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18th > February > 2016 Archive

ARM Cortex-R8 aka 'Now your hard drive will have a quad-core CPU in it'

New design for demanding real-time applications

IBM open sources its blockchain code – the non-crazy part of Bitcoin

Places bet on software for future transactions

Marvell, Carnegie Mellon agree to slash disk drive chip patent check in half – to a mere $750m

Case is over ... and two boffins are about to get paid

Big Content picks first download-block target: THE SUN!

Pirate-site SolarMovie first test for Australia's not-a-filter Internet filter

LA hospital coughs up $17,000 to free PCs held to ransom by hackers

How to make an infection go away in US healthcare system – throw money at it

Gigabit duplex DOCSIS 3.1 passes feasibility study, kind of

Symmetrical broadband over TV cables looks lovely ... but NBN's excitement is misplaced

FBI iPhone brouhaha sparks Apple Store protest in San Francisco

PicsHands up, don't root! Hands up, don't root! Hands up, don't root!

Azure lost some virtual machine backups for eleven hours

So soz, says Redmond: Your VMs were there, but Azure forgot they were there

India's tech manufacturing push to ride on the Ganges

Who needs the speed of road when you can go with the flow of mighty rivers?

Qualcomm drops antenna, amplifier silicon on OEMs

Saving battery is always a good thing, so get to it mobe-makers

China wants to bring home moon rocks in moon vacuum

Apollo just chucked samples in a suitcase. China wants in situ studies

Instagram rolls out two factor authentication

But SMS still a mess.

Pilot posts detailed MS Flight Sim video of how to land Boeing 737

VidThis'll come in handy if the pilots are unconscious AND you have Wi-Fi

LISA Pathfinder drops its gravity-wave-finding golden boxes

And I'm free, free fallin'

How tech firms can drive growth without making inequality worse

Research: tech regen widens gap between rich and poor

Your anger is our energy, says Microsoft as it fixes Surface

Updates land for borked Surface Book and Pro 4

519070 or blank: The PINs that can pwn 80k online security cams

Digital video recorders open to probe of networks, contents ... just about anything, really

PC sales aren't doing so great – but good God, you're buying mountains of Nvidia graphics cards

More greenbacks for the big green monster

2016: The year IT sales will go sdrawkcaB

Chinese spending to shrink for the first time ever, dragging growth down to just two percent

Trade union threatens work-to-rule action over HPE Lancashire job cuts

PCS holds ballot for 166 staff under threat

Cisco licks lips, eyes UK's cyber, analytics and fin-tech startups

Try to look delicious, Blighty firms

Ingram Micro set for $6bn sale to Chinese enormo-corp HNA Group

US Committee on Foreign Investment to investigate deal

Privacy Shield: Data Protection Commissioners break out a six-pack

HawktalkGet comfortable, you're not going to be using it to transfer data any time soon

Remember WordPress' Pingbacks? The W3C wants us to use them across the whole web

'Webmentions' spec promises future linkspam outbreak

And as for actual WordPress pingbacks .... you should probably switch 'em off

Patch adds warning label nobody reads

Brits unveil 'revolutionary' hydrogen-powered car

The Riversimple Rasa - 250 mpg, but sadly unable to fly

Oz town suffers hairy panic attack

Tumbleweed invasion engulfs rural Wangaratta

NetApp to chop 1,450 staffers from payroll, reveals revenue stumble

Say it with us: 'Transformation'

Terrified robots will take middle class jobs? Look in a mirror

Andrew at LargeReg man gives talk on displacement anxiety

IBM Watson offers $5m for an AI to save the world

Money out of the marketing budget?

After all the sound and fury, when will VVOL start to rock?

CommentThe truth's complicated

Sir Clive Sinclair in tech tin-rattle triumph

£160k raised in three days for ZX Spectrum Vega+ console

Back-to-the-future Nexsan resurrects its SATABeast

Imation reaches into storage product history

Ansible charges into network automation with Cisco, Juniper

But where's Huawei?

Two storage startups walk into a bar. One gulps investor funds, one sips gently

Which one is right?

Eurovision Song Contest uncorks 1975 vote shocker: No 'Nul point'!

Everything else still goes

Israeli military techies cook up security alerts software

Threat information as visual story lines

IBM to fork out $2.6bn to slurp data on millions of patients

Acquisition brings its creepy 'patient lives' total to 300 million

Red Hat in Google cloud Gluster chuck

Take that, Ubuntu

Release the Swarm: Caringo sweetens object storage offering

Software defined storage folk: No more hiving off migrated data

Ansible roadmap under Red Hat points towards Redmond

Into the wild Azure yonder

Hey virtual SANs – say hello to a virtual filer

Infinit does for file boxes what virtual SANs do for SANs (Say that after a couple of martinis)

Under-fire Apple backs down, crafts new iOS to kill security safeguard

No, not the FBI thing – this is a fix for 'Error 53' bricked mobes

Bitcoin burrower biz Butterfly Labs billed $38m for 'bilking' buyers

But rig builder will avoid coughing up full settlement

FCC clicks off the safety, fires at America's great cable TV box rip-off

And everyone in the world agrees … oh wait, not everyone

Brocade drifts on a flat open ocean, waiting for a 5G breeze to pick up

Cap'n Carney plays the waiting game

Comodo's 'security' kit installed a lame VNC server on PCs on the sly

Modern antivirus: Easily crackable password, lets malware gain admin privileges

Feds look left and right for support – and see everyone backing Apple

AnalysisiPhone unlock-gate: Day 2

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