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29th > March > 2016 Archive

Bloke coughs to leaking US military aircraft blueprints to China

Fighter jet and C-17 info lost from Boeing servers

Verizon plots 28 GHz 5G tests

Ericsson, Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm and Nokia are in the tent, radiating out

Docker goes native with Windows, Mac beta

Want a laptop full of containers? Here you go

1.5M Verizon Enterprise customer records selling on forum after breach

Unfortunate 500 among biz to get bad news letter

Oracle plays virtual catch-up with new VM release

Big Red makes it to virtual 2013 with storage live migration, FCoE and OVF support

Gumtree serves world's worst exploit kit to scores of Aussies

Stolen law firm creds, iconography, used to seed Angler.

Thin client market gets even thinner, down seven per cent in a year

Blame the government, not Windows 10. And keep an eye on China

Hadoop rebels unleash spec to battle the Cloudera/MapR empire

ODPi publishes runtime spec and test suite

A 'hundred million' Truecaller users vulnerable to privacy bug, security bod says

Phonebook app used IMEI as user ID

Oculus Rift review-gasm round-up: The QT on VR

We read what people had to say, so you don't have to

Three-bit quantum gate a step closer to universal quantum computer

Photons as building blocks for AND, OR, XOR and NOT

We wrap our claws around latest pre-Build Windows 10 preview

New version shows off Edge extensions and revised Maps app

Ransomware now using disk-level encryption

German firms fleeced by 'Petya' nastyware that performs fake chkdsk

Load DynamiX ties knot with Virtual Instruments

Load, simulate and monitor my virtually dynamic instrument

Amazon ports Alexa voice assistant to Raspberry Pi

Oi, Siri? You there: Cortana! Why can't you run on my Pi?

R&D white coats at HP Inc will make corporate ID into wearable tech

'32,000 years of wearable evolution' – this is what it's come to

Whatever happened to ... Nest?

Egos, bean counters and being Larry Page's buddy have stalled Google's consumer IoT plans

NetApp dropped the ball by letting EMC gobble Data Domain

IDC stats reveal who's who in the backup appliance bearpit

SportPursuit coughs to being hacked. When? What got nicked? They ain't saying

UpdateFirm doesn't hold card details – except when it does

Apeiron reckons it's the Godzilla of upstart flash arrays

NVMe fabric delivers the low latency access goods, says its marketing spiel

Closing courts to fling £700m at digital stand-ins will fail, MPs snarl at

Beancounter says scheme's pitfalls keep him up at night

Some old SAP systems have default kernel user accounts. Guess what happened next?

Infosec bloke pokes hornet's nest with stick; patch ASAP

William Hague: Brussels attacks mean we must destroy crypto ASAP

Facts, Willy? Don't let those trip you up, now

Speedier Splunk-ing: NetApp SANtricity eases your analytics flow

NetApp’s E-Series gets accelerated

Software automation and AI in DevOps aren't the fast track to Skynet

Behind every robot lies a good human

Spanish launch heroic bid to seize Brit polar vessel

Boaty McBoatface faces Blas de Lezo in 'name that ship' showdown

Twistlock drafts in industry veterans for strategy and sales posts

You can’t have too much thought leadership – or revenue

Monster crowdfunding total raised for Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+

Sir Clive Sinclair's tin rattles to the tune of £366,000

Arista takes on the network big boys with switchin 'n' routing gear

More convergence, please

Go nuts, brother: Ubuntu 16.04 beta – no more auto data-spaffing

ReviewSo much more than the Unity bit

Surface Hub: A Howard Hughes folly, or a cunning Post It Note killer?

AnalysisBehold, a new platform from Microsoft

SanDisk's InfiniFlash looks in its closet, pulls out a Red Hat to wear

News falls on Ceph ears

Ransomware scum sling PowerShell, Word macro nasty at healthcare biz

PowerWare does its dirty work via booby-trapped files

Courts cry over cunning call-center criminals crafting convincing cons

Surprise, the bad guys have helpdesks too!

FBI: Er, no, we won't reveal how we unmask and torpedo Tor pedos

No NIT software exploit code for you

How NoSQL graph databases still usurp relational dynasties

AnalysisTurn the tables on tables

'No regrets' says chap who felled JavaScript's Jenga tower – as devs ask: Have we forgotten how to code?

AnalysisNPM republishes unpublishing rules

DNS root server attack was not aimed at root servers – infosec bods

Target appears to have been two Chinese domain names

NASA discovers black hole here on Earth – in its software budget

Spaceport code already costs too much, behind schedule

Here's a great idea: Let's make a gun that looks like a mobile phone

Dial M for murder

East Coast: Verizon on the hook for landline hikes. West Coast: AT&T denies hooking $100m for 10Mbps broadband

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck...

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