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11th > March > 2016 Archive

Feds tell court: Apple 'deliberately raised technological barriers' to thwart iPhone warrant

US DoJ files fresh objections to iGiant's refusal to cooperate

0day remote code exec holes in mobile modems can read SMS and HTTP

NullconOr that mobile USB dongle could let an attacker take over your PC! Hooray!

Web servers should give browsers a leg-up, say MIT boffins

If servers can pre-fetch all the cruft linked inside a page, browsers will go faster

Nest: It's no longer all about you. Now it can recognize your kids, too

Get ready for multiple accounts within your smart-home

Hardsploit: The handy hacker help for hapless hopeful hardware hacks

NullconLike Nessus, for Things. Because there's password gold in them thar chips

2015 server sales hit all-time record of 9.7m machines

Shipments up. Revenue up. Cloud up. Midrange up. Non-x86 down

How a Brexit could stop UK biz and Europe swapping personal data

AnalysisAn explosive combination of Safe Harbor and Snoopers' Charter

Microsoft adds 'non-security updates' to security patches

UpdatedAnd one of them looks like it shows ads to suggest a Windows 10 upgrade

I beg you, please don't back up that secret directory full of photos!

On-CallNever do tech support for your mates. You learn too much about their lives

Cloud Native Computing Foundation adopts Kubernetes

Google-derived container code transferred to Foundation as its first project

Le upstart de la storage: OpenIO, ARM CPUs and Kinetic drives

French firm reckons your HDDs could become object storage nodes

Tech biz bosses tell El Reg a Brexit will lead to a UK Techxit

AnalysisIf we vote to leave the EU we'll all become poor and unemployed, allegedly

You say I mustn’t write down my password? Let me make a note of that

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Permanent marker works for me

ExoMars ready to roll atop bloody big rocket

Live Baikonur Proton launch coverage on Monday morning

SAP software download app exposed passwords thanks to serious vuln

Java bug splatted. Patch, update, you know the drill

Brit geeks craft bijou Pi Zero gaming controller

Diminutive 'R-Kade Zero' hits Kickstarter

SAP backs UK remaining in the EU ahead of vote

ExclusiveGerman company doesn't go into detail, though

We’re so over Uber: Italy ponders slapping taxes on workers in the ‘sharing economy’

It's for your own good, don't you know

Computacenter eyes investment plans for growing cash mountain

Sun shines in Germany, outlook unsettled in UK in 2015

A typo stopped hackers siphoning nearly $1bn out of Bangladesh

New York Federal Reserve: Um, do you really want to send that much to these guys?

Home Office is cruising for a lawsuit over police use of face recog tech

Q: When can you ignore a High Court ruling? A: When you're a police employee

7,800 people's biometric data held on police anti-terrorism database

It's a lot, right? Loads deleted before cops investigate. Feel better?

Crap IT means stats crew don't really know how UK economy's doing

Complexity = statistical snafus, says Professor Bean

Monster motor breathes fire in Mississippi

Successful test of NASA's first Space Launch System RS-25 flight engine

Steve Ballmer: Get the Facts. I 'love' SQL Server on Linux

Ex-CEO: We won the battle, so, you know ... bygones

Dell's Ubuntu-powered Precision Sputnik now available worldwide

$40k seed funding begets neat little workstation

Samsung PC, laptop owner? Better update the update tool

MitM vuln in software updater plugged

HPE targets flashy and flash-adjacent types with trio of arrays

Promises to help you with your storage, er, diet too

HPE unleashes Machine Learning-as-a-service on Microsoft Azure

A nice and cold pint of machine learning for a warm winter's day

Linux fans may be in for disappointment with SQL Server 2016 port

Full fat build for open-source OS could be a long time coming

Anti-cyber-attack biz Staminus is cyber-attacked, mocked by card-leaking tormentors

UpdatedHackers leave 'tips when running a security company' memo

Reprogrammble routers axed by TP-Link as FCC bans custom firmware

Wi-Fi boxes will be locked down to stop folks installing software on their own hardware

Four crucial deals to pluck Violin Memory away from the trash can

AnalysisMajor OEM deal could be signed by end of March

If your ISP is selling info about you, that has to be opt-in, says FCC boss

Regulator hopes to smother broadband providers in privacy-protecting rules

FBI channels Kafka with new rules on slurping Americans' private data

CommentFeds have changed the way they use info from the NSA but can't say how or why

Clear November in your diary: SpaceX teases first Falcon Heavy liftoff

Reusable rockets also look good to go back up

Rocky times for startups: Mutual funds devalue and VCs turn off money hose

Everyone's waiting for the crash

Obama puts down his encrypted phone long enough to tell us: Knock it off with the encryption

SXSWBack doors, skeleton keys, just make it happen, nerds

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