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Cisco to call 'last orders' on NetScaler 1000V

End-of-life is the fifty-first way to leave your lover

FBI says it helped mess up that iPhone – the one it wants Apple to crack

Absolves cops of blame for fumble-fingered probe, repeats call for Apple to help

Lenovo, Qualcomm renew their solemn patent vows

Once the Chinese government OKs the love-in, of course

Software, not wetware, now the cause of lousy Volvo drivers

Auto-maker recalls cars that might take a nano-nap on the Motorväg

Ransomware scum add Joomla to their list

'Admedia' campaign decides the world of WordPress is not enough. Bwaha. Bwahahahaha!

Imagination unfurls blueprints to 2017's TV, car dashboard chips: the PowerVR Series 8XE

MWC16Brit GPU designers place bet on what you'll be buying next year

Bug bounty hunters score big dollars and the boom's only just begun

FeatureReg man Darren Pauli hangs with happy hackers-for-hire

D&D geeks were right – their old rule books ARE worth something now

But only $50, after you cast Spell of Unbinding and place pages upon Glass of Scanning

Linode probe into 2015 crack finds fake 2FA creds flaw

New API, policies and open source manager added to ward off future stolen creds attacks

UK court approves use of predictive coding for e-disclosure

Junior clerks' relief as 3 million document reading list trimmed

Intelligent Energy secures $7.5m to develop smartphone fuel cell

Will coexist with device’s existing battery

Secret UN report finds against controversial WIPO chief

ExclusiveBrit diplomats: We support this probe by external bods

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: Betting on VR with a dash of Vulkan

MWC16VR-acebook is social too says Facebook founder

Facebook sniffs at slow telcos, launches own Telecom Infrastructure Project

MWC16EE is onside and even admits it's 'too slow'

What we all really need is an SD card for our cars. Thanks, SanDisk

What other wonders will the modern world give to us?

Claranet swallows AWS MSP for web apps fun and frolics

Bashton Ltd becomes latest notch on Claranet bedpost

Mobile World Congress 2016: Rolling updates

MWC16The highlights and lowlights from Barcelona

SimpliVity invites Cisco over, hosts OSCURS storage party

ROBO hyer-converged gear music from SimpliVity

NASA stormed by 18,000 wannabe 'nauts

Record number of applicants for 2017 class

There’s a module for that: LG launches G5 smartphone complete with 'friends'

MWC16 Hands OnWe fondle the expandable smartie

Linux Mint forums hacked: All users urged to reset passwords

Backdoored downloads not full extent of problem

Wanna buy an MSP? Attenda hangs 'for sale' sign round its neck

Arma Partners appointed to find new private equity backer

LG’s modular G5 stunner shuns the Lego aesthetic

MWC16So are 'real' modular mobes just for hipsters?

IBM UK puts 1,352 Global Tech Services heads 'at risk'

Punters demanding better prices and services, 'we need to throw costs overboard'

Ukraine has a Eurovision pop at Russia

'They come to your house, they kill you all', croons cheery chanteuse

Is Facebook about to get a Virtual Reality check?

MWC16The firm's CTO cautions against advertisers' haste...

Storage bunfight: Hazelcast says Gridgain faked benchmark result

In-memory startup denies Hazelcast's alleged porkies

Look who's avoided getting chatty about XPoint again. Micron... let's get non-volatile

CommentInto the third dimension, beyond DRAM and flash

Mañana: Nokia’s in no hurry to go back to phones


Black Monday: Office 365 down and out in Europe

Microsoft says 'limited' number had 'intermittent access' to email. That's just tickety boo

Zuck: Facebook won't retry Free Basics in India

MWC16But will in other countries – can't let those frickin' drones and lasers go to waste, huh?

'Kalamazoo killer' gave Uber rides in between shooting six dead

Two others wounded in chilling Saturday night rampage

Huntsville, Alabama, has NASA, US Missile Command ... and now gigabit Google Fiber

Rocket City will lease out its new network to ad giant

Splitlock founder still confident of beating the government in court

Allan Endresz explains detail of Australian-footballer-fronted encryption scheme

iOS app that smuggled pirated software into China is booted out of Apple's walled garden

Bootlegger tool posed as English language guide

Internet readies plan for final transition of power to dun-dun-derr... ICANN

Progress made, but bad compromises bake in dysfunctional org

Budget cuts bite National Library of Australia's digital archiving ambitions

22 jobs to go, which should make the Library 'more agile'

Intel, Verizon et al loom over 5G, tapping their feet, coughing politely

Ready or not, here comes new wireless broadband push

CloudFlare to launch its own 'high security' web domain registrar

ExclusiveAre you afraid of hijackers and are spending >$60k anually with CloudFlare?

IBM tailors Swift for cloud, gets into bed with VMware, Github

'Cause the haters gonna hate, hate, hate

Latest in Apple v FBI public squabble over iPhone crack demand

AnalysisCook and Comey vie for public opinion but look to Congress/America for resolution

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