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16th > March > 2016 Archive

Your unpatchable, insecure Android mobe will feel right at home in the Internet of Stuff era

Qualcomm's broken kernel code is the tip of the iceberg

Basslink mulls exit from telecomms business

Cable ship costs are staggering

SanDisk stockholders book a table, prepare for Western Digital gobble

We're today's special on the menu, say investors

Google adds worldwide HTTPS info to transparency report

Feds want less crypto, Google wants more

Juniper starts waving fixes for DROWN vuln

Turn off SSL, install patches, block traffic at firewalls

VMware vRealizes that vRealize has XSS bugs on Linux

Virtzilla's also released first maintenance release for vRealize Automation

NIST set to shake up temperature with quantum thermometer

'Zero point' could help tie temperature to fundamental physics

Boffins build laser that can twist its own light

South African university spins up OAM-capable laser

Hotel light control hack illuminates lamentable state of IoT security

FSF board member with time on his hands highlights hole

Who'd be mad enough to start a 'large-scale fire' in a spaceship?

NASA, that's who. Because we don't know if we build right for zero-G fires

UK Snoopers' Charter crashes through critics into the next level

IPBPlans to write mass surveillance into law face a bumpy ride

IEEE delivers Ethernet-for-cars standard

802.3bw, aka 100BASE-T1, is optimised for wire weight

Get ready to patch Git servers, clients – nasty-looking bugs surface

UpdatedIf you're running below version 2.8.0, you're at risk

'Just give me any old date and I'll make it work' ... said the VB script to the coder

Link BreakWow! Crazy! It's a reader comment special!

Reformed LulzSec hacktivist joins payments firm

UpdatedLondon comp-sci study scores part-time gig

Hey kids – want to be an HPC bigshot? Don't have a secret exascale supercomputer?

HPC blogEnter the Student Cluster Competition

Storks bin migration for junk food diet

Fly to Africa for the winter? Nah, I'm off to the local landfill

Remix OS: China's take on an Android operating system – but for PCs

Deep diveThink of it as a productivity kit

Met Police cancels £90m 999 call command-and-control gig

'Supplier didn't deliver'

'Naut triumvirate set for ISS launch

Departing Baikonur on Friday, ahead of six-month stay

Judge orders Universal Credit internal reviews must be disclosed

AnalysisThey thought they could hide. Then the law got involved

New Relic offers security researchers cred – not cash – for bug reports

The bounty is the exposure. You oughta be grateful!

Bell done: Nokia delivers super-speedy 100Gbps links fresh from the Labs

500Gbps silicon drives next-gen optical networking systems

Middle-aged US bloke pleads guilty to iCloud celeb nude photo hack

He got shlebs' passwords by asking for them over email, says DoJ

Speaking in Tech: Dropbox says buh-bye to AWS, goes private

PodcastPlus: Obama crashed SXSW. As you do

Centerprise International recruits channel vet to apply commercial balm

Jon Atherton bags directorship at Basingstoke-based tech supplier

Bloody Danes top world happiness league

US takes 13th spot, Blighty 23rd, and pity Burundi at 157th

Osbo slaps down Amazon and eBay – who'll be liable for traders evading VAT

BudgetPromises big tax cuts

New iOS malware targets stock iPhones, spreads via App Store

Bad news. Even worse news if you're in China...

Microsoft throws $$$$s at resellers who snare shiny new cloudy punters

Anyone would think its Microsoft's year-end sales grab... oh it is

Oracle whistles happy tune as shadow of AWS bus parks on database lawn

Infamy, infamy, Amazon and Microsoft have all got it in for me!

Microsoft Surface Book: Shiny slab with a Rottweiler grip on itself

ReviewLuxury and utility – at Mayfair prices

The Pirate Party finds a friend: A-G backs member against Sony

Carry on Torrenting! Public Wi-Fi doesn’t need a password, prof reckons

Blundering ransomware uses backdoored crypto, unlock keys spewed

Hahah ... wait, what?

Rights warriors slam US-Europe pact on personal info slurp, urge reforms

Privacy Shield needs substantial rewrite, say Amnesty, EFF, ACLU etc

Plucky cable billionaires defeat menace of small-town broadband

Tennessee kills bid to expand muni fiber network

New-economy poster child LivingSocial slashes staff amid another startup collapse

Looks like the tech shakeout is with us

Apple tells iPhone court 'the Founders would be appalled' by Feds

Thomas Jefferson would kick your ass for this

Pure swats away EMC patent punch, mulls $14m verdict appeal

Storage hardware infringed dedupe designs, jury finds

Comcast now touts unlimited gigabit service (that you can't get)

Only a handful of Georgians will get to slurp from broadband motherlode

FAA's 'drone smash risk to aircraft' is plane crazy

Statistically just one airplane will be damaged every 1.87 million years, says study

Don't take this the wrong way, Pure Storage – are you the next NetApp?

CommentEl Reg ponders life after FlashBlade debut

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