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7th > March > 2016 Archive

Oracle support sackings and 'consolidation' almost complete

Move to offshore support 'done and dusted' in Australia, with many redundancies

McAfee gaffe a quick AV kill for enterprising staff

Anti-virus engine easily disable.

India challenges US visa price hike at World Trade Organisation

Legal bickering over temporary workers could be cover for wider trade unpleasantness

Mountains of madness found on Pluto's Cthulhu Regio

Methane-covered peaks snapped just 45 minutes before New Horizons' closest approach

First working Apple Mac ransomware infects Transmission BitTorrent app downloads

If you installed 2.90, you've got a few hours to get rid of it

Email pioneer Raymond Tomlinson dies aged 74

ObituaryHe chose 'name@host' scheme for directing mails between computers

Hacker 'Guccifer' extradited to US

George W Bush painting leaker plucked from Romanian cooler for stateside trial

Apple: FBI request threatens kids, electricity grid, liberty

Software engineering senior veep Craig Federighi cranks up debate about that iPhone

Dell offers sweet, sweet, free honeypot tool to trap hungry hackers

RSA 2016Canary squeals when domain admin credentials are pinched

Broker DP Data Systems calls time on selling grey imports

'Twas a 'strategic decision', boss tells us

Microsoft: Ditch your phone biz and do crazy hardware experiments

AnalysisLet a million Echoes bloom?

Blah Blah blah ... I don't care! To hell with your tech marketing bull

Sysadmin blogIn tech, filtering signal from noise is a full-time job

Flash is too fat. A glut of supply means growth is slower and slower

Stop gorging and start sweating, fat cats

PARIS paper plane lands in Spanish school textbook

Educational honour for legendary Playmonaut mission

Aye, AI: Cambridge's Dr Sean Holden talks to El Reg about our robot overlords

InterviewThey're not our overlords: They're here already

HPE has released a Gen 2 hyperconverged... er, thingy. Here's the lowdown

If at first you don’t succeed then try and try again will scrutinise all its Atos contracts following IT cock-up

Cabinet Office rolls up sleeves, snaps on gloves

Alice, Bob and Verity, too. Yeah, everybody's got a story, pal

StobBus bore claims saucy crypto bragging rights

Looking behind HPE Storage's top-line revenue numbers

AnalysisStoreServ carries HPE's storage growth hopes on its shoulders

Eight in ten IBM Global Tech Services roles will be offshore by 2017

ExclusiveIt says so on the Global Resourcing Blueprint

'You've been hacked, pay up' ... Ransomware forces your PC to read out a hostage note

Weirdly, it also lets Eastern Europeans go free

Buying gov.UK kit via price-comparison digital portal could 'save £10bn'

G-Cloud should be model for all gov spending – report

Secondary storage, the missed opportunity for object storage

CommentThe backend just ain't important any more

Dead Steve Jobs is still a crook – and Apple must cough up $450m for over-pricing ebooks

US Supreme Court snubs Cupertino's final appeal

Alien studs on dwarf's erection baffle boffins

PicsNASA's Dawn probe glimpses strange dome and hole on midget-world Ceres

Verizon fined just $1.4m for stalker supercookies

Weakest slap on the wrist – and FCC lets mobile giant keep its opt-out for subscribers

Microsoft has made SQL Server for Linux. Repeat, Microsoft has made SQL Server 2016 for Linux

Embrace, extend ... DROP?

Google splats more bad Android security bugs with patches your mobe will probably never see

Good news if you've got a Nexus, otherwise you're at risk

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