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17th > March > 2016 Archive

Judge roasts Chipotle for firing guy who grilled bean counters on Twitter

'Burrito' giant told to wrap up social media policies

vAdmins vJoice! vSphere finally gets a modern web client

vSphere 6.0 Update 2.0 lands, complete with a VAIO (not that VAIO)

NASA celebrates 50-year anniversary of first spaceship docking in orbit

PicsThe Gemini VIII mission that nearly killed its crew

Hackers demo prototype security scanner that thinks like a human

NullconFirst of its kind project a mammoth effort.

nbn says Telstra's copper in better shape than expected

Fibre-to-the-distribution-point trials for remote-ish users, also future-profing option

'Millions' of Android mobes vulnerable to new Stagefright exploit

Paper lays out how to bypass Google's ASLR

Big data boffins crunch GPS traces, find altruistic route planning is good for everyone

Except, darn it, the nice guys still probably finish last

Woz: World-changers to Apple Watches, why pay for an overpriced band?

Apple co-founder questions vanity price tags, says he won't snoop in your undie drawer.

Silicon photonics boosted with UK fabrication research

Laser grown on silicon substrate can last 10 years

Seagate – or rather, its Kinetic Ethernet drives – have seen the light

Hard disk biz mulls optical interconnects for key-value storage gear

HTTPS is not enough: Boffins fingerprint user environments without cracking crypto

Comms patterns ID OS, browser and application

Brits seek rousing name for polar research vessel

The Royal Research Ship Titanic? Maybe not

Attack! Run. WTF? A decade of enterprise class fear and uncertainty with AWS

How 2006 was like 1914 for Microsoft, IBM, Oracle et al

Lessons from history for UK Home Sec Theresa May's Investigatory Powers Bill

IPBBeen there, read the law, got bulk-intercepted

Intel slips out Vulkan driver beta for Windows

Plus bug-fixes

She's coming... the Chief Data Officer

Keep your head, don't lose it

Slack smackback: There's no IRC in team (software), say open-sourcers

So here are some FOSS alternatives

UK tech supplier Softcat shows off fuller figures

Less hunger for low-margin PC stuff, apparently

Mighty Soyuz stands proud at Baikonur

Lifter on the pad ahead of tomorrow's ISS launch

Secure email bods ProtonMail open signup floodgates to world+dog

InterviewAfter two years, Swiss crypto-messaging provider leaves beta

Subjects! Speek your branes to Parliament on the Snoopers' Charter

After it passes they'll be able to see what you think anyway

Continuous Lifecycle: We can hardly containerise ourselves

Whether you want to go deep or deeper still...

Data-thirsty mobile owners burn through 5GB a month

Three sees 50% YoY increase - Google and Facebook to blame

IBM wants to harden your 'data centre on wheels'. Yes, your car

Security stack will stop miscreants getting behind your wheel

Flying Scotsman attacked by drone

Trainspotters now armed with UAVs, it appears

Former Hewlett Packard Enterprise chief slips into OCSL

It's the chairman's office for you, Mr Vendorland veteran

Jump aboard our load balancing Maglev, Google tells devs

Named after the really fast bullet train. Geddit?

Glasgow boiler firm in hot water for cold calls, cops £180K fine

Told off by ICO for being a nuisance

Successful DevOps? You'll need some new numbers for that

How do you know your feature flags and canary launches worked?

Irish shun beer, whiskey in favour of … wine

Are you sure that’s the right tricolour you’re flying there lads?

How Microsoft copied malware techniques to make Get Windows 10 the world's PC pest

Here's how to nuke this persistent menace

Infosec bods pop mobile money crypto by 'sniffing' e-mag radiation

Low-cost attack just needs a $2 magnetic probe and a USB sound card

Google buys NetApp ... buildings

$250 million real-estate deal nets storage biz admen's cash

Apps that 'listen in' to your mobile get slapped by US watchdog

Covert snooping code runs afoul of federal law

Euro Patent Office prez survives crunch talks – but pressure mounts

Under-fire Benoît Battistelli has lost confidence of EPO staff

Power outage in Sheffield kills e-commerce at Insight UK

Wanted to buy a cheap lappie today? Just browsing? Yes, sorry about that says firm

Amex 'fesses up: Your credit card data was nicked ... and it's taken three years to admit it

UpdateBlames partner's lax security

The bill for Home Depot after its sales registers were hacked: $19.5m

Seven-year-old AV software, not updated? Please ...

Apple iPhone GPU designers Imagination axes 20 per cent of staff

PowerVR, MIPS wallahs must slash $40m in costs

Snowden WAS the Feds' quarry in Lavabit case, redaction blunder reveals

One tiny little reference missed in massive censoring effort

T-Mobile US finally lets websites escape Binge On's web vid crusher

Go ahead, torch all our customers' data allowances, says carrier

Top rocket exec quits after telling the truth about SpaceX price war

Plus: Senator McCain calls for investigation into military sat launch cash splurge

Optus cable routers let anyone change passwords, says tech

But shoddy defaults still set username to 'admin,' password to 'password'

nbn tries to shift the conversation to future copper upgrades

Reg roadtripRiding the nbn mythbusting bus with CEO Bill Morrow

A third of Australians lose mobile services after Telstra outage

Eight million people affected by reconnection flood

Your 30 second guide to the past three months on Planet Adobe: Talk about sitting on cloud 9

No software? No problem, just hand over the credit card

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