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17th > February > 2016 Archive

Good news ... and bad news for Skype-using Apple fans and small biz

iOS app now offers native support for Office. End of the road for Managed Accounts

Uh-oh, no mo' dough to 'slow-mo' GoGo: American Airlines aims ammo at Wi-Fi pros

Even US giants have trouble with their broadband ISPs

Filename-handling slip let attackers evade FireEye analysis

Malware could be on your application whitelist if you haven't caught up on patching

Apple must help Feds unlock San Bernardino killer's iPhone – judge

FBI wants to brute-force PIN-protected encrypted mobile without it self-destructing

Project Loon ready for Sri Lanka test

Government in spectrum-for-cash deal to assess viability, tolerance for HappyHype!

Sell the NBN not long after rollout ends says Infrastructure Australia

Calls for sale - in pieces - to promote competition, plus reveal of bush services' costs

Brocade steps up mobile strategy with virtual EPC software

LTE rollouts were too expensive, let's get it right for 5G

Samsung S7 tease suggests phone likes it hot and wet

Indonesian vid shows shiny, waterproof and wireless device, just like the S6 and S5

A glass of soda-and-lime is the straight dope for graphene

Brookhaven boffins point to scalable manufacture of wonder-stuff graphene

Linux Foundation whistles up 'Fido' for SDN, NFV

Cisco – yes, Cisco – drops foundation code into open source networking project

Tandy 102 proto-laptop still alive and beeping after 30 years, complete with AA batteries

RuntimeEight lines of text. 40 characters per line. Glorious grey LCDs. PLUS: C64 redux!

Wi-Fi banana all grown up, now a suit-wearing enterprise wall slab

Ticket-dispensing produce reaches version 2.0

Voyager 1 now 20 BEEEELLION KMs from the Sun

But why has NASA stopped posting weekly status reports? Keep cool, conspiracy-lovers

New Monopoly version features an Automatic Teller Machine

You have won second prize in a beauty contest. Swipe your card to be credited $10

Microsoft to axe Win 8 coder certificate exams

Old qualifications for Windows Store developers put on death row for six months

Dell all-hands staff letter says EMC takeover funds are in the bag

VMware's falling shares means the merger will be cheaper, which may help

GCHQ intel used to develop Stuxnet, claims new documentary

US peppered Iran with thousands of cyberwar weapons

A third of Brits would cough up £300 to ransomware peddlers

Desperate times push ordinary Brits into taking desperate measures

Cybersecurity is slowing down my business, say majority of chief execs

Cisco LiveAnd Cisco reckons plenty of security bods will be in another job in five years

Bulk sensitive data slurp? You can't stand under our umbrella-ella-ella – EDPS

No ifs or ands, says Buttarelli about EU-US agreement

What would happen if Earth fell into a black hole?

We might not even notice....

Good thing this dev quit. I'd have fired him. Out of a cannon. Into the sun

Line BreakBad braces, spelling mistake workarounds, and more ghastly code in the wild

Europe's Earth-watching satellite streaks aloft

Rapid departure for Sentinel 3-A atop converted ICBM

Vodafone puts hundreds of Brits on the 'at risk of layoffs' list

Company mouthpieces refuse to deny allegations that up to 1,000 face the axe

All-American Apple challenges US gov call for iOS 'backdoor'

iThink, therefore iEncrypt

Boffins' 5D laser-based storage tech could keep terabytes forever

360TB, glass, light, polarisation vortices, eternity – what’s not to like?

Apache Foundation rushes out Arrow as 'Top-Level Project'

... then it took an Arrow to the TLP

Microsoft Office 365: You don't need 27 floppies, but there is desktop friction

It's as clear as the clouds...

Cisco wants net admins to become programmers so they'll buy its SDN kit

Cisco LiveReckons it'll get three million coders for its platform in next four years

Toshiba rolls out PC-busting monster: 1 terabyte TLC flash SSD

Opens up the 15nm flash front for client devices

Go full SHA-256 by June or get locked out, say payments bods Bacs

E-business told to shape up and implement modern crypto – or else

Five Eyes nations must purge terrorists from the web, says Theresa May

She also wants more 'free flows of intelligence and information'

China 'evacuates' 9,000 around monster radio 'scope

You're an electromagnetic menace, here's an eviction notice

Permies sitting pretty as fifth of contractors see rates cut

Demand increases for Grunters, Reacters and Dockers

Why Tim Cook is wrong: A privacy advocate's view

OpinionApple should be unable to comply with this request

Growth comes with costs for cloud-support flinger Rackspace

Sticky and loyal OpenStackers: Firm reveals AWS, Azure hopes

Telemarketers hit with £70,000 fine for cold-calling pensioners

9000+ calls made between 1am and 6am

Web apps? It's mobile apps biz bosses should worry about – HPE

It’s all about the old days, not the 0-days, folks

Speaking in Tech: 'You think that's nuts? We actually have an array in the trunk'

PodcastWhat's it like to be a startup in 2016? There's roadtripping involved

Hello, Kotlin: Another programming language for JVM and JavaScript

New 'pragmatic' open source language developed by JetBrains hits version 1.0

US Dept of Defense to shift 4 million devices onto Windows 10

Slabs, laptops and phones to get Microsoft's latest OS within a year

Google to snatch control of Android updates from mobe makers – analyst

Chocolate Factory fed up with tardy hardware giants

EMC VxRack thrown on the review rack

Flies like a bird, sings like a plane, or the other way round

Confused as to WTF is happening with Apple, the FBI and a killer's iPhone? Let's fix that

Water cooler:Here's a clear, technical Q&A

FBI iPhone unlock order reaction: Trump, Rubio say no to Apple. EFF and Twitter say yes

Speak Your BrainsLots of upset, little insight

'We love Linux' purrs Microsoft as Red Hat, Azure go on honeymoon

Typical wedding night: Embrace, extend ... something else beginning with 'e'

Locky ransomware is spreading like the clap

Feeling Locky, punk? Well, do ya?

Yahoo! axes! websites! you've! never! heard! of! and! lays! off! staff!

Purple Palace lightens its load by dropping seven publications

SimpliSafe home alarms transmit PIN unlock codes in the clear – ideal for lurking burglars

Pics and vidHow to break into hundreds of thousands of homes in America

T-Mobile US triples profit, adds two million customers

Continues run of good results, but share price barely budges

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