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23rd > February > 2016 Archive

Austinites outraged as Google Fiber tears up Texas capital

Not so smug about that gigabit pipeline now, are we?

Wee little ARM Cortex-A32 core design tugs at engineers' sleeves, wants IoT love too

Critter squeezes in between 64-bit A35 and older A5, A7 CPUs

Is DNSSEC causing more problems than it solves?

New paper points to security protocol as vector for DDoS attacks

Sick burn, brah: SpaceX test fires rockets for SES bird launch this week

Get ready for another launch, another attempt for water landing

NSA data centre brings 300 million daily security scares to its Utah home

The State of Utah has the worst ... tenant ... ever

Oracle acquires Ravello, will bake it into Big Red Cloud

Cloud hypervisor tech should make vaporous voyages to Uncle Larry's bit barns easier

Google goes over the top with RCS

Universal messaging, carrier charges, lawful intercept: what's not to like?

Confused by crazy crashes? Check your Linux kernel virtual Ethernet code

Twitter turns bit barns into veth lab to hunt obscure-but-critical flaw that crocked networks

Let's talk over Wi-Fi, says Oracle to folks who don't know Skype exists

MWC16Big Red's Barcelona broadsides aimed at carriers with congested cores

Police forces start shifting their data centre tin to Crown Hosting

At least it's being used by someone

NASA boffin wants FRIKKIN LASERS to propel lightsails

Stop me if you've heard this one …

Plane food sees pilot grounded by explosive undercarriage

Study into pilot incapacity incidents finds jet-powered rear ends, lasers, top the charts

Dangerous Android banking bot leak signals new malware wave

GM Bot can rip creds, steal SMS and phone two factor tokens

'Leave' or 'Stay' in the referendum? UK has to implement GDPR either way

OpinionThe whole 95/46/EC deficiency thing? Still on the table

Nasuni sees cloud killing on-premises storage

As Amazon, Azure and Google cloud storage grows, so grows Nasuni

Wi-Fi operators must notify device users of potential data processing

And they must do it before the processing occurs - ICO

Intel shows budget Android phone powering big-screen Linux

MWC16Move over Continuum: No customers yet, but Intel's ready and waiting

Interception clouds Deutsche Telekom's pan-Euro network utopia

MWC16Kerstin Günther, DT Pan-Net MD, talks to El Reg

Become an Andre Previn in your time: DevOps for star conductors

Playing to the full-stack orchestra

QLogic: Ready to get excited about an Ethernet adapter?

ASICs provide network latency-killing RDMA and NVME fabric support with NVV too

NASA's Orion: 100,000 parts riding 8 million pounds of thrust

Capsule's lean 3-screen control interface keeping it simple, though

Add 'Bimodal IT' to your buzzword bingo card: Faster... more stable... faster. But stable

CommentCollapse cloud, containers and all silos...

Hackers aren't so interested in your credit card data these days. That's bad news

World governments now primary sources of breaches

Bill Gates denies iPhone crack demand would set precedent

Former Microsoft boss calls for public debate

WD CEO: We ain't getting Unisplendour's $3.8bn. But we'll buy SanDisk anyway

Investor: Give 'em $185m, make 'em go away

Freeze, CaaShole! Docker Datacenter's Container-as-a-Service opens to world + dog

Well, er, the world of enterprise and its dog

AMD poised to insert chips into Japanese slot machines, collect coins

And pulls back covers on three new sets of system-on-chips for embedded gear

Cloudbees serves up Jenkins private SaaSy style

OpenStack, AWS support - Azure on the way

Cameron co-opts UK mobile industry for EU Remain campaign

But he needs a history lesson…

HDS soups up sync 'n' share offering with extra protection

End-point protection for non-shared files? Wait, isn't that standard for everyone?

Gov must put superfast broadband along HS2 rail line, says Parliament

And not just for 'commercially viable' folk, chide MPs

Lithium ion batteries banned from passenger aircraft holds

Grounded pending development of 'fire-resistant packaging' delays Digital Services and Outcomes framework

Suppliers have been told they are on the list, but left to twiddle thumbs for two months

Poor Azzurri. Another year gone and profits still elude them

But what's that you say? Green shoots emerging? Definitely, maybe

Whatever happened to... virtual SIMs?

MWC16Wait. We've just seen one! No, it's gone

IBM proves love for Swift, releases Kitura web server framework for Linux

MWC16Why's it a Swiftie? it's all about wrapping its back-end services

Nimble whips out fat boxen: We're here for the all-flash array market

Samsung 3D V-NAND SSDs power the boxes

One major hurdle cleared for Dell's $67bn slurp of EMC

US Federal Trade Commission gives deal thumbs up

Verizon <3 XO xoxo: $1.8bn network gobbled

Fiber deal will be used to bolster enterprise services and phone network

Feds spank Asus with 20-year audit probe for router security blunder

One crappy vendor down, who's next?

Between you, EE and the lamppost ... this UK cell network is knackered

UpdatedData, calls TITSUP for over half the day – total inability to support usual PDP

Your xenophobia is killing us, Silicon Valley warns US Congress

Open letter warns new visa waiver rules will cost jobs and business

Apple fans take iPhone unlock protest to FBI HQ

Rallies in support of world's richest company will be held in 40 cities around the world

Oz defence to get $25 bn to spend on digital defences

The big brass begging bowl gets another refill

FBI v Apple spat latest: Bill Gates is really upset that you all thought he was on the Feds' side

C'mon, Bill. It's not a stretch. We remember the 1990s

Penguinistas slide into a big, blue mainframe ocean

Open Mainframe Project announces 2016 work schedule

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