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Google cloud wobbles as workers patch wrong routers

Is 'Sorry about that, we promise to learn from our mistakes' any way to run a cloud?

New York judge blocks FBI demand for Apple help to unlock iPhone

Not for that iPhone, but judge says All Writs Act FBI likes doesn't apply

Cisco, Fortinet cosy up to NATO for infosharing

The l33tz will shake and quake in their boots

HackerOne boss on why the future's bright for bug bounties

RSA 2016Soft launch of subscriber service on Tuesday

Obama administration softens stance on Wassenaar

'Intrusion software' to be withdrawn from arrangement

Microsoft releases Windows 10 preview for Raspberry Pi 3

Redmond plans pre-loaded WinPi for thing-makers

Snapchat loses payroll information to phoul phisherpholk

Employee data blabbed to wannabe CEO. User data safe. Promise

DDoS attacks up 149 percent as brassy booter kids make bank

Akamai report finds surge in weighty packets.

Google Project Zero reverse-engineers Windows path hacks for better security

Undocumented API features and security

Flinging £700m at courts' IT won't increase efficiency, says NAO

Legal eagles need to get off their perches and start squawking at each other

Great news! Only 707,509,815 records breached in 2015

Things were worse in 2014, but governments are trying to drag us down with sloppy security

Gartner to FBI: Stop bullying Apple and the tech industry

Big Data applied to metadata is a lesser evil than back doors, analyst argues

VMware's GPL violation case rolls into German court

Hamburg Court allows proceedings after considering kernel dev Christoph Hellwig's right to action

Investigatory Powers Bill: Spooks willingly entering the light?

IPBNot quite the end of their prerogrative to pry

ISS 'nauts Kelly and Kornienko homeward bound

340 days aloft end in Kazakhstan tonight

Irate IT distributors chase Amazon over unpaid bills

ExclusiveOnline giant's suppliers scuppered after system upgrade

Photographer hassled by Port of Tyne for filming a sign on a wall

VideoSecurity guards seized tog's equipment, said he was a 'lunatic' – and called police

Brit uni rattles tin for ultra-low latency audio board

'Bela' BeagleBone Black cape, ideal for impatient musos

Safe Harbour v2.0 greenlights six bulk data collection excuses

'Privacy Shield' contains gaping holes, says Max Schrems et al

Schlock and .aw as Dutch net registry rebrands

LOGOWATCHSIDN drops acid, experiences 'array of colours'

SpaceX Falcon 9 set for fourth launch attempt

Hoping to avoid stray tugboat intervention tonight

Stick it in your pipeline: Jenkins finally goes full alpha

Open source CI tool finally gets the 2.0 treatment

Brocade intros FC switch for flash fans with the need for speed

CommentFirm says its umpty-million IOPS Gen 6 switch is the business

You're a cybercrime kingpin. You need a new evil lackey. How much do you tell them?

RSA 2016Henchperson wanted: Must have Java, C++, signature villain cackle

Huawei Honor 5X: Swishy fingerprint tech for the mid-range

ReviewGood luck buying it, though

One-third of all HTTPS websites open to DROWN attack

Hackers can break TLS using SSLv2

Wakey wakey, app developers. Mobile ad blocking will kill you all

It's not just web pages being nixed at source, you know

Investigatory Powers Bill lands in Parliament amid howls over breadth of spying powers

IPBSon of Snooper's Charter is just as bad as feared

Gov opens consultation on how to best to use your data

'This is not about selling public or personal data'

Got enough Fibre in your diet? QLogic hustles 32gig HBA hitter

Another one out as Fibre Channel industry doubles link speed to 32gig

Shippable dives into pipeline to get beyond continuous integration

Spinning platform as CD now

SimpliVity is Vimply Vedding no Valty tears over Visco's HyperFlex

Cisco Partner SummitRelationship will continue, it's whispered

VMware second-in-command quits for venture cap land

Carl Eschenbach exits amid flurry of senior exec deck chair rearranging

Cisco flexes its HyperFlex hyper-converged muscles

Cisco Partner SummitRe-enters storage market via hyper-converged door

Cisco leans in close, coughs, whispers: If you want 100GE for 40GE prices, I know a person...

Cisco Partner SummitEmits new switches and also gobbles up CliQr

Don't expect AI to save our security skins, warns RSA boss

RSA 2016And the government isn't helping either

HTTPS DROWN flaw: Security bods' hearts sink as tatty protocols wash away web crypto

Reaction from the industry pours in

Security real talk time: So what exactly do we mean by 'backdoor'?

AnalysisBods work on semantics-defying definition

Diffie, Hellman scoop $1m Turing Award for key work on crypto keys

RSA 2016Technology's Nobel Prize exchanges hands with Diffie-Hellman exchange gurus

Zuck gets a Brazilian whack: Top Facebook VP cuffed in WhatsApp privacy kerfuffle

Latin America exec refused to hand over natterers' natterings

Net neutrality: Email trail reveals how Prez Obama bent the FCC to his will

US senators get hands on regulator's internal memos sent during open net order wrangling

HyperFlex hyper boxes – the channel speaks

Cisco Partner SummitCrawl, walk and then run ... starting with low-hanging fruit

Tutum technology bobs back to surface as Docker Cloud

NY-born firm now totally Docker native

NSA boss reveals top 3 security nightmares that keep him awake at night

RSA 2016Hint: None of them are Apple

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