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26th > February > 2016 Archive

Cook moves iPhone debate to FBI's weak ground: The media

AnalysisSoundbites galore as Apple tries to shift public opinion in its favor

SpaceX aborts Falcon 9 launch again

No reason given to ground bird

Google fingers wetware, yet again, as the reason for a cloudy outage

Users didn't get all the cloud they paid for thanks to algorithmic error

People don't want big OpenFlow deployments, so let's do small ones

Eating an elephant slice by slice is much easier than eating the whole thing

Canonical accused of violating GPL with ZFS-in-Ubuntu 16.04 plan

Oracle's Gnuts ZFS licence is the problem, says Software Freedom Conservancy

Apple TV can p0wn you in more ways than it entertains you

Thirty-three fixes flung at Cupertino's telly-enhancer

Drupal drips out ten new patches, one worthy of immediate attention

Version 6.0 sent to code heaven, where old open source projects frolic among unicorns

Google wants new class of taller 'cloud disk' with more platters and I/O

Ad giant adding a petabyte a day of new storage but says SSDs aren't up to the job

These Chicago teens can't graduate until they learn some compsci

Sweet Chicago

Standing desks have no effect on productivity, boffins find

But you'll feel pretty good about yourself for standing up in the office for 90 minutes a day

Toaster cooks network and burns 'expert' user's credibility to a crisp

ON-CALLReader savours the sweet, sweet taste of vindication

Online crims delight in watching you squirm, says Mandiant

Once the ransomware messes up your ops, expect polite demands for serious coin

My devil-possessed smartphone tried to emasculate me

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Is there someone I should call?

LaCie bigs up 5big array: Desktop hot storage box gets fatter drives

Thunderbolting array capacity now 40TB

Orange is good to go on VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling in Europe

MWC16 InterviewQuality is holding up real 4G voice

Brit brewer opensources entire recipe archive

Fancy knocking up BrewDog's Sink the Bismarck!? Now you can

Storage upstart E8 claims it has a 10 million IOPS flash dazzler. Hmm

Long on marketing and PR, short on technical detail so far

Wikimedia’s executive director quits after less than 2 years in post

Meanwhile, revolting peasants call for a trade union

One weekend left to save big on Continuous Lifecycle

Containers, CD, DevOps? It’s all there...

Sub-atomic boffins glimpse four-pack tetraquark

The X(5568) particle - two mesons in exotic marriage

Truncated Q4 helped send Ingram Micro sales down 19 per cent

Not as bad as it sounds, says soon to be Chinese distie giant

90% of SSL VPNs are ‘hopelessly insecure’, say researchers

Computer says "...oh"

How will Ofcom reduce our reliance on BT if it won't break them up?

OpinionRegulator needs political cover to bring fibre to millions of homes

Phorm suspends its shares from trading amid funding scrabble

Behavioural ad-flinger once used by BT runs low on cash

Official: Toshiba pulls out of European consumer PC market

ExclusiveAlso tears up its OEM deals with contractors in Far East

Building a fanless PC is now realistic. But it still ain't cheap

Here's a few pointers if you wanted to get cracking

BOFH: This laptop has ceased to be. And it's pub o'clock soon

Episode 3Quantum security is no joke, y'know

Europe is spaffing €20bn on handouts for tech

Sketch'You will no longer feel any borders in the EU' promises UNICORN MAN

California methane well leak filled a Rose Bowl a day adopts stadium gas volume standard

MapR acquires Geneva Lake to embiggen its worldwide reach

Also takes on former Coca-Cola chap

Microsoft scraps Android Windows 10 bridge, but says yes to Objective-C compiler

2 bridges was 'unnecessary' says dev platform VP

Medical superbugs: Two German hospitals hit with ransomware

Infection forces patients onto phones and medicos onto faxes

Pentagon to Dept of Defense: Give us $580bn for cyberwar and spacewar

Greenbacks needed for 'electromagnetic railguns, lasers, and electronic warfare'

Competition? No way! AT&T says it will sue to keep Google Fiber out of Louisville, Kentucky

UpdatedTelco files to block city from letting ad giant climb its poles

Raspberry Pi 3 to sport Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE – first photos emerge

PicsDetails, snaps of latest addition to tiny-puter family turns up in FCC docs

Dead Steve Jobs owed $174 by San Francisco parking ticket wardens

Did bad web design yield city a $6.1m windfall?

Foxconn spikes six-billion-dollar Sharp scoff – for now

Biz gobble paused until the books are checked

Samsung off the hook as $120m Apple patent verdict tossed

Not the 'rounded corners' verdict, the other stupid one

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