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8th > March > 2016 Archive

Yelp-for-people app Peeple is back – so we rated Julia, its cofounder

CommentIf you pay this company $1 a day you can read what we said

Bungling Seagate staffer leaked coworkers' social security numbers, other info to email fraudsters

Always check the headers

Basslink cable repairs about to start

Cable fault lies 98 km from Tassie coast, company says

Flying blind: F-35's radar software fails in the air

Lockheed-Martin promises patched code will soar this month

Bill Clinton killed off internet taxes, says Australian politician

Former federal treasurer's back-of-envelope maths says world's missed BEELLIONS

US slaps trade ban on ZTE over Iran links

Sino-US trade tensions rising again

Mellanox says 25 Gbps is the Goldilocks speed for flashy data flows

10Gbps is tooooo light. 40 Gbps is toooo expensive. Is Mellanox just right?

Google vendor security review tool goes open source

Choose-your-own-adventure must be solved before entry to the Gates of Google. Or yours

Romanian ATM hacker exploits vulnerability in FENCE, escapes jail

Robber clobbered but catching carder is harder

Bloke pockets $15k for spotting Facebook password-reset blunder

Beta site security bug squished

NatWest tightens online banking security after hacks' 'hack' exposé

Step 1. Simply take over a victim's mobile phone number

Oracle's old hands are supporting the support n00bs who support you

Big Red's veteran support staff aren't happy about changes they're being asked to wear

Software dev 101: 'The best time to understand how your system works is when it is dying'

QCon LondonArchitect for failure, sure, but know that it will never be easy

Open trucker comms lets Shodan snoops alter routes, tap CANs buses.

New delivery address: my place

IBM staffer at risk of redundo? Capita will wipe away your tears

That isn't a joke – they run IBM's Employee Assistance Programme

Final Euro Parliament vote on passenger name records delayed

'Left wing groups' blamed

Here's one obscure little EU data protection rule that would be good

Article 76 & Recital 112 of the GDPR should keep data controllers 'honest'

El avión de papel del proyecto PARIS aterriza en un libro de texto

Los educadores honran a la legendaria misión del Playmonauta

GCHQ: Crypto's great, we're your mate, don't be like that and hate

UK spymaster tells MIT that all must cooperate in response to crims' use of ciphers

Going on a thin client diet

The PC is here to stay – but it has lots of little friends now

Californian tycoons stole my sharing economy, says Lily Cole

I am a millionaire. You're a selfish consumer. He's a filthy capitalist pig

Clive Sinclair Vega+ tin-rattle hits £300,000

ZX Spectrum retro gaming console a big Indiegogo hit

What are you doing to spot a breach?

It’s probably already happened, but you just haven't seen it...

HTC teases yet another make-or-break comeback flagship

Could it be? Yup, rumours of an M10 are doing the rounds

Oracle gives apps a ticket to ride on Sparc M7's SQL warp drives

Database giant opens up APIs to analytics hardware accelerators

Seagate says it's scooped the 'fastest ever PCIe drive' record

10GB/sec? Not too bad, even for an SSD

MapR whips out a pack of ACEs, eyes up containing Docker users

Containers aren't persistent. Our thingy is, promises firm

NASA preps stadium-size sandwich bag launch

Mighty polyethylene orb eyes ultra-long flight record

Accenture leans back, receives £86m Met Police contract

Supplier is the latest big name to get a slice of the outsourcing

Cloud sellers who acted on Heartbleed sink when it comes to DROWN

An out-stretched arm slowly disappears...

Home Office biometrics strategy is three years overdue, despite 'lack of clarity'

This means cops' face recog tech is mostly unregulated

Oracle tweaks exchange rate, hikes up database prices in UK

Five per cent across the board

Persistent memory: Has HPE got there already?

AnalysisProLianting database and analytics apps faster with flashed DIMMs

With Facebook shafted, India now belongs to Google

The path's clear for Loon, the stratospheric data slurper

Solus: A welcome ground-up break from the Linux herd

ReviewNo bling, just minimal surfaces. Apps, though...

Microsoft joins Eclipse Foundation. Odd thing for a competitor to do

We do Linux. We do Java. Second surprise in a week from the Windows company

What a pair of ace-holes: Crooks bug gambler's car with GPS tracker, follow him and rob him

On the bright side, there's a twist

FBI says NY judge went too far in ruling the FBI went too far in forcing Apple to unlock iPhone

More Inception than legal argument at this point

US taxmen pull plug on anti-identity-theft system used by identity thieves

That's not how this works, that's not how any of this works

Array biz's figures leave little to the Imation

Sales crushed, losses strain the floorboards, and where exactly is the exit?

Telstra strides into enterprise SDN with VPNs, dynamic WANs

It's the Big T's usual play: own the network, build services, insist integration delivers a better experience

2016: Bad USB sticks, evil webpages, booby-trapped font files still menace Windows PCs

Patch TuesdaySo update your software – now!

Strike! European Patent Office staff vote in their thousands for walkout

Is this the final death knell for president Benoît Battistelli?

Is there anything left to ask Bill Gates? (Other than gissus a million?)

World's richest man does his fourth ask-me-anything Q&A, leaves web scratching its head

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