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29th > February > 2016 Archive

Donald Trump promises 'such trouble' for Jeff Bezos and Amazon

Objects to Bezos' ownership of The Washington Post. Et tu, Rupert?

Google screening missed hundreds of malicious Android apps, researchers say

Scamming ad-men send fake ad clicks to smut sites

Tor takes aim against malicious nodes on the network

'Sybil' nodes could be used to de-anonymise traffic

Indian DEITY tells Google to choose broadband bride

Project Loon needs carriers' spectrum before it can beam heavenly broadband to India

Worldpay outs self as provider of easy-to-crack payment services

Symantec asked for new SHA-1 certs to keep old payment kit alive. Mozilla said yes

GitHubber wants to revive the first Unix in a PDP-7 emulator

something about history

Intravenous hangover clinics don't work, could land you in hospital

Feeling woozy after a big night? It's safer to suffer in silence

Raspberry Pi celebrates fourth birthday with fruity version 3

1.2 GHz ARM Cortex A53, 802.11n Wireless LAN and Bluetooth

SCO vs. IBM looks like it's over for good

And the winner is IBM. And the lawyers milking the case for 13 long years

Samsung starts cranking out 256GB mobile memory modules

256GB in your smartphone or fondleslab at 260MB/s should shake things up nicely

Reinvented ransomware shifts from pwning PC to wrecking websites

'CTB Locker' targets WordPress, offers live chat to help victims pay up

IBM is to cut more than 1 in 8 from its UK Labs, say sources

See that chopping block? Head down there, please

Car-makers, telecoms bodies push standards for self-driving vehicles

Connected cars get a look-in too

Microsoft sneaks onto Android while Android sneaks onto Windows

MWC16 +AnalysisThe platform battles are back

Crowd-funded OpenShot 2.0 delivers graphic Linux package

ReviewiMovie? KDenLive? Cut! I'm a believer

Investigatory Powers Bill to be rushed into Parliament on Tuesday

IPBWhen engages with experts it loses, says backbench Tory MP

EMC’s DSSD all-flash array hits the streets, boasting 10m IOPS

+CommentRack scale flashery from EMC abolishes network latency

Two flashy VMAX bridesmaids bare ankles at EMC's DSSD groom

+CommentFaster flash goodness inside the VMAX data services house

Institute of Directors: Make broadband speeds 1000x faster than today's puny 2020 target

Pie in the sky? More like a Scotch egg in space

Windows Phone devs earn double what poor Android devs pocket

Don't feel sorry for the fandroids, though...

Nearly a million retail jobs will be destroyed by the march of tech, warns trade body

Switch from physical to digital, move to analytical

Computers abort SpaceX Falcon 9 launch

Motors in dramatic shut-down on 'low thrust alarm'

Dell's $67bn slurp of EMC gets green light from EU antitrust bods

Now, about that $67bn price tag on the deal

Borked ESET antivirus update says entire web is too risky to browse

JavaScript false positive prompts virtual recall

Complex chips and crash-proof computer pioneer Edward McCluskey dies

Algo prof passes on aged 86

Mathletics promises security upgrades after parents' security gripes

Educational software should be watertight, argues IT techie dad

ICO fined cold-call firm £350k – so directors put it into liquidation

'Biggest ever' fine might not be paid after firm shuts down

Confirmed: IBM slurps up Bruce Schneier with Resilient purchase

RSA 2016Big Blue augments incident response for security systems

Microsoft's Hololens is up for pre-order, here's hoping you can expense it

Dev kit for Redmond super-specs will set you back $3,000

Poor recruitment processes are causing the great security talent drought

RSA 2016Mind you, applicants aren’t helping sometimes either

South Australia received 100 complaints about police data misuses last year

Sackings may be an option for serious abuses, says top cop

Google robo-car backs into bendy-bus in California

Self-driving car's slow-motion sandbag situation ends in dented reputations

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