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28th > March > 2016 Archive

One pane of glass to rule them all? Vanity – thy name is cloud management

Management was never so non-transparent

Build or buy: A tale of two all-flash strategies

Guest columnNot a simple decision

$3bn for an IT services outfit? Bloody Dell!

NTT Data pays up for Services branch of beleaguered PC giant

Japan loses contact with new space 'scope just weeks after launch

Update: signals receivedTanegashima, we have a problem

Pandora punch-up sees CEO exit, shares drop

Music streaming founder Westergren back in charge

Cunning scam: Mobe app stalks victims then emails booby-trapped bogus speeding tickets

Don't trust fines emailed from cops

Amazon WorkSpaces two years on: Are we ready for cloud-hosted Windows desktops?

We wrap our claws around AWS's PCs-as-a-service

Oracle v Google: Big Red wants $9.3bn in Java copyright damages

And the judge wants to ban lawyers from Googling jury members

Tired of Windows 10 phoning home? Maybe the special Chinese govt version is for you

Redmond woos Beijing mandarins with custom build

Is iOS 9.3 Apple's worst ever update? First it bricks iThings, now Safari is busted

What's a web browser without working links?

US govt says it has cracked killer's iPhone, legs it from Apple fight

It's all over! Egg and FBI faces in perfect alignment

Basslink says cable repairs won't be done until June

Tasmania to remain backward and isolated as 'leccy and data link needs three joints

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