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24th > February > 2016 Archive

IT boss gets 30 months of porridge for trashing ex-employer's servers

Google warrant fingers culprit

Go hyperconverged. Or cloud. Or whatever. You won't save on hardware

It's all about the support experience and how many 'nerd knobs' you want to tweak, says consultant

DigitalOcean to splash down Bangalore bit barn

Hosting outfit also working on new cloud storage and monitoring services

US boffins propose yet another low-low power Wi-Fi for Things

A sober reflection on wireless comms

Canberra passes USO review to Productivity Commission, tells the economists to hasten slowly

Mostly muted response to the Regional Telecommunications Review

Nimble Storage has a VSAN but you're not allowed to run it

Going virtual would mean certifying hardware and that way lies dumbness

Rumor: IBM gobbles Bruce Schneier, Resilient for $100m

Security guru is CTO of biz believed to have been bought by Big Blue

Browser made by China's top search engine leaks almost everything

Hide our snooping? Why bother asks China's Google clone

Prison butt dialler finally off-hold after 12-day anal retention marathon

Bikie boss sent straight to isolation cell after phone emerges from deep down inside

Android users installed 2 BILLION data-stealing, backdooring apps

But the Apple fan in your office wins the Darwin Award for running a pwned iOS app

Reminder: How to get a grip on your files, data that Windows 10 phones home to Microsoft

Redmond updates official guide

Randomness is a lottery, so why not use a lottery for randomness?

And the winner is: cryptography

Hackers use Microsoft security tool to pwn Microsoft security tool

EMET knocks out EMET. And the winner is ... nobody. Except Linux advocates

Spotify hits the G-Spot, leaps into Google's cloud

'It's the way they handled our data that turned us on' croons music streamer

Hijack wireless mice, keyboards, with $15 of kit and 15 lines of code

MouseJack attack lets you send anything into wireless peripherals radio dongles

'I bet Russian hackers weren't expecting their target to suck so epically hard as this'

Line BreakIt's all fun and games until someone gets hurt

Lose the onion tears, Tor fanboys: CloudFlare may consider binning CAPTCHAs, says CEO

Bar to 'malicious attack traffic' may be lowered

HMRC clamps down on gov bodies wanting to reclaim VAT on IT kit

More admin for public sector beancounters. Guess who'll be paying for that in the long run?

Meet Barra's baby: Xiaomi arrives with a splash

MWC16The Mi5 wants to be your next Samsung

Child tracker outfit uKnowKids admits breach, kicks off row with security researcher

At odds with white hat over handling of glaring security hole

Speaking in Tech: IPO freeze, less capital for risks... job cuts. Time to get out of the Valley

PodcastTech happens outside of NY and California

ISS 'nauts prepare to wrap One Year Mission

Kelly and Kornienko heading home after 340 days aloft

Got Oracle? Got VMware? Going cloud? You could be stung for huge licensing fees

$500m for the lot?! Inside Oracle's tough VM rules could reopen Google's £130m HMRC tax deal, says Parliament

Everyone else seems 'more challenging in assessing Google’s tax position'

Hands on with Xiaomi's Mi 5: Great smartphone, but when do we get it?

MWC16'We don’t need a cooling pipe system,' says global veep

Cisco’s feeling hyper: UCS servers, Springpath ... are you thinking what we're thinking?

CommentHyper-converged systems would up UCS’ game

Airwave drops lawsuit against Home Office over EE contract win

Motorola buys firm, tells it to put down the lawyers

You say you're an Ansible expert, wise guy? Come and prove it

RH-owned automation vendor draws up certification scheme

Carolina cop cuffed for 'carjacking'

Weapon cocked while eyeballing mobe smut, police affadavit claims

Lonely bloke in chem suit fuels Mars orbiter

'A hazardous exercise', ESA snap shows

Toshiba cell-shrinks enterprise SSD: Sooner than we thought

Finely optimised for read-intensity or endurance

Met Police hands £250m to CSC in IT outsourcing carve-up

Firm joins Atos and Steria in taking on Dixon of Dock Green's PCs

Can Qualcomm broker a peace deal between LTE and Wi-Fi in unlicensed spectrum?

MWC165GHz band: Who will make room for mobile firms?

The other one. No, not WhatsApp. Telegram. It hit 100 million users

Smooth UX draws in crowds unfazed by crypto concerns

Operation Blockbuster security biz: We'll get you, Sony hackers

Or neutralise? At the very least, we'll slow you down

European Patent Office heads rapidly toward full meltdown

President refuses to accept censure from oversight council

Come join our mobile industry 5G club. You don't even have to be a telco, says NGMN

MWC16That means you, internet biz folk

Apple hasn't announced the new iPhone 5SE and pundits already hate it

Still no room for long-fabled 'budget handset' in Cupertino's lineup, according to analyst

Oracle: Oregon's attorney general leaked our confidential memos in health portal row

State's top lawyer brands allegations 'outrageous'

Google human-like robot brushes off beating by puny human – this is how Skynet starts

VidBoston Dynamics reveals your next machine overlord

San Francisco* to get 1Gbps Google Fiber

* Probably not you, though

Microsoft finally ties the knot with Xamarin, snaps up mobile app biz

Embrace, extend, eat

Yelp minimum wage row shines spotlight on … broke, fired employee

CommentDonald Trump's America is already with us

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