Singtel sign on for consortium build by 2018

Big Blue bloodbath: More IBM staff slashed in Europe, US

Tech giant to lose 900 staff in Germany

Hi! Up here! I'm your Amazon drone. Do you mind if I land now?

Patent application calls for USVs to simulate speech with propellor noise

Legion of demons found in ancient auto medical supply dispensing cabinets

UpdatedThe Register's free consulting desk says: if it runs on Windows XP, fire it into the sun

Free x86 mainframes for all! Virtual x86 mainframes, that is

Unisys' ClearPath and OS2200 are yours for the downloading and running under Windows

Microsoft GitHubs BotBuilder framework behind Tay chatbot

Hey kids! Now you can write your own bodgy bot!

US Marine Corps launches hacker support unit

Team will conduct OCO, CNE and ISR to stop SNAFUs on MCEN and ODIN

VMware flushes Adobe Flash in new HTML 5 web client for vSphere

Decent vSphere clients are like buses: none for ages, then two at once!

When should you bin that old mainframe? Infrastructure 101

Your data centre shouldn't need a 24/7/365 emergency support contract

'Planet nine' theory boosted by Kuiper Belt Object with odd orbit

Something tugged un-named rock out of line. Maybe something way beyond Pluto

Android's unpatched dead device jungle is good for security

Black Hat Asia'Attackers can't just use one exploit to pwn a billion devices' says Square's security lead

Facebook throws BlackBerry an HTML bone

Native apps are soooooo 2015, says BlackBerry, and web apps are the new black

Ofcom puts aside a little bit of spectrum for Internet of Things things

You never know, dear...

Furious English villagers force council climbdown over Satan's stone booty

Beelzebub's boot firmly planted in middle of hamlet's High Street

Ofcom is keeping schtum over BT Openreach plans until end of year

Regulator will then beg for EU permission to act

Microsoft cracks open Visual Studio to Linux C++ coders

BUILD2016Plug in. Go, go, go

Military intelligence, AI style: MoD cosies up to Massive Analytic

Who needs humans to task drone strikes, anyway?

Blighty's nuclear deterrent will get a software upgrade amid cyber-war fears

MoD doubles infosec spending as digital threats grow

Gartner: RIP double-digit smartphone growth. 2016 has killed you

Microsoft can stop worrying about smartphone non-strategy

Patch out for 'ridiculous' Trend Micro command execution vuln

Password Manager, Maximum Security and Premium Security are all at risk

IT freely, a true tale: One night a project saved my life

Staying human in an automated lifecycle

Cloudera's valuation slashed by Fidelity amid IPO fail fears

Gobble down your bubble and peak, unicorns

HPE adds power-fail-protected NVDIMM tech to servers

Gen9 ProLiants get battery-backed memory/flash DIMMs

EE most 'reliable' mobile provider for cities – Ofcom

Also releases postcode-checker for folk to confirm coverage crapness

Woman scales Ben Nevis wielding selfie stick instead of ice axe

Made it to peak, then found frozen, drenched and disoriented

Brexit: Time to make your plans, UK IT biz

AnalysisLegal Armageddon? Maybe, maybe not – but we'd better get moving

Seagate intros Innov8: A USB-powered 8TB external hard drive

Lots of hype boils down to a remarkably mundane thing

Michael Dell takes $11m pay hit

Just need to find some more cash to make up that $67bn EMC acquisition

Intel's Broadwell Xeon E5-2600 v4 chips: So what's in it for you, smartie-pants coders

New instructions, transactions, virtualization features and more

Intel flops out 3D flash SSDs – and says they're the densest ever

SSD chip fashionistas adopt the layering system

Microsoft to make Xamarin tools and code free and open source

BUILD2016Xamarin casts off commercial roots

Unpatched stealthy iOS MDM hack spells ruin for Apple tech enterprises

Black Hat AsiaClicking 'OK' to ordinary and expected phishing prompt enough for complete iPhone compromise

California gets $5m pound of flesh from Samsung, LG, others in price-fix scandal

CRT payout world tour is here, line up for your $25

China wants a 'Go' at Google's DeepMind

Challenger emerges for AI's board-game crown

Intel invokes the ghost of Andy Grove to standardize cloud market

OpenStack and Kubernetes all the way, says Chipzilla

Redflow's home batteries to start shipping in June

El Reg talks to Simon Hackett about the 'not a PowerWall-killer' home battery

Reddit's warrant canary shuffles off this mortal coil

US law enforcement must be after more cat videos

Critics hit out at 'black box' UN internet body

Who exactly decides who sits on the Internet Governance Forum's main body?

Save it, devs. Red Hat doesn't want your $99 for RHEL

Free pilot's license for immutable infrastructure nuts

Divided FCC passes ISP privacy rules, overhauls LifeLine

Poor to get break on broadband prices

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