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18th > March > 2016 Archive

Symantec warns of serious security holes – in Symantec security kit

Even the gatekeepers need patching

Look out, Windows Phone 8 users – yes, both of you – here's ... Windows 10 Mobile

Smartmobe OS lands on some lucky handsets

MITRE rolls out new CVE system after Reg reveal

Critics slammed old system, slam new one too for format that will break tooling

One in five PCs will be a tablet with detachable keyboard by 2020

Windows 10 looks to have hit the goldilocks zone for the hybrid PC/tablet experience says IDC

BIOS upgrades needed for fre.....ezing Cisco switches

Too-talkative PCIe bus can leave Nexus 5600 and Nexus 6001 just hanging around

Lenovo's enterprise power-up could be powering you down

Radical server re-designs needed soon, but for now the focus is on prosaic problems

How to make the trains run on time? Satellites. That's how

India and Europe exploring remote sensing to track trains, rather than terrestrial sensors

Domino's trials trundling four-wheeled pizza delivery bot

Waist-high and just begging to be hijacked by hungry hooligans

Telling your wife why you were fired is the only punishment

On-CallSmut caches move management to find health and safety solution

Buhtrap hacks whack Russian bank chaps; phish bait works great

Millions ripped as worms infest bank networks.

Quadsys Five enter 'not guilty' pleas to Crown court charges

Five men allegedly involved in hacking rival security reseller stand in the dock

Lenovo gets friendly with hyper-converged vendors, and not just one or two...

Serves the HCIA software vendors right's Major Projects Authority ain't saving us any money, say MPs

Give us real data and not guff that's six months out of date, thunders Parliament's PAC

IBM buys CRM SaaS firm – no, not Salesforce

Microsoft Dynamics UK Gov gateway

Web ads are reading my keystrokes and I can’t even spel propperlie

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Let’s not get paranoid, here, but...

Ben Nevis embiggened by a metre

Now a tad taller, thanks to GPS

Labour: We want the Snoopers' Charter because of Snowden

IPBSir Keir Starmer, KCB, QC, pledges party's qualified support for bill

Off to Mars this summer? Don't forget your map

Ordnance Survey prints limited edition Red Planet guide

Apple's largest UK reseller Jigsaw24 is for sale

You could buy into a world where dreams are made reality

Crayon still hasn't found what it's looking for... a UK CEO

Search goes on as chosen candidate cocks snook, says no thanks to software licensing biz

Cyberthreat: Learning to live with the risk

And bring your tools, people and partners together

Stevie Graham: Why I hack mobile banking apps

QConSidenote: He's a mite better at redacting than the FBI

Swede builds steam-powered Raspberry Pi. Nowhere to plug in micro-USB, then?

VideoAll you need is a couple of blowtorches, some wire and a desk-sized steam engine

HERE: We're still, er... HERE

3D and robocars loom

Microsoft's Linux Inquisitor Grand Master is off to Spotify

An IP era really over. No, really. Well, things will be different. Sort of. Perhaps

FreeBSD crushes system-crashing bug

Time to upgrade, Unix-like OS-havers

Too Naked for the Nazis streaks to literary glory

A Cultural History of the Anus shafted in oddest book title race

Google tries to run from flailing robotics arm

Puts Boston Dynamics up for sale

Biometrics not a magic infosec bullet for web banking, warns GCHQ bloke

You can change a password. You can't change fingerprints

Pornography, violence and JG Ballard: High Rise, the 1970s' internet

Start complaining about the lifts, soon you're doxing your own mum and eating the dog

Stop! Before you accept that Windows 10 Mobile upgrade, read this

Microsoft promises it won't be as aggressive as it is with the desktop version

Apple engineers rebel, refuse to work on iOS amid FBI iPhone battle

You thought Tim Cook was stubborn? Try his coders

Heads up, rocket fans: Soyuz launch tonight

NASA TV to screen live departure to ISS

Microsoft's equality and diversity: Skimpy schoolgirls dancing for nerds at an Xbox party

Console boss apologizes amid PR disaster

Feds raid 'extortionist' IT security biz Tiversa, CEO put on leave

And whistleblower defamation suit dropped

Spotify to cough up royalties, just toss your copyright claims over there ... in the bin

Music streamer strikes deal to pay mystery artists

Hackers crack OS X, Windows, web browsers' security to net $460,000

Pwn2OwnTencent Security Team Sniper crowned Master of Pwn

New York senator proposes tax credit for open-source developers

Allows devs to claw back a few bucks for donating code

Hand in glove: Google and the US State Dept

AnalysisRelease of more Clinton emails reveals extent of ad giant's cosy relationship

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