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4th > March > 2016 Archive

Uncle Sam's boffins stumble upon battery storage holy grail

AnalysisEat it, Musk, Gates and Khosla

Telco veteran unloads on Oz data retention laws

Reg Coutts fears misuse of Brandistan's metadata

Surprise! That blood-pressure app doesn't measure blood pressure

Be still my beating heart? The iPhone won't notice

Net neutrality crusaders take aim at Comcast's Stream TV service

Complaint asks FCC to punish cable colossus

How exactly do you rein in a wildly powerful AI before it enslaves us all?

RSA 2016Oxford uni egghead says plans are afoot

US defense sec: We're cyber-bombing ISIS

Next-gen radio jamming starts

Worried by VMware's executive exodus? Dell should be

Misfortune or carelessness? Both are at work down Virtzilla way

India to educate 60 million more village homes about tech

290m people join program already targeting 520 million – Zuck on that, Facebook

Actual pirates hack shipping biz servers to pinpoint vessels carrying precious booty

Skiff-sailing slimeballs screw shoddy shell

Chrome 49 goes live as Google pays bug mercs $51k to patch 26 holes

Eight high-severity flaws found

Facebook can block folks using pseudonyms in Germany – court

Real-name-only policy is governed by Irish law

Q&A: Bruce Schneier on joining IBM, IoT woes, and Apple v the FBI

RSA 2016It's going to get worse before it gets better

Rent a denial-of-service booter for $60, wreak $720k in damage

Or $7.2 million a day, by some measures

Essex cop abused police IT systems to snoop on his in-laws

'Award-winning' boy in blue given 'final written warning'

No more Nookie for Blighty as Barnes & Noble pulls out

Can you keep your books? No guarantees

Rejoice, sysadmins, there's a new glamour job nobody understands

Gartner's anointed 'IoT Architect' as the must-have business card of tomorrow

Vendor rep 'Stinky Sam' told to wash and brush teeth or lose job

On-Call (Tales of Sales)Chap reeked of 'rotting onions', crashed a train simulator but came up smelling of roses

Docker may be the dumbest thing you do today

Welcome to the enterprise minefield

E-borders will be eight years late and cost more than £1bn

'Essential...but the Home Office is blasé about delivery'

Everything bad in the world can be traced to crap Wi-Fi

Something for the Weekend, Sir?You know it’s going to go wrong, don’t you?

Facebook paid £4k in tax. HMRC then paid Facebook £27k – for ads

Free content ad network says it'll pay much more tax in future, though. So that's OK

Backup bods at Microsoft lose CA audit data after server crash

Spare us your files, guv?

LOHAN sponsor knocks up nifty iMac fish tank

Something to entertain while waiting for the FAA

North Dorset Council hit by ransomware, flips the bird at miscreants

'We will not make ransom payments in such circumstances'

Machismo is ruining the tech industry for all of us. Equally

OpinionWhy can't we all just get along?

Brit firm unleashes drone-busting net cannon

SkyWall100: Gas-powered intelligent projectile interceptor

Hardware – yes, hardware – is driving Hewlett Packard Enterprise's top line

But it came at a cost: Operating profits down by almost half

Outsourced Virgin Media techies botched this infosec bod's Poodle fix

Firm says it'll rebrief everyone to 'meet its usual high standards'

Mechanical black hole: Microsoft settles music royalties sueball

Over to you Google

If NatWest texts you about online banking fraud, don't click the link

It looks pukka but it's actually fraudsters, warns watchdog

'$5bn for Slack?! I refuse to pay!' You don't pay – and that's its biggest problem

CommentOf unicorns, centaurs and the #Slacklash

We’re not holding biz to ransom, says pay to play ad-blocking outfit

No, really. We’re here to help

LCD price fixing settlement helps sweeten Tech Data's bottom line

Profits jump nearly a fifth on tight cost controls

HPE targets Nutanix, squeezes into hyperconvergence suit

I know it's crowded. Breathe deeply, folks

Pretty, Nimble, but these financials just aren't nimble enough

Revenue rises tempered by deepening losses

SpaceX Falcon 9 set yet again to soar aloft

Fifth go at SES-9 comms sat launch tonight

How the FBI will lose its iPhone fight, thanks to 'West Coast Law'

AnalysisUncle Sam can't argue against science

Google gives ringing endorsement to US VPN providers with 'right to be forgotten' expansion

Chocolate Factory rolls out geolocation filter on search results

BlackEnergy malware activity spiked in runup to Ukraine power grid takedown

But its role in the attack remains unclear

HP Enterprise Services readies deeper cuts in UK: Now 1,000 techies face axe

ExclusiveFriday memo warns hundreds more at risk

French parliament votes to jail tech execs who refuse to decrypt data

Because terrorism

Beleaguered bank boss brought-up in Bitcoin bribery brouhaha

Creeps finagled positions on bank board

Snowden is a hero to the security biz – but not for the reason you'd expect

RSA 2016Whistleblower's revelations mean vendors make bank

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