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25th > February > 2016 Archive

Linux lads lambast sorry state of Skype service

Abandoned Penguinista builds can't link up with newer clients, according to gripes

Defence white paper lands: Cyber-threat is huge, spend is small

Let's hope the ADF gets the best security pros, 'cause there won't be many of them

NSX Daddy Martin Casado leaves VMware to become a VC

Andreessen Horowitz lures mightily influential network virtualisation figure

Does the Internet of Things need an indie security assessor?

Some in the IEEE reckon it'd be a good idea, before your toaster burns more than bread

Data centre inventory tools have come around again? Yup, they have

BMC blames automation for new round of 'bet you've got rogue servers somewhere' anxiety

NFV players push their wares to mobile operators at MWC

MWC16ARM servers advanced as just the thing for dense NFV bit barns

Oz Greens crypto anti-backdoor motion shot down by major parties

Conservatives join forces in hoisting crypto-hating flag

Palo Alto reveals critical bugs and March 16th patch deadline

Researcher who found the flaws will reveal crim-friendly details in three weeks

Don't take a Leaf out of this book: Nissan electric car app has ZERO authentication

You're kidding, Nissan. Please tell us you're kidding. Oh …

Microsoft acquires Xamarin: An obvious move not without risks

AnalysisRemember the Nokia devices acquisition? That went well. Not

Lenovo set to hire fresh top bod to run UK biz

Jawbone veep of global sales John Harber hot-foots it across the PC giant

Wikidata makes Wikipedia a database. Let the fun begin

What are the ten largest cities with female mayors? For the first time, machines can answer

Patient monitors altered, drug dispensary popped in colossal hospital hack

A dozen facilities fall as humble dropped USB sticks lead to network ruin

Who hit you, HP Inc? 'Windows 10! It's all Windows 10's fault'

PC and printer biz CEO blames Microsoft's operating system for dismal first quarter

Gosh, what a huge shock: Ofcom shies away from BT Openreach split, calls for reform

Tells BT to open up network to rivals

This program can detect if you're bored – which is going to make annoying ads, articles so much more annoying

Just for education? Yeah, right

Bleeping Computer sued by Enigma Software over moderator's forum post

CommentDeveloper hunts down critics, flings sueball

Euro regulator taps slackademics for neutrality advice

Go on. Have a guess what the law professors will say

BT, Sky, EE, TalkTalk and Virgin to appeal website blocking ruling

Court must maintain brand owners' rights - expert

Netlist NVDIMMS shine bright in SuperMicro's flashy boxen

Adding DRAM persistence enables safe cache writes

Microsoft's Red Hat Ansible love-in gives birth to DevNetCLOps

Only kidding. But it is a world domination plan, y'know

EMC: Make like the Doctor's Tardis and virtualise telecoms

MWC16Use VMware's tech to virtualise networking gear

Barking spider prompts Spanish clan shoot-out

Two shot and three cuffed in flatulent fracas

Ker-ching! IBM paid 10 times Cleversafe’s funding for the startup

A cool one point three BEELLION smackers

Like those independent DevOps vendors? They might not be for long...

Dev and ops top M&A/IPO prediction charts

British Airways, IT staff job cuts, an outsourcing biz ... you get the point

Airline techies 'at risk' of redundo to protest over plan to contract Tata Consultancy

Oh TechNation. Britain's got tech talent. Just not like this

OpinionGiving shiny-happy UK 'digital' sector survey the digit

Tor users are actively discriminated against by website operators

Study finds it's not just CDNs to blame for anti-privacy drive

Alternative Networks issues profit warning on soggy mobile bottom

Caps on roaming charges - great for consumers, bad for suppliers

US Congressman calls WIPO 'the FIFA of UN agencies' at hearing

'You may be looking at the last UN whistleblowers ever to come forward' lawmakers told

JavaScript daddy's Brave ad-blocker hits Android, Apple stores

Web idealist tips micropayments at ad-shifters

Surprise! British phone wins Best Product at Mobile World Congress

MWC16Rugged mobe wows industry's great and good. Rule Britannia!

Sussex PC sacked after using police databases to snoop on his ex-wife

Forrest Knight made fake reports to justify himself

Serco stems its gigantic losses, shrinks 2015's to a mere £70m

CEO (Winston Churchill's grandson) says plan has 'survived first enemy contact'

Life's three certainties: Death, taxes and Salesforce losing money

Perhaps we could add the CEO's charity work to that too

Dell stares EMC in the eye, doesn't blink, turns up data protection dial

Bigger dedupe appliances and cleverer software

Awoogah – brown alert: OpenSSL preps 'high severity' security fixes

Patches due to land on March 1

European Patent Office extends olive branch to furious trade unions

Determined efforts underway to defuse ticking timebomb

Verizon only cares about fiber, lets copper nets lapse into ruin – gripes

Jersey unsure why lines always crummy in Philadelphia

Microsoft urges law rewrite to keep US govt's mitts off overseas data

Dublin warrant case is a fight for trust, says Brad Smith

Apple fires legal salvo at FBI for using All Writs law in iPhone brouhaha

Backdooring OS is too hard, too dangerous, and a slippery slope, new motion claims

FCC gets Bern notice on Charter-TWC deal

Senators call for grilling of cable companies over merger

Google punts freebie DDoS shield to hacks, human rights worthies

Reverse proxying traffic might save headaches

Humans – 1 Robots – 0: Mercedes deautomates production lines

Machines are just too inflexible, says production boss

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