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21st > February > 2016 Archive

Linux Mint hacked: Malware-infected ISOs linked from official site

Downloaded Linux Mint on February 20th? Check for infection NOW

HP Inc Elite X3: Windows 10 phablet for enterprise-y types

MWC16Vendor returns to the handheld market

Alcatel drives upmarket with Idol 4 smartphone series

MWC16VR headset in a box

Spare ship found to fix broken submarine cable slowing Oz internet

Alcatel Submarine sends Lodbrog south from Taiwan to fix PPC-1

OpenBSD website operators urged to fix mind-alteringly bad bug

COMIC SANS has infiltrated the http daemon. Thank Cthulu a patch has been delivered

Microsoft hoses down Windows Server hardware support change fears

Redmond looks like it's scared the horses with its PC hardware support changes

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