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23rd > March > 2016 Archive

Your money or your life! Another hospital goes down to ransomware

Methodist Hospital in Kentucky calls in the FBI and refuses to pay

How one developer just broke Node, Babel and thousands of projects in 11 lines of JavaScript

UpdatedCode pulled from NPM – which everyone was using

Australia, here's your re-re-re-invented national web page

Digital Transformation Office reveals familiar Alpha and SME assistance portal plan

Google reveals rapid cloud expansion

Announces a dozen new regions by end of 2017

Azure's wobbly day as three services glitch around the world

Un-planned PITSTOPs for Visual Studio Team Services, App Services and DocumentDB

Google publishes list of Certificate Authorities it doesn't trust

Thawte experiment aims to expose issuers of dodgy creds

Google's call for cloudier, taller disks is a tall order says analyst

Or maybe not, if the weird 7-pin SATA drives disk-makers cooked for Apple are repeatable

It's nuts but 'shared' is still shorthand for 'worthless'

But it won't be long before sharing's wealth-creation potential is realised

Yahoo! report! shows! French! Govt! account! data! request! boom!

Uptick may be tied to probes into Paris attacks

Canuck named as next UK privacy watchdog

Elizabeth Denham to take over in the summer as Information Commissioner

Oracle fires big red Solaris support sueball at HPE

Updating Solaris? Not without my say-so, says Larry in yet another support suit

What was all that about a scary iMessage flaw? Your three-minute guide

WatercoolerHow a powerful hacker could just about intercept and decrypt your texts

Error checks? Eh? What could go wrong, really? (DoSing a US govt site)

Line BreakMore awful code you've seen in action ... or should that be inaction

This chap's maintained an Apple game for 32 years – from Mac to iOS

Klondike creator has been at it since the days of Pascal

HP Inc won't shake you down for ink in 3D printer era, says CTO

InterviewProfiteering? No no no, that's the old HP

New UK cyber security centre to work with Bank of England

Will it get enough cash to investigate, pursue the perps?

Okay IT pros, change happens. But here's your Reg guide to staying in control

Has a client ever had you working for months on features they don't really want?

Four of the top 10 places in the world for internet are, er, in the US

Haters gonna hate

More VC dosh, vicar? Moneymen hand Slack-a-like biz Domo $131m

"The unicorns are being dehorned" says ex-Omniture CEO

BT: We're killing the dabs brand. Oh and can customers re-register to buy on our site?

Come on, we'll give you free delivery for ages and ages and ages

Continuous Lifecycle: Making a big noise about microservices

And how to avoid alert fatigue... kicks long awaited digi strategy into long grass, blames EU referendum

Meanwhile GDS has £450m and no official plan to spend it

Enterprise revenues power Red Hat past $2bn barrier

Linux spinner claims hybrid cloud growth

Cyberthreat: How to respond...and when

Is this an all hands on deck moment?

Police create mega crime database to rule them all. Is your numberplate in it? Could be

How else will they develop 'predictive policing'?

Microsoft files patent for 'PhonePad', hints at future Windows plans

Leaping the species boundary, again

Wait! Where did you get that USB? Super-stealthy trojan only drives stick

Snoop-proofed trickster targets air-gapped systems

Microsoft beefs up defences against Office macros menace

Enterprise play

Tracy Emin dons funeral shroud, marries stone

Larry Ellison never got beyond auditioning boulders

Oh, sugar! Sysadmin accidently deletes production database while fixing a fault

Firm didn't tell customers for another 9 hours after realising

Google to unleash Android Pay on UK shoppers within 'months'

Don't belive in plastic or paper? Try silicon and bytes

GitLab upgrade takes aim at Kubernetes

Issues can be confidential, moved, or just plain deleted

London's $40m 'flash crash' trader is to face extradition to the US

Navinder Singh Sarao will appeal, says lawyer

Troubled Acer is going to chop itself into three bite sized chunks

'I was wondering when you'd ask', company mouthpiece says

Israeli biz fingered as the FBI's iPhone cracker

Cellebrite refuses to comment but breaking into phones is what it does

Ex-archiver striver Crossroads: Time to sell all the products

Patent licensing logic has no room for product operations

Stagefright flaw still a nightmare: '850 million' Androids face hijack risk

One step forward, two steps back

Google puts a gun to the head of IT middlemen – the ops teams

GCP NextTime to all learn how to code, wrangle AI, we're told

Lost in the obits: Intel's Andy Grove's great warning to Silicon Valley

AnalysisYou won't prosper with a weightless economy

Don't – don't – install iOS 9.3 on your iPad 2: Upgrade bricks slabs

UpdatedDead tab or a vulnerable tab – your choice, Apple fans

Streaming now outsells downloads – Recording Industry Ass. of America

On-demand music nudges slightly ahead of digital sales for first time

The FCC, once seen as a telco-thrashing hero, is sadly losing the plot

CommentIs Tom Wheeler on the verge of following a dangerous path?

Do you qualify as poor in Palo Alto? Spoiler: Yes, yes, you do

AnalysisHousing assistance and the tale of the $175,000 butler

Google spurns Azure, sucks up to AWS with Stackdriver console

GCP NextRedmond's cloud not that popular, says web giant's Brian Stevens

Now you can tailor Swift – on Ubuntu

Swift has landed on Linux. Repeat: Swift has landed on Linux

IBM has to give Indiana some pocket change after $1.3bn web fiasco

Big Blue found in breach of contract over controversial portal

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